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Motorola Moto E5

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  • Anonymous

Worst phone I ever had. Be in the middle of something and it'll just shut off. This is the 2nd one I've bought and they both done the same thing. My E 4 was better. What a rip off.

  • chucky

great phone for every day use, movies, amazon prime, netflix, crunchy roll, microsoft teams on wifi or data are good, fast and responsive, exß╣Ľansion card for easy storage, books and documents, movies and presentations. Easy interface and you wont cry if it falls and breaks. outstanding value for the price. Games you say? then you need something else. this is a workhorse for busy men or women who want practicality and ease of use, combine office, banking and entertainment on long commuting and have effective communications, also good for music with appropiate dsp software processors like bon giovi, crystall or jet audio.

  • Anonymous

The Motorola e5 can be found for as low as $30 USD The screen is good, the battery life seems to last a while (Mine is still new though), and it seems to run pretty well. I would recommend it, especially for it's low price. It works very well for Internet browsing and other typical tasks.

  • YoungMatt

I am wondering if I can play sound through a Bluetooth device that has 2 separate earbuds?

  • avr

Spokane, 04 Jan 2020Great phone. Super low pricing. There is nothing negative a... moreAgree. For the price it sells, it is great value. Has all the features you might need, but if you need top notch features and a bigger battery lasting 2 full days, you need to spend more. Overall, terrific for the price.

  • Spokane

Great phone. Super low pricing. There is nothing negative about this phone. I had $600 phone before and this beats it hands down. I will get one for my wife as well.

  • Matty86

This is a great device for old people.

  • Who

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019Waste of money. Spend the extra cash and buy Apple. This is crap.Ive submersed my Moto E5 plus in multiple different fluids, on accident and kept talking on speaker, while drying it with a towel and didn't half to waste 899$ on the Microsoft
32/3 ram equivalent

  • Galaxy

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019Waste of money. Spend the extra cash and buy Apple. This is crap.Its one of the best phones ive ever had!!!!

  • Wolf359

VRP, 01 Feb 2019Actually I think this phone is great. Here's what I do with... moreYou have had your Moto for a year now. Is it still a good phone? I want to buy it as my FIRST smartphone, and your idea of using that SD card as storage to free up room in the phone is great. Did it work? How do you do this? I am totally in the dark and need help. Which model is your Moto? I am looking at the E5 'basic' one. Not the 'plus' model. If I move all these apps. and other things to this SD card, can I get to them easily? Do the app shortcuts still show up on the screen, and I can just go to them? Or is there some kind of long process to go through to get to them?

  • Anonymous

Waste of money. Spend the extra cash and buy Apple. This is crap.

2 weeks with this phone that i got as a work phone and it's amazing, 2 days between charges (i only use it for whatsapp, gmail and google maps with mobile data ON all the time) screen is nice but not the best under sun (even at full brightness) but you can read easily and see all in the screen, main camera is really good, selfie camera could be better, honestly i feel very happy this cellphone

  • Anonymous

Sim 2 does not connect to network frequently. Even when same network Sims are inside, sim 1 slot will connect but sim 2 showing no network signal.

  • Chulungus Chavez

Everything with the phone is all right, but the ram memory. Sometimes it slows down its performance

  • Anonymous

marge, 14 May 2019sorry i ever got this have to be a an it guy to... morecan't you use google photo to get pix from phone to PC?

  • Zneb

taberu555, 17 May 2019Is moto E5 supports OTGYes! It is.

Is moto E5 supports OTG

  • marge

sorry i ever got this have to be a an it guy to to get it to transfer photos to my computer...what a waste...

  • Anonymous

Is this phone able to stream directly to hearing aids? If so what hearing aid is compatible.

  • hamid

(sorry for bad english)
i bought it for 2 days
in first impression its fantastic
smooth - nice camera - fast responce
but battery work same as 3000mAh phones or i expect much of battery