Motorola Moto E5 Plus

Motorola Moto E5 Plus

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  • g$N
  • 20 Apr 2024

Had this phone for a very long time and still works. I kept this phone for it's insanely great battery life and camera. This is a great phone and I plan on keeping it for as long as I can.

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    • Anonymous
    • Py$
    • 01 Dec 2023

    It has been over 3 years since I got this device, as of now the condition is very bad. But it still works - the most of it is. Buttons have deterioted, battery life isn't the best. screen has issues but it still works. I think the build quality on this device is made from low quality plastics. I would not recommend purchasing this right now, instead opt for other newer models. Motorola is a budget phone so its okay for normal use not heavy gaming or photography. This device had a very high maintainence cost due to battery issues and lower build quality. I also had experiences of software errors. In conclusion, it still works but i do not recommend it as of now.

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      • Anonymous
      • y37
      • 29 Dec 2022

      Pikudo, 29 Aug 2022If you dont want it any more i will take it send it to me i... moreWhich touch + LCD goes with this phone

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        • Moto Fan
        • 0xi
        • 02 Sep 2022

        I bought this phone 3 years ago and it was the best!!! I only recently upgraded, this time took Moto e40, and even tho it's very good, nothing compares to Moto E5Plus. I was so sorry to have to put it aside and get a new one. I wish they made the same but new one like this. The camera on this phone was super to me, I took so many great photos and enjoyed it for a long time. Today, in 2022, I have tried cameras on all the best and most expensive androids and nothing works like the cam on this one did. I think I will keep it even tho I got a new phone, just for making photos ...

          If you dont want it any more i will take it send it to me invel salvador unlock it first

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            • Moto e5 plus user
            • uZH
            • 23 Aug 2022

            I have been a loyal motorola user, from moto x to moto c+, this was my third motorola device, but sorry to say the build quality of this device is absolutely trash, It has a very high maintainance cost, i got the battery replaced 3-4 times, the buttons replaced 2-3 times, and the software is super glitchy, it had commserver error, and not only that the charging port has issues every now and then. It has been a very upsetting experience using this device, if you are thinkinf to purchase this device, dont!!

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              • 5A19L
              • 55a
              • 21 Aug 2022

              Still works!

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                • Noors Online
                • D0b
                • 07 Aug 2022

                Anonymous31415926535, 28 Mar 2021I've had this for almost 3 years with screen protector... moreStill Works Fine Since 2018 Good Speed Good Battery

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                  • PAN DABEAR
                  • SvB
                  • 21 May 2022

                  I receive this Tank atunci they launched him first.Very good looking somehow îs huge and heavy but work properly after years..No problem at all he feels premium like first day when I buy him... 💶 Europe network are fine .Batteries and display are great.Cams great on sunlight

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                    • ernest
                    • j5D
                    • 01 Mar 2022

                    recently i cant make any calls but i can still text. AT&T sent a text saying this phone will no longer work with there network

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                      • AKA
                      • xyP
                      • 25 Feb 2022

                      June, 25 Feb 2022I've had this phone for 3 years. No problems at all. ... moreWhich carrier are you with because my phone has stopped since the change a few weeks ago. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon all refuse my Moto e5 plus. Every attempt to complain to Motorola / Lenovo has ended now with them not replying to me. SO, how were you able to keep your phone working???????????

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                        • June
                        • ks7
                        • 25 Feb 2022

                        I've had this phone for 3 years. No problems at all. It has worked perfectly. I tried a newer operating system and hated it and don't use the newer phone at all. This is a perfectly usable phone for almost anyone unless you are into heavy, heavy use and want a lot of speed for games. I would like a better battery life, but that's the only thing that would be an improvement for the average user.

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                          • June
                          • ks7
                          • 25 Feb 2022

                          sd8133, 23 Jan 2022I've had this phone for over 3 years and love it. No p... moreThe phone is 4G

                            I've had this phone for over 3 years and love it. No problems at all. The camera takes really great pictures. My husband has the exact same phone and loves how the speakers are loud enough as he has a hearing problem. I just wish I could find out if this is a 4G phone. I know they will do away with 3G soon. I can't find anything online about this.

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                              • bulldog
                              • k7P
                              • 14 May 2021

                              can this phone be reset ?

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                                • The Person
                                • qMW
                                • 14 May 2021

                                My Current Phone... It Still works after a few years of using it!

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                                  • Randy822
                                  • s1N
                                  • 11 Apr 2021

                                  Daughter gave me this used phone and has worked well. Now considering an upgrade Daughter recommends Samsung.

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                                    • Taylor
                                    • ytD
                                    • 03 Apr 2021

                                    Anonymous31415926535, 28 Mar 2021I've had this for almost 3 years with screen protector... moreI still have my E5 plus and it still works perfectly fine i only had to reset it once because the connection went out at work a little slow on data depends on your data plan but over all it's a good phone!

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                                      • Anonymous31415926535
                                      • YdU
                                      • 28 Mar 2021

                                      I've had this for almost 3 years with screen protector and protective case. While the phone has been reliable, I recently took it out of the case and found that the back of the case had detached from the bottom of the phone, though it was attached on the top of the phone. This looks like a case of defect in manufacture or planned obsolescence to sell more phones. The unit is reliable, and has functioned well. The SD card slot is great and works well, but not a lot of programs can/will use it. The card is separate memory from the phone itself, rather than an extension of the phone's memory. If you want to install a lot of apps, I'd recommend buying a phone with more native memory installed. The phone uses android 8, and it doesn't look like this will ever be updated to a more modern version; though there are updates to the OS made available (in Spanish on my phone for some reason).

                                      Overall, I would buy this phone again, but I am concerned with the phone's back coming undone like this. It is a reliable phone and a good value for the money; though I wish it was a bit more ruggedly built.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • jkb
                                        • 21 Mar 2021

                                        :Phone worked for 2 years then the wifi started going out not receiving texts or pictures