Motorola Moto E5 Plus

Motorola Moto E5 Plus

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  • anonymous

My e5 plus freezes constantly. I was told to get rid of all installed by me apps. Did that, still freezes constantly. This is a new phone and a piece of crap

  • A

Does Moto E5 plus support vga to micro USB?

  • Jano

Yet Another Person, 21 Apr 2018I’ve been seeing different specs on different sites. Does a... moreThere are 2 models: The US model has SD435 (octa-core) CPU / Andero505 GPU, as for EU is just SD425 (quad) / A308.

  • Appu

Very nice!!!

  • Dohk

Finger print sensor is bad.

  • Sameer

It was good phone but one probloms tere
When i take pictor and download videos
I dnt know were is the storaage the phone not avialable gallery

  • Dude

Xan, 25 Aug 2019Double battery size, because it needs the juice for all the... moreDid u own one ,I've spilled drinks, water soaked with out a case or etc, ,dropped ,and it aquired 1 1/2 of damage and still works all for a 140$ and I've built,busted,and removed bloatware on all kinds of smartphones just for Fun and test functional ,They hold up pretty good connectivity numerous bands for multiple carriers from my experience,and I go 2 or 3 days and still be charged

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019Does fingerprint sensor work properly...?no finger print sensor is pretty messed up!!

  • Khaled

Really smooth performance and gorgeous desgine..

  • Mike mg04xm

This is a nightmare come thru. I purchased this phone 6 weeks ago and had to return it 4 times already. Whenever I have an incoming call nothing shows up on the screen. The screen remains black. I have spoken to level 1,2 and 3 techs from Motorola without a resolution. The last tech I spoke to said I needed to reset the phone to factory specs EVERY MORNING I get up. (Rediculous) I offered to exchange the phone for a phone of a lesser value (Just to get rid of this Moto e5 plus) and I would wave the difference in price, but they said it's not company policy. I asked for a refund they said no. I have contacted the "Better Business Bureau" and is awaiting a reply from Motorola. I don't know why I am still having the same problem after 4 phone exchange and no resolution. I purchased this phone with good itent and now it seems like I am about to be screwed out of money and phone by Motorola. I DO NOT RECOMEND anybody to buy Motorola pruducts.

  • Anonymous

Does fingerprint sensor work properly...?

Khawar, 26 Oct 2019Hi, this is good phone but it doesn't have office suite. Ca... moreYou can install Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for that.

  • Khawar

Hi, this is good phone but it doesn't have office suite. Can any one suggest the office suite from play store without adds.

  • Azher

5000 MAh Battery and Fast Battery Charging is good.

  • Anonymous

super battery , functional and budget . there is no Gyro , if you dont need VR , this is enough . highly recommended .

  • Trooper

Me, 02 Sep 2019Why tf would a compass be a deal-breaker or even a required... moreBecause you can not download a hardware compass (magnetometer) from the Play Store. It (the compass) has to be built into the hardware (phone) for a software compass (app) to actually function. And this particular phone does not have one (a magnetometer/compass).

I think you need to do a little research...

  • Me

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019Worst phone in the history of smartphones!! It gets slow af... moreWhy tf would a compass be a deal-breaker or even a required feature of a phone?! Just go to the Google Play Store and download a compass!

  • Xan

Double battery size, because it needs the juice for all the sensors you cant turn off yet still lasts less time then any other phone with smaller battery.
Octi core, that has 4 cores at 1.2 ghz, and other 4 at 790mhz.
Many radio bands for connection anywhere! so long as you are within 3 miles of a tower because the antenna is garbage at best.
Sleek and slim! so you can really feel the heat when its working its butt off to do basic stuff, its so hot, it melts in your hand!

Tl;Dr: Trash Vr Samsung J7 Prime but equals the performance of an LG Aristo 2.

  • Mandy

Carter, 08 May 2019I have this phone and I say it's very good, I don't need an... moreOk, it's not always lazy people. I did an insurance claim today because my sons other phone got damaged and needed replaced, this is what they are replacing it with because his old phone is discontinued. Didnt have much of a choice if he needs his phone immediately and I dont have the money for a damn iPhone 10 or samsung

  • Jerry

It's a wonderful phone and excellent performance for a low budget.