Motorola Moto E5 Plus

Motorola Moto E5 Plus

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  • Amir
  • sUv
  • 11 Jan 2021

This phone is so bad in working. Please don't buy Motorola cell phones in future. Why they drop their quality level

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    • Nicole
    • kXn
    • 28 Sep 2020

    I have been using this phone for personal and business for the past year and just love it!!! It's a comfortable size, has a great camera, front and rear, and has good color and graphics. Would not hesitate to buy it all over again and it is priced so reasonably you can't go wrong unless you just want to spend a fortune for a bigger name brand.

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      • Huh
      • IbE
      • 19 Sep 2020

      If your looking for a phone i wouldn't say "Buy this one!" But if you want to go ahead ig. Its not built to run games, so some games are laggy but if your not playing a high level graphical game like pubg or something it shouldn't really have a problem is what I find. It works amazingly when im just going in between apps and cruising the internet on twitter and stuff. Its large screen however only gives 720p is quite astounding. Its a good phone, but theres definitely better phones out there for a better price imo

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        • Ady
        • U@$
        • 16 Sep 2020

        Very bad experience...pathetic.... got this new phone in 2018 with problems within 2 months of use with touch screen.... since was under warranty the company changed the handset which was beyond repair at service center.... again after warrant period expired incurred sound problem + touch screen problem + charging problem and what not.... total scrap and the company refuses to hear any thing, wants abnormal charges to repair....

          Please, could someone help me with the data of terminal Motorola e5 plus XT1924-9

          Manufacturer's Name
          Manufacturer's Address
          Manufacturer's Country

          Many Thanks

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            • AnonD-955422
            • 3sA
            • 06 Sep 2020

            Motorola is an icon in the world of mobile communications. Any assessments addressed to them are buzzing flies.
            I am using this phone model. Just because I research the market on a regular basis, and I don't see a replacement for it today.
            Of course, this smartphone is not a flagship, but it has everything you need. It is a pity that you cannot update it to the actual version of Android. However, even with the version of Android 8, everything works fine in it.
            Sometimes you just need to ignore the "arms race" and just enjoy the good things in our world.

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              • Loneranger
              • q$K
              • 26 Aug 2020

              Piece of shit. The only thing I can do is receive and make phone calls. Internet never worked

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                • Sidjskdjhekdudh
                • IbF
                • 11 Jul 2020

                Amazing camera quality, i sadly broke mine recently (i dropped it in water MULTIPLE times, so it doensnt break easily) so i now have a different brand. The comparison of the camera quality is crazy. Motorola obviously has the better quality!!

                  • M
                  • Mohsin
                  • KIR
                  • 21 Jun 2020

                  anonymous, 26 Feb 2020My e5 plus freezes constantly. I was told to get rid of all... moreSame here , Have you found a solution of it?

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                    • Mohsin
                    • KIR
                    • 21 Jun 2020

                    Dont know why it kept freezing again and again..otherwise preety good phone in every aspect except that

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                      • adw
                      • Id$
                      • 07 Mar 2020

                      Emadk65, 27 Feb 2020This phone is not casting on Amazon Fire Stick 4K. Can anyo... moreif the app you use allows for casting it will, plus the cast on the device has to be configured. See if the fire gives that option, if its a usb device it may not and the TV would need to have that capability before you can cast

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                        • Emadk65
                        • 2Ad
                        • 27 Feb 2020

                        This phone is not casting on Amazon Fire Stick 4K. Can anyone solve this matter.

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                          • anonymous
                          • Y2%
                          • 26 Feb 2020

                          My e5 plus freezes constantly. I was told to get rid of all installed by me apps. Did that, still freezes constantly. This is a new phone and a piece of crap

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                            • A
                            • iI9
                            • 08 Feb 2020

                            Does Moto E5 plus support vga to micro USB?

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                              • Jano
                              • mEA
                              • 28 Jan 2020

                              Yet Another Person, 21 Apr 2018I’ve been seeing different specs on different sites. Does a... moreThere are 2 models: The US model has SD435 (octa-core) CPU / Andero505 GPU, as for EU is just SD425 (quad) / A308.

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                                • Appu
                                • KA1
                                • 07 Jan 2020

                                Very nice!!!

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                                  • Dohk
                                  • NbV
                                  • 30 Dec 2019

                                  Finger print sensor is bad.

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                                    • Sameer
                                    • aXP
                                    • 03 Dec 2019

                                    It was good phone but one probloms tere
                                    When i take pictor and download videos
                                    I dnt know were is the storaage the phone not avialable gallery

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                                      • Dude
                                      • kpy
                                      • 03 Dec 2019

                                      Xan, 25 Aug 2019Double battery size, because it needs the juice for all the... moreDid u own one ,I've spilled drinks, water soaked with out a case or etc, ,dropped ,and it aquired 1 1/2 of damage and still works all for a 140$ and I've built,busted,and removed bloatware on all kinds of smartphones just for Fun and test functional ,They hold up pretty good connectivity numerous bands for multiple carriers from my experience,and I go 2 or 3 days and still be charged

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • X03
                                        • 29 Nov 2019

                                        Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019Does fingerprint sensor work properly...?no finger print sensor is pretty messed up!!