Motorola Moto E6

Motorola Moto E6

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  • Anonymous

It has Fingerprint unlock or not?

  • Anonymous

Paulw, 27 May 2019And still with a 720 display in 2019.It's a small display, 720p is no problem at that screen size.

Still a redmi 7a kills this at $100 and larger battery.

  • og

Moto_user, 15 Aug 2019Dead right. NFC please, otherwise useless.Normally all Motorola less than 250$ dont have NFC... isn`t a surprise

  • Moto_user

Waste, 13 Aug 2019This phone is a waste for money and even producing this phone is... moreDead right. NFC please, otherwise useless.

  • Pino

From E5 this is a fowngrade in:

Display proportion and body ratio
Battery size

Total fail phone, the SOC upgrade stll suck and don't compensate.
And i'm sure this is a 32bit OS

  • Sj

Even Alcatel have got better game at this point.

  • Anonymous

The E5 looks like atop notch flagship model comparing to this.....Even with an inferior 425 SD chip is way better than this

  • Anonymous

Motorola living in 2016 still

  • Waste

This phone is a waste for money and even producing this phone is a waste of time and money. I don't understand what happened to Lenovo Moto, Why they want to kill the brand?

  • MotoGoneMad

What year is this? I mean moto is 2 years late with this phone. SDM435 in 2019, Damn. The end is near for Moto.

  • Anonymous

Won't even get an update to Android Q... how sad.

  • Devil

Motorola is serving the same crap every year, huge bezels, old USB, low end SoC and 2g ram.

  • Vzaiah

I find it unattractive whenever a smartphone brand is at the bottom of the display.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2019This looks exactly like the E5Worse! At least the E5 had a 18:9 display and a finger print reader....
not even for free i would get this phone

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Geeh octa-core at 28nm hell with Unisoc at the very least we could have gotten A55 cores vs these toaster A53 ones... X-X (even better than Unisoc would been Mediatek Helio P22...)

  • Anonymous

I will buy this

Alex67, 07 Jun 2019Waste of money... Looks like E5This is not it. The picture will be changed soon.

  • Alex67

Waste of money... Looks like E5

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2019This looks exactly like the E5And still with a 720 display in 2019.

  • Anonymous

if this is priced at £130-150, this would b a rip off