Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

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  • Maverick
  • C9a
  • 16 Aug 2022

Anonymous, 30 May 2022I've had this phone for 7 years. Still works great, an... moreHow long does the battery lasts on an idle mode and on data/ mode?

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    • Anonymous
    • AfP
    • 30 May 2022

    I've had this phone for 7 years. Still works great, and it's indestructible. Can't count the amount of times I've dropped it by accident with barely any scratches. LineageOS and a 32GB SD card keeps this phone relevant in 2022, the only real downside with this phone is the lack of RAM. With apps getting increasingly memory hungry, you will most likely not be able to keep multiple apps open at the same time without the OS closing them in the background.

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      • Anonymous
      • xDX
      • 29 May 2022

      Aditya Kumar, 15 Jul 2021Its been 5 years since it was released but still this phone... moremy xt1527 is still going strong in 2022

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        • Frankie
        • nFK
        • 09 Jan 2022

        This was my first phone

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          • rKg
          • 17 Aug 2021

          Aditya Kumar, 15 Jul 2021Its been 5 years since it was released but still this phone... moreI second this.. Moto once had the best quality phones.. but somehow they lost the plot to Xiaomi..

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            • Aditya Kumar
            • U{P
            • 15 Jul 2021

            Its been 5 years since it was released but still this phone works fine in 2021 , It is the longest running phone in my house in comparison Samsung J7 Pro and other phones .
            I love this phone because even after 5 years its quality hasn't dropped yet .
            Battery charges 1 percent in 1 minute
            Games like Free Fire , Payback , COC are smooth with 60 FPS .
            Only problem that I got is its storage - All apps had so many updates that now system apps have taken up the whole storage but still this phone handles them .
            Overall best phone I have ever seen till now .

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              • lolninja
              • DkP
              • 25 Jun 2021

              Samoht, 06 May 2021I bought this phone in 2015, and I'm still using it 5½... moreSame man, i'm still using it even after 5 years....but my pop bought a flagship and it only lasted 2
              And it can still run subway surfers and asphalt nitro and some other light games

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                • Shoshu
                • saR
                • 17 Jun 2021

                Question: 1. Is the moto 2e is VOLTE COMPATIBLE WITH 4G LTE NETWORK.
                2. will it survive the the fazing out of 3G phones on AT&T NETWORK.

                  this was my second smartphone I exchanged it for a Lenovo phone that was my first smartphone with 512MB ram and all.... I rooted and did all kinda stuff to it. this phone was so cute and durable I gave it to my sister.. I don't know what happened then

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                    • Samoht
                    • TkS
                    • 06 May 2021

                    I bought this phone in 2015, and I'm still using it 5½ years later. Not just as a backup or a secondary device, but as my everyday phone. Admittedly I've never used it all that intensively, but I browse the web, take photos, use various messaging apps, and I used it for maps before Covid made it much harder to go places. It has lasted amazingly well - I still get a couple of days battery life between charges.

                    It would have been replaced a couple of years ago, when it started to behave oddly, if not for Lineage OS. Thanks, whoever has created and maintained the Lineage build! Other than flashing Lineage onto it, I've used a pin to clean fluff out of the USB & headphone ports a few times. The casing is thoroughly scuffed by now, but that doesn't stop it working.

                    The photo quality isn't great next to more expensive phones, but it takes pretty decent photos in daylight - I'd say impressively good for a cheap device from 5 years ago. Similarly, it's noticeably slow at times, but mostly not so slow as to be frustrating.

                    The biggest downside, as others have said, is the limited storage. The operating system takes nearly half of that, and several apps will cheerfully store a few hundred MB of data each. I occasionally have to wipe the data from some apps and sign in again. Using a microSD card doesn't help much - many apps refuse to be stored on the card, and even some of those that allow it seem buggy when moved there.

                    One day it will give up, but I'm going to see how much longer I can keep it going.

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                      • scx
                      • 10 Apr 2021

                      Got this phone awhile back in 2015 and the phone still works fine today in 2021! The battery life is phenomenal, especially for a small phone like this.. usually, a small budget phone would have a 1400 mAh battery but this one has a 2600 mAh which is huge for a phone this size. I bought this phone to use as a media player, since it has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro SD slot and I've been using it everyday since I've gotten it. The small for factor makes it a great small media player, it's just easier to handle and use with one hand.

                      This phone was actually one of the last few phones designed by Google before they sold the company to Google (Lenovo did own Motorola when this phone was released but it was already designed and ready to go). As you can see, there were some Google influences.. the phone had stock Android and it has front facing speakers which is nice (the speakers sound good for a cheap budget phone). I have the Snapdragon variant and it's actually pretty snappy and quick.. the 1GB of RAM seriously helps and it was better than the 512MB RAM that other budget phones were using. The IPS LCD screen looks very nice, and the overall physical designed looked very clean (Google helped with the design).

                      There was a lot of bloatware apps on mines, I had the Verizon variant and there was a bunch of Verizon apps. This was unfortunate because the phone only has 8GB of storage.. minus the space for the OS and bloatware apps which makes it kinda limiting. I could move some 3rd party apps to the SD card, but it doesn't always work so space is still limited. A good thing though is this phone supports OTG which is very nice.

                      I purposely kept the phone on Android 5.1, I do not trust Verizon and I think if I update the phone to Android 6, there will be a bunch of problems. I had to modify the phone to disable the software updates. I'm not concerned with security because the Google Play Store automatically updates the Play Protect security on the phone, and I'm not too worried about security because I mostly use the phone offline anyways (mostly for music).

                      Overall, an amazing phone to use as a media player.. a much better alternative than an iPod touch.

                        I got one of these for free recently, except thankfully it's the version with the snapdragon 410 in it and not the pitiful 200. It feels snappy for how low end it is

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 0jP
                          • 09 Feb 2021

                          LAB3, 06 Feb 2021Five years of service and it still holds a good charge! Hat... moreThere is Lineage OS for the device. See:

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                            • LAB3
                            • Iux
                            • 06 Feb 2021

                            Five years of service and it still holds a good charge! Hate to give it up but it's no longer able to handle secure certificates. If they'd allow an upgrade to a higher version of Android I'd keep using it.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0sj
                              • 30 Jan 2021

                              I can't recommend this phone. I own two of them and in both the battery died. To a point the display popped off from battery ballooning.

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                                • Raza
                                • rAQ
                                • 03 Jan 2021

                                Not supported Amazon app upi

                                  So nostalgic. I had this phone back in 2015, the LTE version. Only lasted me a few months because it was stolen from me :( I really liked it. Ran Asphalt 8 like a champ, and the camera improved so much in comparison with the Moto E 1st gen which I also had. Good battery life too. Solid mobile back then, and still usable for basic stuff.

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                                    • Suresh
                                    • D0h
                                    • 25 Oct 2020

                                    It's really nice one. Now i'm using this mobile.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • U@L
                                      • 01 Aug 2020

                                      I am writing a review about a phone using the same phone that I have purchased 5 years ago....
                                      That sum up my review.
                                      Thank you Moto E2.....literally the best phone I have ever used

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • v$B
                                        • 25 Jul 2020

                                        What a good phone. It was cheaper than my samsung galaxy grand 2 (literally 3rd the price) and still better than that thing. I bought it for Rs4747 on a flipkart sale in 2015 and sold it for Rs3600 using the exchange program on Amazon for a moto g5s+.