Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

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  • Roddy

I've been using this phone since November 2015 and I still use it today in February 21, 2020. What a good phone. The battery is quite weared off, though. It cannot operate for over 5 minutes without the charger plugged in. But this phone still does it's job very well.

  • Anonymous

Vkm, 30 Dec 2016i am using global version supports 4g data and vo... moreThanks. I want to use Moto E2 XT1524 in Delhi with Jio Volte. Does this support LTE 850 band of Jio ?

  • OSI

A Non eMoose, 03 Jul 2019I've owned a lot of phones. Not because I always have to ha... more"We can rebuild it" (the Bionic Moto E gen2)

Raj, 02 Aug 2019Very nice phone still i m using 2019Yes, it's a nice little phone. I like it because it is simple and compact. I have a 2019 model Motorola phone but I still prefer to use the E2. It suits my requirements.

  • Raj

Very nice phone still i m using 2019

  • A Non eMoose

I've owned a lot of phones. Not because I always have to have the latest generation smart phablet with a fingerprint reader and nacho cheese dispenser, but because I'm exceptionally hard on electronic devices. If it has a flip screen or a pop-up doohickey or a removable battery I've probably owned it and broken it. As a point of comparison, my laptop, which is almost 8 years old, has no keyboard, a half-dead touch pad, dead USB ports and probably is leaking mercury from the cracks in the screen, but it still runs. I'm THAT hard on electronic devices.

But not this little chunk of plastic and glass. It has survived everything I've thrown at it for over 4 years. Drops, trips through the wash, 40 below zero temperatures and even an attempted theft. Worst thing that happened to it was a broken screen because I, in my infinite hubris. tried to balance it on my finger over a concrete step. A few bucks spent online on parts and tools and even that wasn't a debilitating condition.

So yeah, this is probably the single best phone I've ever owned, in terms of value for your money. I paid $100 bucks in 2015 for it, and it survived everything I threw at it. Battery life was respectable, touch screen was responsive to my chunky fingers, and it's camera is decent enough that I used it to snap crime scene photos in a pinch once. It ain't going to walk your dog or render a Triple-A gaming title, but for us folks who need a phone that can text, watch YouTube or snap a picture of the jerk who nearly ran you over at a crosswalk, this phone is, in my opinion, the single best phone ever made.

But the astute reader may note the use of past tense, as indeed it has given up the ghost. Given the ease of which I replaced the screen, I may dive into it and try to Frankenstein it back to life once more. If there isn't a triumphant "IT LIVES!" posted in a few weeks, it may have been too far gone to save. Either way, though, this phone is top-tier in my books. I doubt I'll ever find one half as tough as it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2019Why can't the caller hear me? Maybe the caller speker malfunction? Use recording app, record voice and play it, if you cant hear it too, it means your mic. Clean dust which block it. Motorola hardly has malfunction hardware

  • MP

I had this phone for 3 years and uses android 6. it works great and fits in my pocket wherever I go. I use it for phone, text, and a few apps for free internet call and video when I am at home. I added a 32 GB SD card to extend the internal memory, which is more than necessary as apps usually install on internal memory and not SD.To increase internal memory just disable the apps you do not need and that will give you a few hundred MB extra. Learn how to clean your cache and all other garbage in the phone. They are in several locations in the phone.

Still a great phone. I now use it as a backup, and have also turned it into a surveillance camera. I use it on trips as a wifi hotspot. I love the size because it's so much smaller than my primary phone. It doesn't take up much room.

  • Anonymous

superb phone

  • yogi4yu

Still using even after 3.5 years, solid phone, my first smartphone, I love it

  • Anonymous

This budget phone is still very solid to this day. I've used mine for 3 years now and it still works great. It's even better if you install a custom ROM and put a 32gb microSD card in it. And the kicker is that you can buy one used for less than 30$, so you can easily replace it if it breaks.

  • asiandoestech

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019What was the initial price of Moto E2 when it was launched?£129.99. Still great performance in 2019 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019What was the initial price of Moto E2 when it was launched?6500Rs

  • Anonymous

Why can't the caller hear me?

  • Anonymous

Does the Sprint version of this phone run android 6 marshmallow?

  • Anonymous

TomHidelston, 04 Aug 2018I bought in 2015, Still no complaint. Except my charger irr... moreWhat was the initial price of Moto E2 when it was launched?

  • Mikeman

This phone was great for a few years but I would now call it obsolete. I'm a bit clumsy and dropped it many times and it never broke (I did have it in a plastic case). It handles all the basic functions fine. In 2018 the major issues are lack of internal memory (severely limits the apps you can download since many will not install on the SD card) and being stuck on an earlier version of Android (incompatible with some new/upgraded apps). I like moto as a company and will probably upgrade to one of their newer models. Would be nice if this lasted for 5 years instead of 3.5, but honestly that's not bad.

  • Chance Hendricks

I got this phone for my birthday 3 years ago, it is a great phone to have, the only problem I have is a lack of storage space and gaming speed, other then that, it is a great phone to have.
P.S: after 3 years I started to get battery problems such as it instantly dies as 80%, now for me it dies at 95%, it takes about 30 minutes to get to 95%. Even though it took about three years for these problems to start. This is a great simple phone to have. I recommend the moto G6, it is a 2018 phone, $250, and great in every way.

  • kuba

great as a spare phone but you can use all features as normally on my iPhone X , not that fast and quality of course but still in the business . and price ? bought it for a tenner on carboot