Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

Motorola Moto E (2nd gen)

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  • Devendra

I think Lenovo6000 is better than MotoE(2015).Iam waiting for Moto E(2015) but Iam very dis pointed from Moto e there is no front camera, non removable battery

  • noka

where is LTE?? i thought it had 4g

  • jane

AnonD-92238, 29 Jan 2015will be better if it has snapdragon 410 instead of 400, 2 m... moreDuh!

  • Anonymous

If not priced cheap enough, this couldn't top even zenfone 5, let alone zenfone 2, when it comes to value for money. It'll just be a matter of availability. I call wrong move, Moto. Specs not deserving to succeed the first Moto E that did a great job during its time.

  • Anonymous

No flash

  • AnonD-1846

I know it will be better than this

  • yoo

Spec like a moto g..

  • Anonymous

Looks like a first gen Moto G...

  • AnonD-331864

As a almost cheap phone is not so bad though in this price range there are a lot of phones with 720P display resolution

  • AnonD-92238

will be better if it has snapdragon 410 instead of 400, 2 mp front cam instead of VGA, 128 GB SD card support.

  • Moto_fan

Front facing camera & SD card its is a winner all way with Lollipop pure

  • Anonymous

Should have 720p resolution and a 8 mp rear camera with led flash....

Best value for money in Europe.