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Bodygard, 16 Oct 2021I bought this phone brand new in 2013, paid 200 and was the... moreHey, can you send 2/3 seconds of video recorded from Moto G 1st Gen(both in landscape and portrait). My videos recorded from Moto G 1st generation got corrupt. And I don't have any video recorded from G1. So I can't recover them back.

  • Aquarius

Bought it 2013, still using it till today (my dad) haha.

I bought this phone brand new in 2013, paid 200 and was the best 200 i ever spent on a smartphone.
My device has been through hell and back, dropped so many times, my sister used for 1 year, ever water spilled on it, so many abuse. Still, 100% works. Everything works. Phone calls, speaker, microphone, buttons, led light, 3.5 jack, cameras etc

Screen, 720p, hard to see in the sun but will get the job done. Already some ghost touches but it works.

Battery, enough for 1 day of medium use, 2 days if you only use for some calls or occasional messages.

Performance is ok for a snapdragon 400 and 1gb ram. Do not use more than 1 app at the same time. Install LineageOS 14.1 with microg or pico gapps, android 7 Nougat and every app works fine, whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc

Build is very tought, dropped so many times, has a lot of scratches all around in the plastic but the screen still holds well with minor scratches. Incredible.

Cameras, keep it to some photos during the day only for entertaining, mediocre results. I searched for gcam support but couldn't find it.

Overall, if you want a backup phone (and don't have money to buy something better) to use when everything else fails this is it: phone calls, messages, facebook lite, instagram, some mails, calculator, notes, news etc this phone does the job. Slowly but steady, very dependable. Reminds me of the old Nokias that refused to die. Will keep it until it dies one day eventually.

  • haze

Durable, dependable, and my screen isn't cracked after 5-8 years (maybe more) several drops with and without a case. Still works for essential apps google maps, wattsapp, browser, email weather, youtube. Battery life lasts two days plus if used carefully but lasts at least a day and a half regular use. Like the smaller size as well. Great phone and will keep as long as possible.

  • Jimbob

Dissatisfied, 18 Jun 2021I bought a Moto G phone to get a simple phone, with few add... moreIts an 7 year old android phone, Its going to have google apps installed.... there wasnt much bloat on this device & it was pretty clean stock android

  • Seethi

Dissatisfied, 18 Jun 2021I bought a Moto G phone to get a simple phone, with few add... moreEvery single android phone is bundled with Google apps because Google is owner of android platform.

Shubham, 29 May 2021How to install this 9.0 version ? you can't

i like this phone, but my only problem is that it had charging problems and very small storage. well sometimes it would break a charger when it charges. and also i downloaded some games on it in 2019 and i had like 1 gigabyte left. but i still like the phone at least

  • Dissatisfied

I bought a Moto G phone to get a simple phone, with few add on features. As it turns out it is loaded with Google apps and other garbage that I did not want and you cannot delete them. I would not buy another of these phones.

  • Shubham

AbhijitM, 12 May 2021I am using it since November 2013, installed custom Android... moreHow to install this 9.0 version ?

How did you custom installed andriod 9

  • AbhijitM

I am using it since November 2013, installed custom Android 9.0. working smooth. Beautiful , stylish phone.

  • Anonymous

honestly download lawnchair from the playstore and also remove/disable the pre-installed apps and this phone is amazing even in 2021, its just so fast.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2020I like the screen and the camera. I don't like that th... moredude its a phone from 2013 and your using it in 2021, what did you expect?

  • Anonymous

I like the screen and the camera. I don't like that there isn't a gallery for the photos. I like to sort my photos by folders has with my Samsung. I ended up returning the phone.

  • tehreem kashan

Great phone strong power full Backup beautiful easy to use

  • Anonymous

Great phone, even though it was released in 2013.

Camera - not bad, but if you turn on HDR you can get some decent shots.
Battery - lasts around 2 days on very light usage, if you keep the screen on and keep using it you can get around half a day. Didn't age badly.

I use mine with Android 10 without GApps. Although some apps won't work well with a lack of GApps, the ones I use daily do, and they run pretty quickly. Overall the phone runs pretty smooth for my usage.

Unfortunately, it isn't without its cons. The main one being memory, the other one being speakers.

As you have only 1GB of RAM, you won't do much multitasking.
The built-in speaker is pretty mediocre. It can be mitigated by either connecting an external one or just using an equalizer app.

What's even better is that you can get those pretty cheaply.
Certainly can recommend.

NeonHD, 10 May 2020Is Android 10 even good on the Moto G? I flashed LOS16 (Pie... moreNot sure that 10 is out for it yet, or if it will be. I put 9 on the G and it is working great on mine. I have several G's and it worked perfectly on 2 out of the 3 that I have. Third one was weird. Main board was for Cricket. Never heard of them since they don't exist in my area so working to figure out how to get around that. Probably not hard but I tend to put it aside when I run into and issue and go back to it when I can. Just got lazy with that one.

avto, 07 Mar 2020yeah i have superior os android 10 on this deviceIs Android 10 even good on the Moto G? I flashed LOS16 (Pie) and it was super buggy and laggy. Even the Oreo ROMs seemed unstable.

Nougat ROMs were the only stable and fast ROMs for me. Especially LOS14, that ROM was the best.

LOL I sold this phone to some e-boy an year ago, which is funny because back then I didn't even know what an e-boy was xD

I bet the majority of old or ultra-budget phones are being used solely for tik tok lmao.