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  • vg

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2018100% True. I am owing this device from December 2013 and it stil... moreI also have this phone since January of 2014. I just changed the battery...No problem with the apps i use... Hail Moto !!!!

  • Anonymous

TuckingFypo, 01 Sep 2018the clickiest buttons i have ever came across in any device....t... more100% True. I am owing this device from December 2013 and it still works like new. Screen is also in perfect condition because I have bought 3.99$ 3x plastic screen protectors together with the phone. Extremely durable device. Good job Google, Motorola !

  • Harsh

Fiza, 10 May 2018I drop my phone accidentally and the screen went blank, I go to ... moreVery bad fone

  • Ajith

I don't know what Motorola or Lenovo whatever is doing.... From that last 2 and half years ownership of G3 I don't get an android 7 update ... Learn something from redmi even they give split screen update on redmi note 3 .... The give regular updates on their device...shame on you people ( Lenovo)...

deva.noah, 02 Jul 2018I am using this phone for 4 years and I dropped many time but it... morethe clickiest buttons i have ever came across in any device....the buttons are still more clicky than any other phone out there..great hardware was used in making this smartphone....


I need to pix my moto g battery If any body have idea, please help

I am using this phone for 4 years and I dropped many time but it's works like a charm and not go for service even one time.

I've rooted it and flashed many custom ROMs. Currently, I'm using Pixel Experience ROM (based Oreo 8.1) it is butter smooth.

PS: I have one problem that is nowadays the battery drains too quickly. I have planned to replace battery, I searched lot but can't find good one. can anyone suggest me a good battery.

  • Neh

I am using this Phone since last 4 years and working very nice, again once I dropped the phone in Rainy season and after that also it has been working nice with out any repair or maintenance... Best phone.. I loved it...

I have been using this phone since 4 years... Paisa vasool ... totally worth it... after 3 years it became slow due to my overloaded apps.. then i reset my phone .. boom, it resetted like a new baby born phone... now became faster .. conclusion - best phone i ever had in my life..!!! don't think just buy it if you are looking for old phones.. thank you..!!!

  • Fiza

I drop my phone accidentally and the screen went blank, I go to repairing centre they say something is wrong with the screen but it's not possible to repair it in Pakistan.

  • Ashok Kumar Singh

I have purchased Moto e 5. After some days this mob is getting automatically screen blank off. Removing sim for 4-5 hrs and again inserting it and switching on it become normal. It also take too long time to switch on. It happens very frequently. I lost my bills and warranty card. But I remember one year is not over. It was purchased on line.

  • Anonymous

Someone has stolen my Motorola moto G phone and used it to change my email password. How do I disable or crush the phone to deny them access to my mail box?

  • Ik

PA, 06 Feb 2018I have had this cellphone for ~2 years. Now, it opens programs ... moreYour problem could fixed by installing lineage OS. I have done so, gotten rid of annoying ads and upgraded to nougat.

  • tomplum

I bought my Motorola Moto G (1st Generation) back in summer 2014 while on holiday in Canada and it has been brilliant under constant daily use for everything, calls, internet, video calls, photos, voice recording etc.

BUT - Lesson learned: buy your phone where you live: I have had big problems with the Bluetooth on this phone, I think because it was a version for use in Canada, and I live in UK.

Fortunately I bought a rubber case for it which is probably why it has survived a lot of abuse including being dropped on hard ground a few times.

Now, nearly 4 years on, the OS (Android 5.1- the last available upgrade for this phone) still handles apps, and the only slight negative is that the battery is now not as amazingly good as it once was, but still gives good standby and talk time.

  • PA

I have had this cellphone for ~2 years.
Now, it opens programs without my instruction, must be running in the background. It also screws up the numbers associated with the names assigned.
This cellphone has not been mishandled. Dropped from waist height 2-3 times.

Am now looking at a cheaper (~$400 with trade-in) iPhone. They seem to have a better reputation at a greater expense.
Can not decide if this device is worth cost of service.
Moto g was among the highest rated phones when I made the decision to purchase; previous LG phone was not satisfactory.

  • fikocambaz

hello everyone, i have this phone since 5 years i dropped 2 times, at the first drop screen had broken but saler changed the screen for free in a warranty, second time i dropped it from my pocket while i riding mbike, after 1 day i found it with helps of google device manager because my phone was not dead, in a random street. then i just changed the screen. it works great battery and main board conditions are great and both of them has waves, because when i dropped it in that time, it damaged by a car tire, yes this phone is immortal.

  • AnonD-734425

Sorry for my english. I have this phone almost 4 year, it works perfect, i dropt it many time, but nothing happands to it, its perfect phone for me, i like size and body of this phone. We need moor megapixel and moor mhprs in this body. It would be best smartphone in the world ever!)) Moto g 1st is best

  • AnonD-731985

I've had this phone for nearly 5 years. It has never let me down. Its been dropped multiple times and is as scuffed as Jean claude van damme. Not really sure why motorola is not as popular as some other makes, which break if you so much as look at them wrongly. If this phone was still in production today, i would buy another one.
Nice work Motorola.

  • Joe

This phone is built like a rock. I've dropped it so many times I've lost count, haven't had a single issue. Eventually though I accidentally dropped it onto concrete from a second story window, which cracked the screen. Despite losing a good portion of its lower part the phone itself still works just fine, as if nothing had happened. Seriously, this phone kicks butt. If you want a phone to use for years with little to no problems, look no further than this one.
I only hope that other Motorola phones are as good as this one, because I'm probably going to be exclusively using Motorolas for a while.

  • Pete

Had the phone 3 years, no real problems. Sometimes loses network connection but only for a short period and normally only when I'm in a bad reception area, other than that I can't fault it.