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  • Arvind

I have upgraded to 4.4.2 and after upgrade phone is not working at all..

Nothing is displayed on phone. It automatically switch on/switch off after every 2 minutes.

It seems a issues with handset supplied in India

  • Rohan sarkar

Hello frnd's,, i wont to buy a phone,, i think motorola moto g is one of the good phone in my range,, but i m confuse about it performance,, like battry backup , hang,, and what about it camera,, plz help me and you can suggest me another phone also ...
thnx ...

  • max sinha

awesome phone ever.Best android phone....

  • Anonymous

Pls help me decide what to buy between moto g, xperia SP or huawei p6 and why .. all have same price in my country 300$

  • 9999035655

just got my moto g on 13th march ,believe me guys this is a gud phone, i upgraded to kitkat and its smooth. phone's quality is pretty gud ,i was using lumia 620,but now am happy to hv moto g.response is pretty fast. i too was reading a lot of opinions b4 buying but be rest assured this is the best value for money and easily outlives sony xperia "c". it's true value for money,but yes flipkart is charging more for flip cover.i hv a 16gb version.guys do ur reaserch extensively b4 buying,but again its best phone i've got in this budget. it was launched a year ago in america,but still it's the best phone when matched with price.

  • AnonD-9150

Ayub, 14 Mar 2014What to do when it hang because battery is non removableThe word "hang" is not for Motorola, believe me Motorola never hang since Motorola RAZR xt910 released.

  • BabuJI

AnonD-243942, 14 Mar 2014Download and install automatic call recording apps from google p... moreThanks @GVKCHN. I was using Automatic call recorder till V4.3, but, when I upgraded the phone to V4.4.2 this recorder created file which did not play. Did u face such problems? Pls. help.

  • kamal

awesome phne,,,no words to say :)

  • Freefaller™

kp, 15 Mar other words...i used s4 for the last two years,that... more@ kp

You used a S4 for the last 2 years? Do you mean the same S4 that was released 12 months ago in March 2013?
How did you manage to get one 12 months before they were released?

  • kp other words...i used s4 for the last two years,that was damaged then i bought moto g two weeks back...,i cant belive ,...these is awesome...

  • AnonD-244288

Any reliable online seller for Moto G? Since it's not here yet in Indonesia..
Thank you

  • Anonymous

though it has corning glass is there any need to apply a screen guard or scratch guard??

  • Ajax

bond, 15 Mar 2014I have a moto g 16 has kitkat 4.4.2 vesrion and the prob... moreTry to clear the Cache Partition, see link below for instruction:­answers/prod_answer_detail/a_id/97335/p/30,6720,­9050/action/auth

  • Jaggi

aj, 13 Mar 2014I have updated my moto g to kitkat as soon as i received it from... moreUse DU battery optimizer.. great app.

  • AnonD-244240

The power key also acts as the reset key, when u hold down the key for couple of second's phn automatically restarts from hanged state.

  • kumaran

THEETCHAIYAN, 14 Mar 2014How to change default font changing? moto g .....setting click
and display >click font stsyle >click online shoping >android click change the font stsyle

  • AnonD-1846

Motorola Moto G certified best buyer.

Beware Samsung , moto is here. This phone is way better than even above 20000 samsung galaxy shits. It feels super smooth. Absolutely no lag in anything. Gaming performance is also very good. Do note that all this it does in 1GB RAM , so this means that blind hardware specs have no meaning on performance.

From the physical build point of view it feels rock solid. You can actually search up youtube videos on its drop test. This is also liquid resistant , so if you accidentally drop it in water it will just work. There's also one video in youtube where its dropped for 30 minutes and it still works. Really crazy!!

Bottom line is this is the highest ended phone among the low end spec phones and it raises the bar quite high. So just go for it.

  • prash...ap

is this mobile supports On-The-Go(OTG).....

  • bond

I have a moto g 16 has kitkat 4.4.2 vesrion and the problem is battery drains very my question is can i degrade it again to 4.3 jellybean??????????????
plssssss help!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Ayub, 14 Mar 2014What to do when it hang because battery is non removable@ Ayub

That question has been answered many, many, MANY times already. It's just a shame that you are too lazy to read through the previous posts.