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  • AnonD-204927

prashanth, 16 Dec 2013What about battery ? if the battery get dies in 1 - 2 years the... moreHow is this a major problem. Batteries last more then 2 years now easily and something else will break before the battery does.

If not after 3-4 years the phone will be thrown away anyways.

  • prashanth

What about battery ?
if the battery get dies in 1 - 2 years then will it be use & throw due to non removable battery ??
plz reply must for this major problem:(

  • PlanetTech

What’s better about the Moto G?
It’s cheaper, and easier to get hold of
Google has officially discontinued the Nexus 4. You can’t buy it from the Google Play devices store anymore, now that the Nexus 5 is available. Most retailers don’t have new Nexus 4s, and the prices are still riding pretty high on eBay. You’re looking at around £200 for a used one.

The Moto G is cheaper and much more commonly-available in stores. It sells for as little as £100 for the 8GB edition, although the best deals still sell out pretty quickly. We thought the Nexus 4 was a bit of a bargain at launch, but the way it has managed to hold its price over the last year means the Moto G is simply in another league value-wise.

You can customise it with cases
The Moto G uses a removable rear cover. Motorola offers a bunch of its own covers – and there are three main types. There’s the basic plastic cover, which comes in an array of finishes, one with an inbuilt flip cover and a third that has rubbery edges for a bit of extra protection. You get no such customisation with a Nexus 4. The back and front are covered with glass, and you have no access to the phone’s insides.

The Moto G has a slightly more advanced screen covering
As a newer phone, the Motorola Moto G benefits from having a slightly more a up-to-date top screen layer. It uses Gorilla Glass 3 while the Nexus 4’s front is Gorilla Glass 2. The third edition is a stronger and more scratch-resistant.

Colour reproduction is better on the Moto G
The Nexus 4 has a great screen in most respects. However, its colour calibration is not great. To our eyes, the Moto G looks marginally better colour-wise, although the Nexus offers better contrast.

However, there are some slight variations between Nexus 4s – Google seems to have altered the screen a little in later batches, leading to a slightly different colour temperature.

The Moto G has an FM radio
We’re occasionally ridiculed for mentioning whether a phone has an FM radio or not. But for the sake of completeness – the Moto G has one, the Nexus 4 does not. If you have a contract with a healthy data plan, it doesn’t matter really, but there are at least a handful of people who still like to listen to radio the old fashioned way. Like almost every mobile FM radio, the Moto G’s uses the headphones cable as an antenna.

  • TechMan

Presently, the Motorola’s main rivals are Apple and Samsung according to the CEO, who did not forget to promote its newly released and highly praised Moto G handset. Woodside said that the Moto G can offer the same iPhone features at a quarter of a price, and that Motorola’s handsets do “something a little bit differently” (including the Moto G) when it comes to having to compete with the marketing power of a giant such as Samsung.

  • Anonymous

can i get d gadgets online like headset,,,adapter ,,body coloured back cover??

  • AnonD-210246

Shantanu, 16 Dec 2013IT DOESN'T HAVE EXTERNAL STORAGE, OTG CANNOT BE USED FOR STORAGE... moreUSB OTG for storage works just fine in moto G.

lots of vids of it in youtube.

  • Shantanu

Moto is always known for innovation at pocket price that anyone can buy.This phone is one of those.I am using a defy XT535 which is marvelous(for rough user like me who likes to smash the phone when a don't like the slightest thing like genuine n/w issues in my area).I hope this phone is upto that mark.It has a few drawbacks as mentioned earlier but for school kids and smart phone beginners it's perfect.I would prefer a Flagship phone like moto X or Droid Maxx.

  • Shantanu

IT DOESN'T HAVE EXTERNAL STORAGE, OTG CANNOT BE USED FOR STORAGE(few people think that if we can connect usb devices like joystick we can also connect USB storage which is incorrect).W/O external storage it will require access to CLOUD which is also a Google service (obviously will promote it's own svcs but at what cost??).

  • Mike Holland

4ever motorola !

  • AnonD-210246

Jish, 16 Dec 2013I heard d fone doesn't hav a bluetooth... Isn't dat a con abt d... moremoto G have bluetooth 4.0.
You could also confirm this in the specs here in gsmarena.

  • kaushal

there is no expandable memory slot & at this price point with only 5 mp camera ??

  • Jish

debanjan, 15 Dec 2013i like the way it is. it's perfect in every way. it's a common m... moreI heard d fone doesn't hav a bluetooth...
Isn't dat a con abt d fone???

  • AnonD-215550

if this phone working great with out lagging

Motorola MOTO G users answer this

  • AnonD-163096

gagan , 15 Dec 2013This phone is coming to India in January but its is going to be ... moreThis is impossible dude, dual sim+external storage at 11000!!! There wont be expandable storage, I am sure

  • iggy

got mine for £89 from tesco direct. Cant go wrong with that, you wont find a 4core+720p device that comes even close to the price of this!

  • NIK 88

pranam, 16 Dec 2013can memory of moto g be expanded through OTG cable and a pendrive .I saw video on OTG for Moto G. Otg works well. Not only on usb flah but mouse and key pad. I I stll can find that video I will post it

  • pranam

can memory of moto g be expanded through OTG cable and a pendrive .

  • buns

Nice one. need to avoid third party interfrence

  • AnonD-18715

gagan , 15 Dec 2013This phone is coming to India in January but its is going to be ... moreSince it is not official or there is no source, take this with a pinch of salt.... Lol....
Look at google's product, everything is without expandable storage....

  • Den

it has a rumor here in the philippines that it will only cost 8,000pesos for the 8gb.. Only a Rumor.. i hope we can get that for 8,000pesos..