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  • Shubham

NiRmalG, 09 Mar 2015Nice phone, using it for last 1 year. But after updating it to ... moreHi ur hang issue in ur moto g it can be corrected by doing just wiping the cache partition so that the old temporary files of KitKat will get removed and old apps .. U can say it just remaining files of apps u have installed and uninstalled.. Just search in Google about wiping cache partition of moto g whichever gen
OK best of luck it works I have done it

  • fRank

One of the device which I use betweenn 15k 2 20k.l got a update for lollipop & is so impressive to use it.
I love this devices day to day

  • ABHI

when will i be asked for the upgrade in 5.0 lollipop

  • Anirudh

After upgrade to lollipop ,process is very slow.

  • skies

After updating lollipop feel very gentle thanks moto

  • suryarao

Hi frnds. ....I have moto g 1st gen 1032 model ...still I have waiting for lolipop update can anybody tell me that when get that version.......Mobile purchased in Spain and now I am at India that is problem. ...Help me out this plsz. ...thanka

  • AnonD-348104

Just updated to 5.02 OTA UK

  • ragu k

latest version how to apply


i use moto g last six months, in lollipop battery excellent, speed good, no hand, bast in this 12000 range
5/5 star rated

  • NiRmalG

Nice phone, using it for last 1 year. But after updating it to Android 5.0 its started to hang all the time; it no longer be a smart phone. Better not to update the software.

  • tushu

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2015Motorola moto g was an awesome phone but after updating to lolli... moreI bought it on 9th June 2014 and till it is working awesome.
Not hanged for a single second and with lollipop android system too it
Is working smoothly

  • Anonymous

anu, 08 Mar 201532g sir thanks

  • AnonD-350895

Good phone now for 14 months, received yesterday 5.0.2-update. No problems at all with this.

  • Anonymous

Motorola moto g was an awesome phone but after updating to lollipop, it gives me headache every now and then.
I cannot play a single game flawlessly. It hangs everytime. Forget about games, the phone is now ultra slow and many times does not responds to touch.
I am wondering how irresponsible the developers are that they don't even care to fix this.

  • AnonD-372555

mitti, 01 Mar 2015I m going to buy Moto g......but I m confused between Moto g and... moreMoto G as it is having lollipop support.

  • AnonD-372555

For me this phone was a good buy.

-Lollipop support
-Awesome and smooth use
-Good battery time
-Can do everything what a smartphone of new generation can

-Bad camera
-Only 10 watts charger cam charge this in 2hours

  • Anonymous

Hammu, 05 Mar 2015Its been a month since I upgraded my mobile to Lolipop. For the ... morePlease Hard reset your phone after the lollipop update

  • anu

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2015whats the maximum limit in space (gb) that i can use pen drive o... more32g sir

  • Calender app messed

The calendar app is kindo messed up and the days are not visible. The top line is blocked by the heading bar.


today i have taken moto g i use one month an write about that.