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  • Cenas

AnonD-114226, 18 Nov 2013Motorola Moto G Antutu Benchmark & OTG test (Flashdrive) ... moreWhat are the results? Can't access youtube here.

  • AnonD-114226

Motorola Moto G Antutu Benchmark & OTG test (Flashdrive)

  • santhu

i am using samsung galaxy s duos waste phone. But i think moto g is best for me.

  • AnonD-108010

Have it light sensors ?

  • Cenas

AnonD-1846, 18 Nov 2013This is just the first phone from Google and Moto but they can m... moreMoto X is the first phone Motorola developed completely after Google aqquired them.

  • AnonD-59645

AnonD-1846, 18 Nov 2013This is just the first phone from Google and Moto but they can m... moreThis is Motorola's 5th or 6th phone since Google bought them in 2012, at least. Even if you're picky, Moto X still was the "first". There is speculations they made G b/c X made little impact and attracted few customers.

  • Ali009

Any news on its time of availability in Pakistan/India/South Asia???? This phone is worth every penny... could've been an icing on the cake if it had a sd cart slot as well, coz its a quad core.... Can't wait to buy it!!!! Its going to sweep out every other phone on the planet lol..

  • AnonD-1846

I love this phone, The Moto G camera samples are avalable and the pictures are amazing for 5MP only.

  • Don

AnonD-92238, 18 Nov 2013Want to throw my Lumia 520 and buy this Don't throw away ur lumia520, contributed it free to some slum dweller

  • Cenas

What if Moto G is a test for a next Nexus by Motorola?
This really looks like the (even) lower priced Nexus, that the Nexus 4 would be kept as.

  • AnonD-1846

AnonD-206817, 18 Nov 2013quadrant score of 8770 and on antutu around 17200!!!!!can u beli... moreThis is just the first phone from Google and Moto but they can make a powerful phone so cheap. At the right Moto will make a high end phone better than Samsung. Google and Moto will lead soon.

  • AnonD-206817

quadrant score of 8770 and on antutu around 17200!!!!!can u believe it guys for a phone costs less than $200......these scores doesn't mean everything but they are really really impressive for the price u pay....

  • Anonymous

this phone is available in Bangladesh ?

  • AnonD-59645

shaz, 18 Nov 20134x runs a Tegra 3 which is way weaker than S400. I have a Nexus ... moreYou're missing the point. (Much?) Weaker or not, both are heavily underutilized and, moreover, prevented from being fully utilized by its software. Instead of manufacturers pumping the hardware with litte advancement of performances, Google should build Android properly already.

My 4X also run well at first...

AnonD-207348, 18 Nov 2013I agree mate the phone is just absolutely made for indian consumers.But any idea if when can we expect it to be launched. I don't think, if it will be here before next year.

  • AnonD-43136

Need to know how good this phone is with Asphalt 8 and Shadowgun deadzone plz! Also whats the music like in the headphones for clarity and loudness? Thinking of selling my xperia T for one of these!

awa, 18 Nov 2013is this phone is available in pakistan? Not yet available in south east asia

  • Amol

it should have been a bit slim!

  • AnonD-203009

There is no comparison between LUMIA 720 and MOTO G.
Windows is still developing and Android is way ahead.
With the simpler look easy user experience MOTO G is the clear winner here.
I have a Galaxy S2 and i am planning to buy moto g as it comes to india because anyway you get bored with one phone in about a year so pointless buying something expensive.

  • AnonD-5096

Compare Moto G with Nokia 720 guys not with Nokia 520.

Price of Nokia 720 and Moto G are equal.