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Motorola Moto G

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  • AnonD-65240

The chipset better be a Snapdragon 400 8x26 with Adreno 305 otherwise the gaming performance isn't going to be good enough.

  • AnonD-202892

razrmonk, 03 Nov 2013Seriously GSMARENA? 1 gb of ram in quad core cpu? i dont... moreNow look at the price tag.

  • razrmonk

Seriously GSMARENA?
1 gb of ram in quad core cpu?
i dont think motorola would release such horrible specs like the other leading brands.

  • Anonymous

This phone is gonna suck big time...It already does on the spec sheet..

  • AnonD-134293

I'm impressed, the UK lacks decent low end Android phones.

  • Moto_Bye

time to say good bye...8GB without SD card .Is this a JOKE ?.What google want to prove with device........

  • der

yuck. That's is all I have to say.

  • ULJR!

i want it badly!!!!

  • AnonD-92238

Seriously...!!! No card slot with 8 GB internal. What the hell they're trying to prove??

  • Anonymous

r.i.p motorola sayonara

  • jakir

8GB storage, no expandable storage (card slot) 1 GB RAM?? you kidding motorola? No way to get this phone, no thanks!

  • Slayer

Seriously Moto, up your game and your specs! Moto phones are so last year!