Motorola Moto G200 5G

Motorola Moto G200 5G

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  • Anonymous

Saw it today in a store (€429)

It feels better in hands than G100, plus the camera does have 8K recording in the settings.

Cheap price with flagship chipset snapdragon...Auto buy👍

  • Anonymous

G100 better buy now since its price will eventually drop after this release.

It still has 3.5mm jack & sdcard slot & also can use dock mode.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon, 11 Dec 2021Wow!!! No phone jack. When you keep using your charging usb... moreUnless you use Bluetooth, then no problem.

  • Anonymous

A real shame about the size. Just too big. Otherwise a good offering.

Tafserul alim Apon, 15 Dec 2021What Lcd?If it was Amoled the price could have skyrocketed to £600-700

What Lcd?

In the release article, Gsmarena said this phone having Lcd screen maybe have positives.... Now I'm wondering what am I doing with my life, 80% of phones that I see with Lcd phones, I stop looking at. Maybe these phones were good after all

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021Does it will have heating issues like SD888? Very likely seeing as the plus version is just an overclocked Snapdragon 888

Wow!!! No phone jack. When you keep using your charging usb port for earphones it will develop problem after a short time. These people making phones don't understand.

Not a true successor of G100 workhorse. What is the selling point of this device??? G100 was a flagship killer, but this is not.

It should have expandable storage, 3.5mm jack and dual sim support. If they support 3 yrs of security patch support, be it quarterly or bi monthly no one would complain aboutone android upgrade. Then it would be a hotcake in India and for asian expats living in other countries.

Ppl chose motorola not for its camera performance, but for its build quality, security and clean ui. And ppl over 30 use it mostly. Motorola should respect it's customers choice.

And I am hopeless with their G series devices this year. G40, G 60 had a masculine look with cam design and were really a workhorse in terms of versatility. They had 3.5mm jack, expandable storage, great pricing for a midrange. They were a clean hit in Indian market. But none of current G series devices attracts me much.

  • fiLthy

e, 09 Dec 2021does anyone know how well it runs genshin impact?Runs the game at 60fps max settings.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021Do we need carry Microwave craps on our heads? 3.5mm is ne... morewhat do you expect? do a search from phone finder on top of the page. there are 366 phones still have 3.5 mm auido jack released 2021.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021Extreme expensive crap, no SD, No 3.5mm Epic fail of the y... moreGo buy yourself one then. Noone is forcing you to buy g200. If you don't like it, it doesnt mean noone likes it. It's a great performing phone with compromises made to make it as cheap as possible. Go buy g100 if you like it more

  • e

does anyone know how well it runs genshin impact?

  • Anonymous

Techfun, 08 Dec 2021They are getting outdated and gotta adapt an... moreDo we need carry Microwave craps on our heads?
3.5mm is never obsolete, it still rocks.
But you are ignorant, even PineApple using it for its devices.

Companies are bazzards, they using "obsolete, old, aged" because they want to sell their True Worthless Craps.

For the SD...
\May be you enjoying to pay 150 euro extra for 128GB storage but there is 12x times cheaper way to do.
Called SD cards and it is the only way to spare important data when telephone is totaly destroyed.

  • Anonymous

Extreme expensive crap, no SD, No 3.5mm
Epic fail of the year.
G100 was 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000x times better than this freak!

The N.S, 08 Dec 2021Moto, you are mocking the 888 chipset with that LCD screen,... moreI agree that the LCD could be amoled, but considering that it's a 888+ in a less that 500 euro phone then idk

Moto, you are mocking the 888 chipset with that LCD screen, and iphone bezels.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021What's with all the crappy phones these days? No 3.5mm... moreThey are getting outdated and gotta adapt and move on with time