Motorola Moto G22

Motorola Moto G22

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  • c
  • cyber
  • S2D
  • 20 Sep 2022

android 12 implementation here looks like a some nasty joke,nothing really works on this phone normally,very slow and unresponsive not worth your money

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    • Anonymous
    • gNT
    • 18 Sep 2022

    CDi, 03 May 2022The arrangement of the back cameras is very interesting, it... moreVery good observation. It indeed will look like robotic with the camera in the middle.

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      • Anonymous
      • pXb
      • 02 Sep 2022

      Hi G 22 owners: does this phone really have an e-compass AND notification Led? That would bei awesome, since I do Not want spend more than 200 Euro on a Phone and this would meet my needs perfectly

        • A
        • Anthonzie
        • 84H
        • 31 Aug 2022

        I am usually not impressed by smartphone. I have changed many over the years and they all failed to impress me considering the price and their functions.

        This is the first phone i ever owned that i actually really like. For its price it's a very nice phone.

          • j
          • john2009
          • PT0
          • 22 Aug 2022

          This phone runs Android 12. how about i splatter some fetid urine on you, and we see how waterproof you are? this phone has 128GB of storage.

            • C
            • Cryb4by
            • DkA
            • 13 Aug 2022

            AnonD-1048858, 23 Jul 2022But that is not the point I am making is it, this is a ever... moreA 2.4 ghz phone was rubbish to you? I'm using a phone with snapdragon 215 at 1.3 ghz. Everything is fluid. Change your lifestyle bro, not your phone. But to be clear on the spec mediatek g37 is bad but it can definitely take Facebook . I think you need to update your apps. Pro tip get Facebook lite., messenger lite.

              • D
              • AnonD-1048858
              • sXQ
              • 23 Jul 2022

              Boyka, 04 Jul 2022Facebook app is the most bloated app in existence. and I wo... moreBut that is not the point I am making is it, this is a everyday social app for some and I have never ever experienced such a shocking experience as on this thing it was just rubbish as is the chip on it. Got rid!

                • X
                • XxFemkexX
                • 0rC
                • 05 Jul 2022

                I have this Phone bought in april 2022 by Mediamarkt for 179,-
                Not a bad phone. great camera. good phone for people with an low budget.
                if you like gaming on your phone you can better looking for another telephone. some game apps not working well on this phone. slow start upp and stuttering and lagging.

                  • B
                  • Boyka
                  • rZu
                  • 04 Jul 2022

                  Zetor, 24 Apr 2022Very very poor handset I got this 3 days ago and it's ... moreFacebook app is the most bloated app in existence. and I won't even mention the quality of the content that is hosted in there.

                    • g
                    • gairi
                    • 8DI
                    • 31 May 2022

                    It's in sale in my country, I wanted to buy it for my mother, is really that bad in terms of performance? She will be using for social media and that kind of stuffs (the other option are the g31, a little more expensive, and the e40, a little cheaper)

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • p37
                      • 04 May 2022

                      The phone has ok perfomance.

                      First of all you have to lower your expectactions, this an entry level model, that looks stylish.
                      For moderate usage is ok.

                      You need to set the screen refresh rate to 60hz, reduce animations to 0.5x under developer mode, and desactiva or uninstall all google apps.

                      It´s fine for the price

                        • C
                        • CDi
                        • mTv
                        • 03 May 2022

                        The arrangement of the back cameras is very interesting, it personalizes the phone, if they would put the camera from bottom on the middle so it will look like a robot it would be iconic.

                          • N
                          • Noni
                          • dZ9
                          • 01 May 2022

                          geko95gek-XDA, 04 Apr 2022Do yourself a favour and save another £80 then you can get ... moreYeah no, I have the Redmi note 10 and it’s really laggy. It shuts down any music playing if I open up the camera :) I’ve had nothing but issues

                            • W
                            • Wynonasty
                            • rUj
                            • 29 Apr 2022

                            Stick with the moto g stylus 2021

                              • J
                              • John
                              • L6g
                              • 27 Apr 2022

                              720p mediatek and powervr? Thank you I choose Samsung

                                • Z
                                • Zetor
                                • mXx
                                • 24 Apr 2022

                                Very very poor handset I got this 3 days ago and it's lagging very badly, even in FB scrolling is lagging then the phone locks up and throws the Facebook app not responding, it's very slow at doing anything this phone is not worthy of being in the G series lineup it's terrible. I am getting rid of it.

                                  • P
                                  • Paulw
                                  • vxV
                                  • 21 Apr 2022

                                  Anonymous, 07 Apr 2022HD+ display ? 🤦‍♂️720P

                                    • E
                                    • EePee
                                    • Fv1
                                    • 16 Apr 2022

                                    Anonymous, 10 Apr 2022Guess what, it's retailing for 99$ (without tax) here.... moreThats actually a really solid price, glad GSM was wrong on their estimate of 200 haha

                                      C'mon Motorola you can do better than this. It's an embarrassment to us Motorola fans. Simply waiting for an affordable edge option.

                                        G20 is better than this