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Motorola Moto G22

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  • Andrew
  • JHp
  • 07 Apr 2024

AManFromItaly, 28 Aug 2023Do you need a usable phone that at least reacts when you to... moreThat's 100% true

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    • Anonymous
    • fmH
    • 05 Apr 2024

    It was really good for the first month, now it's trash, slow, shutdown button needs at least 2 clicks to actually close the phone, won't recommend

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      • Anonymous
      • DNj
      • 13 Mar 2024

      Worst phone I have ever had in my entire life, bottom of ghe bottom tech, would rather eat dirt

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        • Anonymous
        • my5
        • 03 Jan 2024

        Anonymous, 21 Nov 2023It's under Motorola's brand, so Motorola should t... moreWell I have the g32 and it's actually better then my old Samsung s21fe 5g so get a life or a job or both .lol

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          • eldergoduk
          • 8qB
          • 23 Dec 2023

          Been using this phone for over 18 months, no issues for me at all

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            • L6h
            • 16 Dec 2023

            One of the few very special phones where the company behind it treats a curse like 90Hz on a Helio G37 like a blessing.

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              • Anonymous
              • NQF
              • 21 Nov 2023

              -, 30 Oct 2023Don't blame Motorola engineers for this, a company nam... moreIt's under Motorola's brand, so Motorola should take the blame.
              Common sense.

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                • L6h
                • 30 Oct 2023

                AManFromItaly, 28 Aug 2023Do you need a usable phone that at least reacts when you to... moreDon't blame Motorola engineers for this, a company named Tinno manufactures this phone

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                  • AManFromItaly
                  • pUJ
                  • 28 Aug 2023

                  Do you need a usable phone that at least reacts when you touch it?
                  Then this phone is everything, but the right choice.
                  Don't get me wrong, i am not used to high-end phones, but this is totally on another level.
                  Already from day 0 I could tell this was slower than the other phones i've had.
                  After around 1 year since purchase, it has become more useful as a brick than as a phone.
                  95% of all the actions you do (even simple ones like scrolling, swiping or closing an app) will take years and occasionally freeze your phone for several minutes.
                  You want to take a photo? Alright, but first, do you have 5 minutes to wait for the camera to initialize?
                  When i recieve a call, it happens that the phone totally freezes so i can't answer.
                  I am not a person that has many apps that use performance and i clean my phone often, but nothing has changed.
                  I am sure that if it ever happened that if there was an emergency and i needed to call emergency services, the person that needs help would have enough time to die and decompose before this phone is ready to make a call (then you would have to wait another 30 years in order for the call to actually start).
                  I don't want to be rude, but what did motorola's engineers think of when designing this piece of garbage.
                  The only good thing with this phone is that is has taught me to be way more patient (I mean, if you have to wait 5 minutes for the keyboard to come up every time you want to type something, you get used to it).
                  Besides this, the camera is ok and the battery is nothing "wow".
                  My opinion?
                  If you have not understood it, i do not exactly reccomend it:)

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                    • Moto
                    • LiQ
                    • 23 Aug 2023

                    Richard Luke, 05 May 2023Laggy GPS doesn't work properly (location history in ... moreThe signal strength is poor.

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                      • DaveF
                      • nG6
                      • 23 Jul 2023

                      It has aptX audio, a strong battery, four nice cameras. Not super-fast, but OK and its 90Hz refresh rate certainly helps. Stable, no freezes, no forced restarts!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • ajZ
                        • 12 Jul 2023

                        I don't recommend this phone for someone that has small hands or simply can't comfortably hold the phone. It gets its job done, it makes calls, makes alright photos, the battery lasts 1 day of intensive use and about a week if you turn it off completely, sound is good, screen is okay, it's responsive when it comes to using the screen but the stock ROM is complete trash, I tried to install from the settings a DSU of Android 13 that corrupted my phone. After reinstalling the stock ROM from the Lenovo Rescue Assistant I put back my apps and started to use it normally again. The fingerprint reader on the power button I think it's not the most ideal, especially for this phone, it reads the print quick but the power button isn't as responsive, you have to really push the thing for it to turn off. The UI? It is near stock Android 12, which in my opinion it looks terrible, yes you can use a launcher but it isn't really the same. But the size of the thing? I previously had a Moto E6s 2020 edition which I started to use again and it is a big difference between the 2 in terms of size. If these problems don't bother you then go ahead and buy the thing, between the G22 and it's younger brother the E22s go for the G22 for the better cameras, there is literally no other difference between the 2.

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                          • Skipperjoe
                          • 0RW
                          • 30 Jun 2023

                          Zwek, 24 Feb 2023I just ordered this phone (I broke my phone and until I fix... moreYes you have got it right friend. Too many people expect high end performance from a budget phone. I bought it as a backup phone when my Samsung failed. It did the job, calls, messaging, emails and internet access and limited photography and that long-life battery. Now have it as a backup phone or use it on risky adventures such as canoeing and camping. If damaged or lost, not a big deal!

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                            • SamsungIsBest
                            • puv
                            • 10 Jun 2023

                            Noni, 01 May 2022Yeah no, I have the Redmi note 10 and it’s really laggy. It... moreTrue, Xiaomi's MIUS is the worst Android Bloatware Pack With ads. Go to cleaner and clean your phone. Ad for a shoe store. System takes up 20GB of storage. Don't buy Xiaomi there are way too many bugs too.

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                              • Phone Expert
                              • HDV
                              • 09 Jun 2023

                              motorla g22 ? useless,

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                                • Anonymous
                                • J1$
                                • 23 May 2023

                                Richard Luke, 05 May 2023Laggy GPS doesn't work properly (location history in ... moreHaving the exact same issues as you described.
                                Please forward your feedback to Moto through the Feedback option in Settings just like I did. It might be worthless but at least Motorola becomes aware that many users are really upset about this device and so many bugs it has!

                                Well, I'm not expecting flagship performance or something similar at this price point, but I've seen much better even on low-end models, from other brands.

                                I'll think twice before buying Moto again in the future...

                                  I wanted to buy that phone but its bad Its very slow with Helio G37 better putted some UNISOC sh*t than that or snapdragon 460 its the best 4G choice do not the boughr

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                                    • Richard Luke
                                    • KjQ
                                    • 05 May 2023

                                    GPS doesn't work properly (location history in Google Maps doesn't log my history movements)
                                    The Camera App works weird, the timer doesn't work at all
                                    The power button doesn't lock the phone at first press, you have to press 2 or 3 times (software/OS problem)
                                    The compass sometimes doesn't work, even if you try to calibrate it
                                    The volume settings works weird
                                    OS Android 12, Motorola has no intentions to update to Android 13

                                      This phone is utter s****. With this Mediatek processor, this phone lags even when I'm simply in the settings app. Do not buy.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • gDe
                                        • 23 Apr 2023

                                        How is this worse than the G20? Sure it has a hole punch and compass, but the SoC is much weaker