Motorola Moto G30

Motorola Moto G30

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  • Anonymous

What is it with everyone put 2mp sh** at the back? Just put one good camera at the back with 6000mah inside,1080p screen. That would good phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2021Cmon Moto, or Lenovo guys, ya gotta start throwing wireless... moreWireless charging isn't much of a necessity with wired Charing giving you more freedom, my issue is with the displays being 720p, and many also like a wrap around display although it does put it at more risk

  • Anonymous

Cmon Moto, or Lenovo guys, ya gotta start throwing wireless charging into more of these phones. The only recent phone that has it also has that ridiculous wrap around screen that renders it unacceptable. I'm waiting for ya'll to make ONE GOOD FRIGGIN PHONE for once just so I can have the chop light and twist cam features back, but you just absolutely REFUSE to make one. Get your stuff together.

bart, 08 Feb 2021almost perfect, big con is that screen resolution!2021 and still HD res, that is really a con altough maybe if they manage to optimize battery consumption, maybe could last long

  • bart

almost perfect, big con is that screen resolution!

  • Hamxa

Maybe Moto should update IPS-LCD so they could gain some profit, and their users will get some cutting edge...

Otherwise I am buying oppo,vivo,LG....

  • msd313

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2021Name my a better love story than sd662 and motorolaYou are absolutely right. it seems like moto has taken all the responsibility to make sd662 a better one like bangla cinema

  • Goodfellow

Please use better material other than plastic. Also please update the display of your phone lineup. Start using Amoled rather than LCD and its variants. Lastly please keep a dedicated micro sd card slot and not hybrid.

  • Anonymous

Name my a better love story than sd662 and motorola

  • Dimonchik

No compass again?

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2021technological garbage from nokia pitythis is a motorola, not a nokia

  • Anonymous

technological garbage from nokia pity

  • AnonD-973296

90hz, that is...acceptable

whats up with moto and the 720p screen ? it seems like they have ordered way too much of them.