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  • Dave1979aba

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Compared to the Xperia, this at least has custom ROM suppor... moreTry Arrow (based on Android 9). Works well and has Moto Actions

  • Guest

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021Question is the Moto G4 a 4G device? ATT is not supporting ... moreWe had the same situation and after some digging, found out that this phone will still work on the 4G LTE network

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021Question is the Moto G4 a 4G device? ATT is not supporting ... more4G LTE

  • Anonymous

Question is the Moto G4 a 4G device? ATT is not supporting 3G any more and I don't want to buy a new phone if what I have will be supported.

  • Techsupport

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Don't spread misinformation. It CAN be replaced.Please ellaborate on what you mean when you decide to complain as it is very hard for the tech support team to help. :)
Thanks Connerkaine


Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020Had this thing for 3 years, it was decent at first. Took pr... moreit is the issue of sim card socket, i have the same problem with both of my sim socket, bu i found out the jugad for it instead of replacing socket wich might be costlier. "i had laminated the sim card non contact/ non connector side with sellotape(transparent plastic adhesive tape) (should be thin), this will add some extra height to the sim card which put more pressure on the lossen gold sim connectors to ensure no gap contact. now it's working fine totaly. hope it should be usefull to you also!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2020Battery cannot be replaced so after 4 years it's done.Don't spread misinformation. It CAN be replaced.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2020I collect old phones and this has to be one of the worst I ... moreCompared to the Xperia, this at least has custom ROM support and apart from the screen burn in (and others also have ghost touch), the issues are seemingly software related, so I may try a ROM in the future even though this will remove the Actions for starting the camera and torch.

  • Anonymous

I collect old phones and this has to be one of the worst I have.
- Display stays almost black (content only visible when pointing a flashlight at it) after not using it for a bit, only fixed by a restart
- screen burn in
- stuttery animation when swiping away the Moto info display, and sometimes it doesn‘t respond. I turned it off, even though I like this feature on the G3 and original X and others.
- slower after Oreo update, and more stuttering than Moto phones from the Google era

It‘s the first issue that makes this a horrible phone I would not want to use daily. Compared to other phones I have, the G3 had touch issues but they could be resolved by a software trick. The E2 is slow and lacks storage, but at least it‘s not acting up like the G4. The G2 doesn‘t have the Moto Actions, but it‘s reliable. The original X has bad speakers, but at least it does the job. Even the screen burn in is not as bad, even though it’s and OLED. I may still pick it over the Xperia M4 Aqua because of the better camera and more storage, but before both of these, I‘d probably just try to get something like a Galaxy S4 for cheap.

  • Anonymous

Battery cannot be replaced so after 4 years it's done.

  • Anonymous

Had this thing for 3 years, it was decent at first. Took pretty good pictures. And now it keeps powering off randomly, blocks half of my inc calls and incoming and outgoing texts are not going through sometimes. Always had SIM card problems, everytime my phone resets it claims on startup there is no SIM card when there clearly was one in there. So when my powers off randomly and I restart it, I have to take it apart and jiggle the SIM card to get it to read - this has been a problem since day 1. It is time for retirement.

  • Anonymous

Moto G4 is trash, 14 Oct 2020moto g4 has only 1/2gbram ram and it lags like anything ... morenaw

I've had this phone since late 2016. It works fine, charges quickly and hasn't given me any problems like overheating, buttons breaking etc. What's not to like? Perhaps a bit heavy?

  • Moto G4 is trash

moto g4 has only 1/2gbram ram and it lags like anything Do not buy moto G4 DO not become a fan like it says at the top

  • Anonymous

Prakit, 30 Jul 2020can we access to internet while being in the callNoo

  • Anonymous

Prakit, 30 Jul 2020can we access to internet while being in the callYes you can

  • Prakit

can we access to internet while being in the call

  • El más obscur

I will just say that as a battle phone the Moto G4 plus has come very handy. I bought it second hand and had a ghost touch issue because of overheating which was fixed by turning off adaptive brightness, so overheating, ghost touch and battery drain went away by just taking this simple step. Sadly in Mexico the Oreo update has not arrived and I'm starting to wonder how safe it is to use an android 7 device in 2020. Still I would like to hold to this phone because I just don't like 18:9 ratio screens, nor do I like super edited photos nonnatural that the new smartphones' cameras take. Does any one know if by updating apps an old phone such as this model stays secure?

  • Anonim

My phone fell down from various heights more than 200-300 times and still working as new... It's in a cheap rubber case from ebay... It handles everything pretty fast. Battery is good for regular daily usage, sometimes it lasts for 2 days. But when you turn GPS on and use maps it drains the battery very fast. That's really bad for travelling...
It's a nice phone, but too big for me I think I'll switch soon (after 2.5 years)

  • InTheLongRun

So before I start let me just preface this by saying that I love the Moto G4 for a lot of its features that you wouldn't get in a lot of other smartphones on the market.

It has:
1. Longevity
2. Excellent battery life
3. Great video quality
4. Vivid color display
5. Great gaming capability

However, here's my issue with the phone after having it for around 3 years.

1. Parts aren't easily replaceable
This is partly coming from the view of a person who doesn't live in a country where they supply all the parts and accessories to the phone but judging from others experiences with the phone, you'd have to send it back to Motorola or, if you're not under warranty, order it from China. Guaranteed that you won't have to do this for quite a while if you're extremely careful but here comes the other issue.

2. Flimsy build material
Not gonna lie but as much as I liked the initial feel of the phone, you'll be better off getting the G5 as the plastic texture material begins to wear and tear. While you may think this is just about a few scuffs on the phone, it actually extends to the side buttons as well because in comparison to another phone of cheaper quality I've had in the years up to buying this one, the security of the buttons actually mean a lot when handling. I've not seen a lot of people talk about this but trust me, you don't want to be trying to power on your phone one day to discover that the button fell out and you have to resort to a third party app that uses your phone display as a censor to turn it on which brings me to my third problem.

3. Overheating
As many other users before me have explained, overheating is an apparent problem on the Moto G4. It can easily be ignored when you first get the phone as I did so too and just used apps more economically while letting it rest for a while but later down the line you'll be hella annoyed by the inconvenience it brings as the overheating leads to many more problems. Most commonly for me is ghost touching and the phone screen being unresponsive to input due to the overheating. Remember how I told you that in order to turn on my phone I had to install a third party app that uses your phone touchscreen as an on-off censor? Yeah, if you don't import a phone button off e-bay asap, that overheating issue will become more frequent to the point where you can't wake your phone, accept calls, your phone screen turning off and on while in your pocket, opening up unnecessary apps, and draining your battery even faster.

Other than these 3 major issues for me, other minor issues include:

. Issues with the microphone when making calls
. White dots appearing on the phone's LCD
. Phone freezes
. Requiring an external SD Card
. Unnecessary apps
. Replacement of gorilla glass screen after a short fall of the bed

Otherwise, I have no other complaints about the phone and initially it's definitely a "get more that what you paid for" type scenario. However, these issues do pose an issue and if it weren't for them, I'd replace the phone with the exact same version.