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  • raaara

Anyone knows how to bypass frp in this mobile?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019Has been a great phone but unbearably slow now and doesn't hold ... moreSame for me, lasted a really long time but has suddenly got quite slow

  • Anonymous

Has been a great phone but unbearably slow now and doesn't hold charge like it used to.

I have owned my Moto G4 for just over 2 years. It replaced my Nokia 625 Windows phone. I have been very pleased with its performance, bearing in mind its price, though I had to do a factory reset ~1 year ago as it appeared to have run out of memory (I had formatted a 64GB SD card as internal memory). No further problems since then, though I am thinking of upgrading to a G7 Plus in the near future.

  • madi

charging slot broken too fast

  • perk

fine but charging port broken too fast. lol

  • Anonymous

Tarantula, 12 Jan 2019Have had my Moto G4 for over 1 year. It is a very functional pho... moreTurn down the screen brightness.

  • bini

Lovvve my MG4. the best quality pictures i get to capture and the ease of functionality of andriod and google apps is like slicing the butter.. Only problem was I accidentally dropped it on a granite floor which obviously cracked its screen still its functional but the cost of replacing the screen is way too much. I rather buy a new phone. BUT I STILL HAVE IT! It is definitely worth the money but dont drop it like it did :(

  • Anonymous

Worked just fine with no complaints until the charging port died after 2.5 years. Would cost more to fix than the phone was worth.

  • Tarantula

Have had my Moto G4 for over 1 year. It is a very functional phone. The issue I have with it is that it scrambles by itself. It makes calls on its own,send e-mailed and does a lot of other uninstructed orders. I have had to always lock my phone for it to stay calm. I had an HTC that has the same problems and gave it away

  • Anonymous

Completed 2yrs in g4...battery life is poor from the day of purchase ...Ghost touch is a big problem when brightness above 10%,.!!

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ever, battery dies after 4 months does not read simcard waste of money

  • NoMoMoto

Worst phone I have ever had...battery died within 7 months. New battery losing juice. Snaps off for no apparent reason including when battery is above 75%. Absolutely a waste of money. And oh, btw, I have very few apps installed.

  • Anonymous

Has issues with audio, over bluetooth. Mine has taken to periods where it isn't ringing or notifying of texts. I have to restart to get it ringing again.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Gelo, 22 Mar 2018Had it for about a year, it was fine until about a few months ag... moreMy G4 Plus have the same problem with Ghost touches! Motorola have the worst quality control of all phone manufacturers, some G4/G4 Plus have no problem at all, my G4 is perfectly problem free, while other G4/G4 Plus have many problems, my G4 Plus have Ghost touches and a lose micro USB contact! I recommend avoiding everything made by Motorola! The problem is not Lenovo, the problem is Motorola within Lenovo!
My X4 have many annoying software "features", especially the sound/beep everytime it lose network connection, and that happens far too often!

  • Hugh Jass

Reliable and decent phone. I have had it for 2.5 year now. I was thinking of buying the new Moto G6 because the battery in the Moto G4 is not designed to be user-replaceable. However, after seeing how easy it is to replace (basically 12 screws), I replaced the battery in my G4. The Moto G6 appears to be very complicated in order to replace the battery. I now have a "new" phone again with a new battery. Hopefully, I'll get 4+ years from this phone.

  • babysnazzles

Will snap off at any given moment. Literally the most useless garbage I've ever made the mistake of purchasing

  • Catherine

I cannot call or text over the wireless network when cell service is not available. In Maine my daughter has US Cellular and my service provider T- Mobile does not connect to that service. They told me that the Moto g4 is unable to make calls or text on a wireless network. Has anyone else had this problem. Solution?

  • kwang

yes it play PUBG with no lag.. Dunno about fornite as it hasn't been launched on play store yet.

  • Anonymous

Louisg, 24 Feb 2018I love the Motorola G phone. Currently I have G4. What I hate th... moreMay be ghost screening mine did it sent it in twice with problems x