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  • Anonymous

Has issues with audio, over bluetooth. Mine has taken to periods where it isn't ringing or notifying of texts. I have to restart to get it ringing again.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Gelo, 22 Mar 2018Had it for about a year, it was fine until about a few mont... moreMy G4 Plus have the same problem with Ghost touches! Motorola have the worst quality control of all phone manufacturers, some G4/G4 Plus have no problem at all, my G4 is perfectly problem free, while other G4/G4 Plus have many problems, my G4 Plus have Ghost touches and a lose micro USB contact! I recommend avoiding everything made by Motorola! The problem is not Lenovo, the problem is Motorola within Lenovo!
My X4 have many annoying software "features", especially the sound/beep everytime it lose network connection, and that happens far too often!

  • Hugh Jass

Reliable and decent phone. I have had it for 2.5 year now. I was thinking of buying the new Moto G6 because the battery in the Moto G4 is not designed to be user-replaceable. However, after seeing how easy it is to replace (basically 12 screws), I replaced the battery in my G4. The Moto G6 appears to be very complicated in order to replace the battery. I now have a "new" phone again with a new battery. Hopefully, I'll get 4+ years from this phone.

  • babysnazzles

Will snap off at any given moment. Literally the most useless garbage I've ever made the mistake of purchasing

  • Catherine

I cannot call or text over the wireless network when cell service is not available. In Maine my daughter has US Cellular and my service provider T- Mobile does not connect to that service. They told me that the Moto g4 is unable to make calls or text on a wireless network. Has anyone else had this problem. Solution?

  • kwang

yes it play PUBG with no lag.. Dunno about fornite as it hasn't been launched on play store yet.

  • Anonymous

Louisg, 24 Feb 2018I love the Motorola G phone. Currently I have G4. What I ha... moreMay be ghost screening mine did it sent it in twice with problems x

  • tminer

hi everyone do you think it will support fortnite or pubg real fan

  • ziplock

Jr, 06 Jun 2018The sd card is like an extension to your storage so you can... moreAll three of my Moto G4 phone started with high capacity SD cards to expand the internal memory. After a few months they all developed memory errors that required removing the SD card and rebooting the phone. All data stored on the SD card was lost. Because the cards were formatted as internal memory, the cards could not be read by other devices. I will not use SD cards to expand internal memory again. They are good as extra capacity data storage for video and other large files, but I would not rely on them for permanent storage.

  • Gandalfdenvite

AnonD-751857, 13 Apr 2018Just got this phone and so far like it fine. However, afte... moreFormat the sd-card as a part of the internal memory, settings-storage-sdcard-(3 dots chose format as internal storage)

  • Jr

AnonD-751857, 13 Apr 2018Just got this phone and so far like it fine. However, afte... moreThe sd card is like an extension to your storage so you can use same way. I put in a 64 gb sd card and works perfect.

  • Pat

My phone rings 4 times for an incoming call. I have tried to get this lengthened but my service provider tells me I have the maximum time. My other mobiles rang for longer . I rarely get to answer a call. When I ring other people their phones ring for ages before going on to voicemail. My service provider advised me to contact the manufacturer. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2018Probably a virusTry flashing original os package(rom), just make sure you read about what you need to do if you have nougat bootloader and downgrading to marshmallow. Mine is very prone to image persistence and every now and then I have to use black screen app to erase the images trapped in the display(and I don't even use it on high brightness!!).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2018I have Moto G4 . I have 2 problems with this phone 1 - HOw... morethe camera cover or simply the back tracsparent piece over the camera is not a glass material. it's prone to scratches

  • Lyn

Can anyone tell me why my phone does not always show "answer" ~"reject" on an incoming call. I can find no way to answer the call if this does not come up

  • Anonymous

I have Moto G4 . I have 2 problems with this phone
1 - HOw to shift data from phone memory to SD Card
2 -The primary camera gives a hazy photo . I got the camera replaced from authorised service centre. After few days of usage the camera again clicked hazy photos ,the time lapse between replaced camera and shooting hazy photos is hardly 6 months.I want to know about options --I cannot change the camera every now and then . Does it need different type of upkeep or is there a special mechanism to click photos . Kindly advice

  • AnonD-752345

I previously had a Nokia 635 paired to my Compac II Bluetooth for my hearing aids. The phone would verbally alert me to a text and would ask if I want it read. It would also give me the option of replying to the text verbally and the phone would send it with my command. Is this same option available with the Motorola Moto G4? If not, what phone will give me that option. ( I had to give up the Nokia because it would not monitor my security cameras)

  • AnonD-751857

Just got this phone and so far like it fine. However, after upgrading to 7.0 Nougat no apps go to the SD card and I cannot transfer them from internal to the card. This is not uncommon apparently. Why did Android do this? The SD card is now useless. What can be done?

  • Anonymous

Brandy, 02 Apr 2018I have the same problemExactly same problem here too. Also overheating.

  • Brandy

Gelo, 22 Mar 2018Had it for about a year, it was fine until about a few mont... moreI have the same problem