Motorola Moto G4

Motorola Moto G4

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  • ningtam

Not satisfied with the battery capacity

  • narsi

Is it Lenovo or Motorola.?
What's this brand friends.?
Iam getting confusion...
Actually I like Motorola.

  • Savor

[deleted post]Looks like the Nexus 4.

  • TA

AnonD-451592, 17 May 2016RIP motorola :(Whats so bad about it ?

  • Luich

Lenovo...No👎 Motorola...Yes👍 know there 😠

  • Dave1977

Can't see the specs for the other Moto G4 phone launched today - the Moto G4 Play (5", 720p)

  • Anonymous

Should go for g4=5",G4 Plus=5.5"

  • AnonD-451592

RIP motorola :(

  • Giggerdy Giggerdy

Looks like I'm getting a new phone. Does more than everything I need and so much better for value than the fruit brand phone that is sh*t. Or any phone over £200 really.

  • vaz

It's not a home button, but a fingerprint reader. It's present only for G4 plus, not for the regular G4. The picture is for the G4 Plus, not G4

  • Anonymous

Ugly home button