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Motorola Moto G4 Plus

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  • Ganesh

Andy, 08 Sep 2020The best budget phone with really good specs, amazing scree... moreGhost touch you can avoid by reducing brightness level. Moto g4 plus is excellent. I have purchased this on June-16 - still working with no problem. Now finding reasons to purchase latest models. :):)

  • Anonymous

v, 17 Jun 2020i try several phones of all brands. this is by far my worst... moreHow turbo charger messes battery?

  • Andy

The best budget phone with really good specs, amazing screen resolution and good camera. Purchased this phone in Feb 2019, still working great. No issues as such, except for the sometime ghost touch issue which is quite annoying. But overall very happy.
I m trying to find a newer phone with screen 1080x1920 pixels, 2 gb ram, 32 gb internal memory and 16 mp camera, and all those phones exceed $400....nothing in the $250 range

  • Anonymous

It was working great for first 5 months...then onwards mobile heats like an iron box......turn offs 10+ times in a day...god knows what's the problem....

  • Anonymous

Posting this review at 49th month of usage.. Replacement not found.. The best middle budget range phone ever..

  • vishal

good built
nice camera

screen bleeding
bad loudspeaker as the earpiece and loudspeaker are the same so sound cracks
Ghost touch because of turbo charging
Rear camera glass is prone to scratches, cheap material
Casting and hotspot always gives problems
Battery doesnt last all day.
Finger print scanner shape looks like home button which it is not, accidental touches

Conclusion. its an uncooked phone like an uncooked meal

  • v

i try several phones of all brands. this is by far my worst phone that i bought.
display bleeds
ringer speaker and music speaker are same unit so voice output cracks
the turbo charger messes the battery , had to replace battery in one year
the rear camera glass is horrible material, leading to scratched photos
the front finger print scanner is a total distraction to the onscreen keys, cause it feels like home key but isnt.
(its like you go to a restraurant and they make you cook food yourself instead of making it for you)
this is uncooked phone with negligience all over

build quality is good
camera takes good pictures if glass is not scratched.

  • Randall

It's a good phone. After 3.5 years of using it, the charging port is a little temperamental and the headphone jack stopped working. Otherwise it works fine and battery life is still great. I am getting a Pixel 3a now mainly just because I want newer Android OS.

  • Anonymous

Bought a G4+ from Lenovo June 2016. Still got it, still on original battery ( got spare just in case, never used). Daily use, never had a single problem. Absolutely no intention to upgrade, no reason to. 3.5 socket, perfectly capable screen (uncracked!), speaker where it ought to be, same as fingerprint reader. To my view phones have taken a few steps back from this!

  • Anonymous

prasadV, 11 May 2020ive the same device motog4 plus 32gb black but havent recei... moreI had the same problem, contacted support.
I had to download the PC software, make a safety copy from my data and then the software offered the update. It worked fine for me, try it.

  • prasadV

Harry, 30 Apr 2020I bought the G4 plus back in May 2017 and bought a Poetic c... moreive the same device motog4 plus 32gb black but havent received Oreo till now, what to do???

how to get Oreo update

  • Harry

I bought the G4 plus back in May 2017 and bought a Poetic case for it. 3 years later, battery still holds a charge, both cameras still works, upgraded to Oreo recently, screen is still good, call are good. I really have no complain.

  • El más obscur

DUTTA, 19 Feb 2020phone is not good.functionally it is very faulty instrument... moreTry turning off adaptive brightness. That should take care of ghost touch, overheating and battery drain issues.


phone is not good.functionally it is very faulty instrument.lousy camera.battery is getting run down in 8hrs.overall no good

  • Anonymous

Very good phone

  • Anonymous


I used this phone for almost 3 years & 5 months. I loved it very much still I would like point out the pros & cons
1 Very suitable for rough usage ( Fell down numerous times, even to highway from running bike and no damage was happened)
2 Senor settings (shaking setup) for cameras & flashlight is very helpful
3 Realistic Cameras
1 Camera cover gets scratched after 1 year of use and effects the pictures but covers can be replaced & retain the clarity
2 Speaker got damaged after almost 3 years which may be due to frequent falling.

Still I was very happy with the phone

  • ram

i recommend not to take this phone because every user face a camera problem, some times screen may gets effected and the performance of the mobile will be effected with every update

  • Blueblud

Isdore, 28 Sep 2019Please how can I upgrade mine to Oreo 8.1 They have officially stopped the Oreo update as some users have reported some issues. But you can manually do it using the Moto Lenovo mobile assistant utility.

  • Isdore

rravindra, 19 Jun 2019Now upgradeable in 8.1Please how can I upgrade mine to Oreo 8.1

  • bones

i have buy one 4 months ago, now the screen is completly withe! dont show any image... customer service tells me that i broke it -.- the whant to take my money cuz i never broke a phone, not even fell...