Motorola Moto G5 Plus

Motorola Moto G5 Plus

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  • AnonD-619812

Hello Moto :)
Welcome to 2017
5th Generation of a successful series from the first makers of mobile devices

PS:i know its a budget phone but moto is always one step ahead,so its only my suggestions
I have this things to say...
-Motorola mobility should upgrade there display of Moto G series to AMOLED,the days of ips displays are long gone
-Should follow Snapdragon Series of chip sets always,not mediatek... Ever!!
-Battery must have the quality as on the 1st gen[Am still using it from March 2014,never made a battery trouble]
-Always keep a good ergonomic structural design with multi colored back keeps our device fresh always
-Its time to start build metal phones not too much plastic

  • DX

Kristic, 06 Dec 2016It should be at-least all metal and 626/652/653 processor..... moreFor my opinion I dont mind if the back is a plastic as long as the battery is removable just put the fingerprint sensor in the home button at the front.

  • AnonD-459289

Jenny, 06 Dec 2016It will have Mediatek chipset. you are right as in moto e 3 power

  • Jenny

It will have Mediatek chipset.

  • AnonD-554786

Ips lcd is crap .... Amoled is the point of selling this phone

  • Kristic

It should be at-least all metal and 626/652/653 processor..
Shift the fingerprint sensor to back and keep touch capacitive buttons to enjoy 5.5 inch screen free buttons.

  • Shyam

Motorola phone very good camera quality
and performance but why produce plastic body and flat device?
Hey Motorola used metal unibody and SD626 I will buy your phone

  • Anonymous

G4 was better at least it had a amoled display... Ips lcd is shit ....

  • AnonD-429892

5.5 Inch why ?

There should be one budget oriented compact device with finger print scanner.
Like xiaomi redmi 3s prime which is 5 inch compact and even with great performance.

  • Anonymous

Stop producing this kind of plastic phones moto. Make metal phones

  • AnonD-615823

octacore chipset maybe snapdragon 626 or snapdragon 653

  • Sandeep Singh Baghel

Same as moto g4 plus..

I hope that this 'Octa-core' is Snapdragon 625 or above.