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  • Anonymous

Frozen Oracle, 08 Aug 2019Received June security update today . Thinking of changin... moreAfter June update, the battery is draining really fast

  • Frozen Oracle

Received June security update today .
Thinking of changing this phone. What say ??

  • shrikant

how to enable notifications short cuts on display & notifications lights

  • Vinod singh

Moto g5 s plush mobile not call recording and to support other call recording application this is very upset the point me requed call recording options next update this feature add on plz Moto care plz

  • Anonymous

Everyone told me I HAD to have a smartphone! What a piece of garbage these things are.

WORST mistake I have made in years was buying this worthless thing.

I want my dumbphone back!!

  • Mythos

i have the xt1805 model with 32GB intenal memory and 4GB RAM

  • Anonymous

Pakboy, 19 Feb 2019i purchased this phone Oct-2018, but i never received any s... moresame,i guess it is because we bought wrong models,we should have bought international ones but any country thats why

  • Anonymous

So far it has worked correctly for me. You have already installed the security update for the month of February of this year. The only thing I do not like is that, it seems that MOTOROLA does not think to get Android Pie, which is a pity. For the rest it is a good team.

  • Aman Moto User

I love moto mobiles, specially moto G 5S Plus mobile very good, no hanging problem, battery is good, display , camera is good,. I m really surprised for 🔊 he is very goood..

  • S..Sharma

Still not receive january security update ...any one know why

This mobile has compatibility issues with many speakers e.g. if you connect the mobile with Sennheiser SP20 ML with 3.5 mm jack then you won't get audio on speaker. Reported this issue to Motorola but they are not interested to fix this issue. Note: The issue is with most of the Motorola mobiles because same speaker is working fine with all other mobiles (tested with Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Mi and iPhone)

  • Pakboy

i purchased this phone Oct-2018, but i never received any security/software update yet.. anyone knows why?

  • Anonymous

Wahyutrx, 08 Dec 2018So far so goodme, all ok

  • Anonymous

Soumya, 11 Feb 2019I have been using this phone from September,2018. It's a ... moreDrain battery until auto shotdown, try to on until cant be, than charging (on the phone at 5%) keep charging after fully charge, if stay at 50% let it charge for another 1 hour than take off charger. Use it like normal and do it again. i think take a few times. I read somewhere, try at your own, worth to try if its me

  • Anonymous

Soumya, 11 Feb 2019I have been using this phone from September,2018. It's a ... moreDid you try calibrating the battery? Search it up on Google or Lenovo forums.

  • Soumya

I have been using this phone from September,2018.
It's a good phone but all of a sudden from 27th December,2018 it is having it's battery issue like without using it after I discharged when it has reached 100% it starts to drain.
It shows that it will last upto 1 hour but after reaching 50% it shows it will last upto 6 hours. I bought it from Amazon.
I visited the nearest Moto service store in Agartala, Tripura. But they said me it is due to winter which is causing battery issues.
Does this happens? Or is it something else? Or my battery needs to get replaced?
If Motorola is looking at my comment then please help me ASAP and if any of the viewers have faced the same problem then please let me know the solution.

  • dante t

SDN, 21 Jan 2019My model number is G5S plus XT1805.. When will i get the u... morei got the same model and i got the Oreo update since last September 2018. where do you live dude? :)

  • SDN

My model number is G5S plus XT1805.. When will i get the update for Oreo 8 to my cell phone

  • Rohan

After Oreo update, wi-fi/4g disconnects frequently and reconnects automatically.
Any solution?

  • Anonymous

Dnishimura, 13 Jan 2019After 18 months using it, the screen gets burned when you l... moreCan you check which manufacturer's display panel your phone has? Afaik, Moto uses BoE, LG and Tianma displays. Install devcheck to find out, it's an app you'll find in the play store.