Moto G6 review

GSMArena team, 05 June 2018.


Glossy is what we'd pick if we had to describe the Moto G6 with just one word. And by glossy, we mean shiny, specular, and slippery. The Moto G6 is yet another smartphone made of glass with a metal frame to hold those pieces together.

Motorola Moto G6 reviewMoto G6 Plus, Moto G6, and Moto G6 Play

The glass phones overtook the metal ones in both flagship and budget series. Once considered a luxury, now anyone can have a glass device. And the Moto G6 is doing it the right way - with sturdy Gorilla Glass 3 panels for both the front and the back.

The Moto G6 is as big as the Moto G6 Play but is 1cm taller than the Moto G5 because of the new screen.

The new 5.7" tall screen makes up for most of the front. A large grille covers the earpiece on top, flanked by the 8MP selfie shooter and its LED flash.

Motorola Moto G6 review

The fingerprint reader is at the bottom chin. It's always-on and is quite fast and accurate. Just like on other Moto Gs, the one on the G6 also doubles as navigation deck for Android that works with various gestures.

Motorola Moto G6 review

The metal frame has been sprayed with the same paint as the rear glass but has an all-glossy finish. While this approach makes for a consistently good-looking body, it hurts the grip and the G6 is very slippery. We used the phone mostly with the rubber case on, even though it takes away some of its beauty.

Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review
Moto G6

The back of the Moto G6 is quite Motorolish. There is the round camera hump that has the two snappers and the LED flash forming something of an emoji face. Nothing fancy but this placement has become somewhat of a signature for Motorola.

Motorola Moto G6 review

The Moto G6 is well equipped with ports and mics. The audio jack is here to stay, the USB is type-C, and the card slot is of the triple kind - two independent SIMs and a microSD. The earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker, which might be awkward at first, but this way it's harder tо jam it. And wait to hear how loud it is!

Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review Moto G6 - Motorola Moto G6 review
Moto G6

The design of the Moto G6 is nothing special, really. But it's been done in line with all current trends - glass body, tall screen, USB-C port, and Motorola has been kind enough to apply a water-repellent coating. While you can't swim with the Moto G6, this coating may as well save your phone during incidents.

Motorola Moto G6 review

The Moto G6 is slippery and you should be careful when handling it. The rubber case help with that but it will also diminish the good looks. That's something valid for any glass phone lately though, so we are not really coming after the G6, we mention it just in case you wondered.

Reader comments

Came here because I couldn't remember how old this phone is. I think I bought it about a year after it came out. Mine's still kicking. No problems, good for my simple needs, light use.

  • Steevo
  • 09 Mar 2022
  • LEi

I inherited mine from my son. No issues at all in the past two years, fast enough for my needs, good screen resolution and sound quality. Screen size works well with my old eyes as my previous Xiaomi┬┤s screen was too small for comfortable viewing. I ...

  • Maria
  • 05 Feb 2022
  • Ku}

This phone is horrible, dont waste your money and buy a samsung. I brought it thinking the software would make up for the camera and being small but it does not, i have had problems with wi-fi since day 1 of getting it, and now whenever i play games,...