Moto G6 review

05 June 2018
Motorola may have changed ownership a few times already, but the iconic Moto G series not only survived the turmoil but thrived. Cheap yet powerful is a very lucrative smartphone niche and lately all makers are making the run for it. Does the Moto G6 hits the sweet spot? Let's find out!

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Came here because I couldn't remember how old this phone is. I think I bought it about a year after it came out. Mine's still kicking. No problems, good for my simple needs, light use.

    • S
    • Steevo
    • LEi
    • 09 Mar 2022

    I inherited mine from my son. No issues at all in the past two years, fast enough for my needs, good screen resolution and sound quality. Screen size works well with my old eyes as my previous Xiaomi´s screen was too small for comfortable viewing. I wasn't expecting to keep the G6 long, but it's become a faithful friend who has stuck around and simply does what I need when I need it. Recommended.

      • M
      • Maria
      • Ku}
      • 05 Feb 2022

      This phone is horrible, dont waste your money and buy a samsung. I brought it thinking the software would make up for the camera and being small but it does not, i have had problems with wi-fi since day 1 of getting it, and now whenever i play games, it either crashes or freezes, even while having a lot of free space in the memory. 2/5

        • D
        • DW777
        • 4dk
        • 14 Dec 2021

        Been using this phone for over 3 years and still love it. It is the right size for my hands, just the right size and weight, works well and had no serious problems yet. Does everything I need it to do, battery holds very well (3 days on a full charge on average; 2 days if I use it more; with light use it holds for 4 days or even more). The bare-bones Android OS is great, with minimal Moto Add-ons which are actually very useful. The "shake to activate flashlight" and "rock to activate camera" features come in very handy and the ability to recover screen space by activating "one button navigation" on the fingerprint sensor is awesome.
        I wish it had more RAM (I have the 3GB/32GB version and it seems a bit slow lately, especially with some apps).
        If I were in charge of designing it, I would use the front panel real estate better (put the company logo on the fingerprint sensor, extend the screen around it and around the speaker and focus on the 4GB/64GB version).
        Overall, it is probably the best phone I ever owned in terms of price / performance ratio.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • kiM
          • 04 Sep 2021

          Do you have a technical assistance that can help me know what wrong with my phone moto g6 it freeze up can not turn off or it doesn't ring

            • L
            • Lori
            • 4c9
            • 23 Aug 2021

            I have a moto g6 and I've had 2 other Motorola phones before this. I liked them until this phone. After about a year the sound started to act up. I'd get calls but it wouldn't ring. My alarm didn't always sound. My notification sound sometimes worked and the phone speaker suddenly got much quieter while I was listening to an audio book. I'm looking for a new phone now but I'm trying not to buy another Motorola.

              • B
              • Bob
              • gMR
              • 06 Oct 2020

              I have had a few motorola phones but this one is the best one I've had.I recently got the Motorola moto g6 and I have not experienced the things that some of the people who have reviewed this phone.Unless you are on the phone non stop the battery last quite awhile.I charge it up as soon as I get up and it only takes about 30 minutes to charge it from 75 percent on battery.I start using it around 7am and I make quite a few calls and do some searching on google plus the emails and text messages I still have around 75 to 80 percent battery left at 8 the battery really isn't that bad unless you are on it all day without stopping.The camera on it takes really good pictures and I don't see any pictures that are bad.I had a google pixel 3 before this one and the Moto G6 has just as good camera as the pixel 3.I don't get all the smudges on it like others do but I don't use the phone if I am eating something or if I have touched some things with oil or grease on them.I guess if you wash your hands or at least wipe them off when eating you won't get many smudges.I have had phones that cost $800 to $1000 and the Moto G6 works just as good if not better than some of those.Get one and try it on your own and then see if you agree with the other reviews that say it's bad.

                • g
                • gg
                • QHS
                • 01 Oct 2020

                the motog6,had for 15 months works well at first then all of a sudden incoming calls you can hear then it gets lower and lower and that was the end of the speaker not a good buy.

                  • A
                  • Arsov 36
                  • 3Sq
                  • 29 Jul 2020

                  Excuse me?
                  How did you know that?

                    J B, 19 Jun 2020I have yet to figure out why my screen goes to sleep every ... moreYou need to increase the sleep timing of your Moto g6 . Settings>display>advanced> sleep . Hope it would help or of that does not ,better factory reset your phone

                      • J
                      • J B
                      • qZF
                      • 19 Jun 2020

                      I have yet to figure out why my screen goes to sleep every 8 seconds unless I am touching it. I can't pass the phone to anyone without telling them to keep touching the screen or I have to use my fingerprint to turn it back on. Aggravating.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • I8G
                        • 08 Feb 2020

                        I've had my G6 for around 6 months now. I have had no performance issues, the screen is more than adequate for games and movies, the speaker/call volume is great, the camera takes excellent pictures... I am sure that if I had loads of money to swap out phones like fashion accessories I would begin to obsess over its faults,'s a phone. I like it well enough.

                        I suppose I could complain about dismal battery life and no physical keypad, but these problems are common to all smartphones.

                        I could also complain about not being able to work with it in my pocket, but that's also common to all smartphones.

                        So, similar to comparing the quality of mobile programming to the quality of desktop programming, this phone is awesome...for a smartphone. But for a cellphone in general? I would trade it in a heartbeat for a good flip phone, but they stopped making good flip phones years ago.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • I8G
                          • 08 Feb 2020

                          Fly agaric, 08 Jun 2018It's big, it's ugly, lower bezel looks horrible, battery do... moreEconomic upheavals just tend to lead to monopolies, although a greater short-term emphasis on customer satisfaction does tend to occur in the process. An outright, permanent failure of global manufacturing would be better for all parties, but a temporary setback would only make matters worse!

                            • N
                            • Nama
                            • r2w
                            • 31 Jan 2020

                            I bought Motto g6 play 1year ago this past December. It was,etc until about 2 months later. I didn't take it back,thinking i need to get used to it. The phone continued to go downhill. It got very slow in all aspects. Over last 2months,it started to freeze up. I had to wait 5 minutes sometimes to unfreeze. I would be talking but unable to access any buttons because the screen was black. Or i couldn't hang up because of the black screen, unable to press options during the call or even unable to hang up. Also, i was unable to send photos, attachments and even longer texts through the Messages app. At the end here, i only used Messenger. Yesterday, it froze up and remained that way until it died. During that time, the phone was continuously lit up. The battery in inaccessible. That was my last idea. Otherwise, I'm just out a phone. I've used many phones over 40 years and this is the worst. From other reviews, I see similar issues from various people. Motorola has lost my vote. Cheaper is Just cheap sometimes.

                              • A
                              • Ajit
                              • 7ki
                              • 10 Dec 2019

                              I bought motog6plus last jan2019,in June 2029, experienced speaker problem,got it repaired from service center in Nashik,again in dec2029, the same problem cropped up,got it repaired from service center,But this time they damaged the touch screen finger lock mechanism,when i put my comments in writing in job card,they mentioned that the damage was earlier,which is not a case.
                              Company had negative responce,it seems that service centre/ company are interested in paid services only.
                              WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND TO BUY FROM MOTO
                              Ajit kurlekar.nasik

                                • R
                                • Ramesh
                                • D0i
                                • 02 Sep 2019

                                Anonymous, 03 Aug 2019My phone got shutdown in just 13 months. Service provider s... moreMy mobile phone problem

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nw}
                                  • 30 Aug 2019

                                  Anonymous, 25 May 2019Is g6 2 SIM cards?No

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • uth
                                    • 03 Aug 2019

                                    My phone got shutdown in just 13 months. Service provider says it's motherboard problem. Many friends have faced the same i.e.once warranty is over, problems start.

                                      • S
                                      • Serban
                                      • 0B@
                                      • 01 Aug 2019

                                      One key minus which I think should be mentioned in the final pros/cons section: the phone has NO notification LED.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 60{
                                        • 25 May 2019

                                        Is g6 2 SIM cards?