Moto G6 review

05 June 2018
Motorola may have changed ownership a few times already, but the iconic Moto G series not only survived the turmoil but thrived. Cheap yet powerful is a very lucrative smartphone niche and lately all makers are making the run for it. Does the Moto G6 hits the sweet spot? Let's find out!

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  • Arsov 36

Excuse me?
How did you know that?

J B, 19 Jun 2020I have yet to figure out why my screen goes to sleep every ... moreYou need to increase the sleep timing of your Moto g6 . Settings>display>advanced> sleep . Hope it would help or of that does not ,better factory reset your phone

  • J B

I have yet to figure out why my screen goes to sleep every 8 seconds unless I am touching it. I can't pass the phone to anyone without telling them to keep touching the screen or I have to use my fingerprint to turn it back on. Aggravating.

  • Anonymous

I've had my G6 for around 6 months now. I have had no performance issues, the screen is more than adequate for games and movies, the speaker/call volume is great, the camera takes excellent pictures... I am sure that if I had loads of money to swap out phones like fashion accessories I would begin to obsess over its faults,'s a phone. I like it well enough.

I suppose I could complain about dismal battery life and no physical keypad, but these problems are common to all smartphones.

I could also complain about not being able to work with it in my pocket, but that's also common to all smartphones.

So, similar to comparing the quality of mobile programming to the quality of desktop programming, this phone is awesome...for a smartphone. But for a cellphone in general? I would trade it in a heartbeat for a good flip phone, but they stopped making good flip phones years ago.

  • Anonymous

Fly agaric, 08 Jun 2018It's big, it's ugly, lower bezel looks horrible, battery do... moreEconomic upheavals just tend to lead to monopolies, although a greater short-term emphasis on customer satisfaction does tend to occur in the process. An outright, permanent failure of global manufacturing would be better for all parties, but a temporary setback would only make matters worse!

  • Nama

I bought Motto g6 play 1year ago this past December. It was,etc until about 2 months later. I didn't take it back,thinking i need to get used to it. The phone continued to go downhill. It got very slow in all aspects. Over last 2months,it started to freeze up. I had to wait 5 minutes sometimes to unfreeze. I would be talking but unable to access any buttons because the screen was black. Or i couldn't hang up because of the black screen, unable to press options during the call or even unable to hang up. Also, i was unable to send photos, attachments and even longer texts through the Messages app. At the end here, i only used Messenger. Yesterday, it froze up and remained that way until it died. During that time, the phone was continuously lit up. The battery in inaccessible. That was my last idea. Otherwise, I'm just out a phone. I've used many phones over 40 years and this is the worst. From other reviews, I see similar issues from various people. Motorola has lost my vote. Cheaper is Just cheap sometimes.

  • Ajit

I bought motog6plus last jan2019,in June 2029, experienced speaker problem,got it repaired from service center in Nashik,again in dec2029, the same problem cropped up,got it repaired from service center,But this time they damaged the touch screen finger lock mechanism,when i put my comments in writing in job card,they mentioned that the damage was earlier,which is not a case.
Company had negative responce,it seems that service centre/ company are interested in paid services only.
Ajit kurlekar.nasik

  • Ramesh

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2019My phone got shutdown in just 13 months. Service provider s... moreMy mobile phone problem

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2019Is g6 2 SIM cards?No

  • Anonymous

My phone got shutdown in just 13 months. Service provider says it's motherboard problem. Many friends have faced the same i.e.once warranty is over, problems start.

  • Serban

One key minus which I think should be mentioned in the final pros/cons section: the phone has NO notification LED.

  • Anonymous

Is g6 2 SIM cards?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018 Is it equipped with OTG?yes it has usb otg

  • Anonymous

George, 06 Jun 2018Wtf are you talking about? Don't compare it with a Android ... moreYeah it is, and its great :D

  • Anonymous

Absolutely agree about the problem with audio problems. None of my five external devises work in my g6 earphone connection.

If you want to use your phone to make/receive phone calls, I advise people NOT to buy this phone.
The call volume on this phone is absolutely abysmal. I bought this phone last week and had to return it - speakerphone loudness is barely above a whisper. Quite incredible how Motorola have managed to destroy an otherwise fine phone like this.
People should google 'Moto G6 poor call volume' or similar & they will see that this is a known issue with this phone. I repeat, do NOT buy this phone if you intend to use it to make/receive phone calls.

  • rkv

I have been using this phone for a month. I have faced no issues with this phone till now. Phone works smoothly. Camera quality is good. Speakers are good. Good calling quality and signal reception. Battery though is 3000mAh it lasts more than a day(24hrs) with average usage. Processor though older but it works fine on this phone and runs all game smoothly. Moto tweaks are in handy, enjoyable and gives extra taste to overall user experience. Overall it is a very decent phone and looks premium too.
What more do u expect from a phone ?

  • Anonymous

dose support cdma

  • Venkat

Don't buy Motorola/lenova any's very poor quality product..l have loss in just 21 months 15k for buy the moto g4 plus.

  • Anonymous

Worst glass panel build up quality .It back glass broke even being with mobile case and falled from a height of less than 1 m