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Will it get Android 13? Also is this phone worth it?

    • E
    • Enosh Merlin
    • sSM
    • 21 Nov 2022

    daisy, 20 Nov 2022does this phone support 3g sim ????Yes it supports up to 4G

      • E
      • Enosh Merlin
      • sSM
      • 20 Nov 2022

      daisy, 20 Nov 2022does this phone support 3g sim ????Best phone under 17K

        • d
        • daisy
        • uuX
        • 20 Nov 2022

        does this phone support 3g sim ????

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • Pt9
          • 19 Nov 2022

          worth it with 4 RAM in November 2022?

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            • User
            • grt
            • 16 Nov 2022

            Samurai X, 10 Nov 2022Which is a better buy closing to 2023 - Moto G60/G40 Fu... moreBoth have the most similar specifications, if you are someone who consumes too much multimedia content then the Redmi Note 10 Pro would suit you better (Stereo audio, AMOLED screen).

              Which is a better buy closing to 2023 -

              Moto G60/G40 Fusion or Redmi Note 10 Pro? Considering both are almost similarly priced (Redmi Note 10 Pro is priced a little higher though)

                • T
                • TheMusicMan
                • 04R
                • 10 Nov 2022

                Overall pretty looking, on the heavy side weight-wise, great battery life, nice big display (not for small handed people definitely)
                Nice fluid display and camera response (the camera is amazing)
                intuitive gesture control (due to the large size of the phone the gesture control actually makes sense on this one instead of the 3-button option)
                20w charging gives you a speedy recharge
                One of the best 128\6 phones with a snapdragon for the price!

                  • L
                  • Livakee
                  • 3RM
                  • 07 Nov 2022

                  A good phone I have for 3 months, Android 12, the camera has many good settings compared to samaung phone from the midrange have no raw,, with moto g60 you take pictures raw format, exposure 30s iso3200, date and time in the picture😊, many tricks, I deserve every penny, samsung does not offer so mute options I had 3 phones, moto no1, it's worth buying it🏅

                    • Q
                    • Qwerty
                    • n2F
                    • 02 Nov 2022

                    SIM tray is terrible in this phone, I literally cant put my sim card there so it won't jump out of it second later. Its also a heavy phone.

                    Other than that, obviously you get pretty decent specs for not so huge price.

                      • R
                      • Ramesh
                      • rJd
                      • 26 Oct 2022

                      Pls guide mi when I update my mobile version from that day to till my mobile not working properly

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • rJd
                        • 26 Oct 2022

                        It was good phone but from Motorola company send on my mobile updates when I update may mobile form that date to till my mobile is not working properly and my mobile atometicaly hangout (Hang) and not working properly so I request to all pls give mi sasussion and send mi moto company customer service number

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • D0h
                          • 23 Oct 2022

                          Dharmendra SHarma , 22 Sep 2022I buy Moto G60 Phone in February 2022. This Phone is very ... moreYa bro

                            • D
                            • Dharmendra SHarma
                            • rKu
                            • 22 Sep 2022

                            I buy Moto G60 Phone in February 2022. This Phone is very bad comparison other mobiles. And big problem this phone not exchange in motorolla devices on flipcart. No any option Moto G60.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Ivd
                              • 18 Sep 2022

                              basushaunak, 03 Sep 2022Not a bad phone at all (not into gaming, so can't comm... moreNot true that you can't take photos at the maximum resolution. When I got this phone (by the way it's a seriously great phone, beautiful phone in its dark blue color), I could not figure out how to take pictures in the max resolution myself. To be clear, I'm not into this megapixel craze. But if you want to take pictures at the maximum resolution, here's how to do it. When in the camera app select the three bars beside the capture button, and you'll see several options including night vision, panorama and pro. There should be an "Ultra Res" option. There you go.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • 0V2
                                • 12 Sep 2022

                                Not security update since July

                                  • b
                                  • basushaunak
                                  • Dky
                                  • 03 Sep 2022

                                  Not a bad phone at all (not into gaming, so can't comment on gaming). Excellent battery life. However, at this price point, I really don't see why Motorola/ Lenovo could not provide a compass!
                                  And, yeah, the megapixels are gimmick. You can't take images in 108mp or 32mp. There is no way to take images on the advertised mp count.

                                    • M
                                    • Mr.champion
                                    • 7k2
                                    • 01 Sep 2022

                                    I've been using it for a while.. and I swear motorola has done a great job.
                                    It has Stock Android which provides me with way better experience of UI than any other Android UI...
                                    Also the power of Snapdradon 732G is awsome to keep me up with my gaming experience.
                                    Overall It's the Ideal phone for me 😁...

                                      • F
                                      • Fatalxe
                                      • gEu
                                      • 30 Aug 2022

                                      This phone is great, amazing batters, few bugs here or there, but still better than Samsung s20 Fe I bought before.

                                      Practical - no bullshit phone

                                        • F
                                        • Farooq
                                        • 7tU
                                        • 23 Aug 2022

                                        Works well especially teams, outlook and zoom. Camera average. Battery life is good lasts all day 12 to 14 hrs will use up 80 85 percent