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  • Anonymous

paul, 13 May 2019don't do the pie update it totally ruins the phone bad wifi... moreThe Pie update works for the two phones in our household. Maybe you have some interference in the 2.5GHz band at your location, otherwise make a warranty claim.

  • paul

dongiovanni90, 15 Apr 2019It's 15th of april 2019 and I am still stuck on June 2018 p... moredon't do the pie update it totally ruins the phone bad wifi and problems with bluetooth and motorola don't know why and won't help

  • Old-Edwardian

kitambo, 25 Apr 2019guys should i buy this?Short answer, YES, you can pay double and triple for another phone, but WHY?
You voice will not get to the other caller any SLOWER, the display is terrific, battery life is as good as any other, it has all the bells and whistles.
Why would anyone in their right mind pay 2 or 3 times the price for the other BAUBLES.

  • Anonymous

kitambo, 25 Apr 2019guys should i buy this?Yes.

guys should i buy this?

  • Anonymous

Remember the Nexus 5 long gone but not forgotten. The Motorola Moto G6+ carries the same mantle a medium priced good all rounder - battery infinitely better & sound/volume as well logical improvements to the core of essential base line Android Pie still without excessive overlays of unwanted watery themes & such like.
Pick one up & try it your wallet will be next.

If we consider the latest software updates which phone has the better overall cameras in hardware and in practice...The XA2 Ultra or the Moto G6 Plus?

Not a fan of the camera. Its useless in bad lighting. Screen resolution is bad. Old Gorilla Glass version (3). It doesnt have 6 GB of RAM as this page says. No wireless charging, so take care of the charging port. Battery is excellent though and the price is good. Just got updated to Android Pie which made the phone much faster and smoother.
Points: 7 out of 10. Would be 9 if the camera was better and it had the newest version of Gorilla Glass. Already some minor scratches on mine :(

It's 15th of april 2019 and I am still stuck on June 2018 patch on Oreo. How did you get the update. I am starting to worry......

  • Daniel

Cammera is Not good. the photos come out with little definition and blur when magnifying, even in full daylight and clean lens

  • Anonymous

Just got Android Pie in the Netherlands.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-841613, 03 Mar 2019I am still waiting for android pie in Pakistan, Do you have... moreIt is available now, I got update on March 9, 2019. On my Moto G6+ in Pakistan.

10/10 Amazing Phone
Network never drops the signal below 4G+
The size and body style is very comfortable and perfect for my bigger hands, the build quality feels amazing I just love the materials used.
Display resolution is very good I do not see any pixels the fonts and icons are sharp.
I bought mine with Android 8.0 after the initial security updates for October, November and December it upgraded to Android 9 without any issues the phone got faster and I like the UI even more.
Mine is with 4GB Ram and 64GB storage space which for my needs is more than enough.
The rear cameras are really good which I use to take pictures of documents and stuff to share on my work chat and the text is sharp as it gets, I just took couple pictures with the front camera and it's decent enough, but again I do not have any need for it.
What I did not expected was the speaker which surprised me in a good way and I really like it, it's my first phone with forward facing speaker and I can't go back to anything else from now on.
I will finish with my favorite part of the phone which is the finger print reader I LOVE IT! it detects my fingers (I set up my thumb, point and middle finger) from every angle it functions as navigation buttons and it's really accurate works really really well.
I'm glad I gave chance to Motorola and I'm happy with my choice to purchase this phone.

  • Ed

I have owned phone for a few weeks and it is exceptional value for money. If you have thought about getting a new phone and want something that is actually going to last and compete with the flagship phones for much much less - this is the phone for you. The specs of this phone Vs iPhone xs, galaxy s9 /S10 etc are clear to see you get 6gb of ram and 64gb storage + additional SD card slot 128 or 256gb .
Phone is Android and quick to get the hang of has a very clear screen great cameras great battery life. Fast charging and has all of the things you expect of a high end phone except the price. I would recommend to anyone and why pay much more for an iPhone s9/s10 that's slower ? If your unsure by all means go to any carphone warehouse and they will show you everything you need to see. Don't get scammed buying a cheap & old Samsung/iPhone for the same price .

  • AnonD-841613

I am still waiting for android pie in Pakistan, Do you have any idea for android pie update in Pakistan ?

The android 9.0 update has been releases in every country but Not in Pakistan?
Do I have to wait for the 9.0 or I've to forget it?

  • Owner

Still no Android Pie for the EU version.
Native SIP is not supported.
Camera useless at low light.
Highly disappointing.

  • Anonymous

Jeffersonian, 30 Jan 2019I have a Motorola G4, which I really liked...when it worked... moresorry to hear that, well i tried galaxy note and iphone but back to motorola.
first try backup and reset, i still use xt1053 from 2103, except battery ot as strong 5y a go, rest still working flawless, my friend even still use moto defy from 2012 but using custom OS

In terms of overall loudness and clarity (with a bit of bass) which one has the better speakers...the Moto G6 Plus or the OnePlus 6?

Trying to compare the Moto G6 Plus with the Nokia 7.1. My question is re the Android 9 Pie update for the Moto phone.
1. Does it have option for systemwide dark theme? (including the Settings menu)
2. Does the selfie camera have EIS or screen flash?
3. Does it now have NFC and blue light filter shortcut toggle?
Can you set the time for blue light filter to turn on?
4. What bitrate (in kbps) is the audio recorded during video? And in what format?
5. Does it have the "Clear All" option in the multitasking pane?
6. Does it support full Android 9 Pie gestures similar to the Pixel ?
7. Are you able to customise the Google search bar on the main screen? (e.g. change size, colour, transparency, etc.)
8. IS there a Wide angle selfie camera? And does it have autofocus?
9. Are there any additions to Moto actions?
Cheers everyone.