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Anonymous, 22 Feb 2022Well more can be said to Xiaomi/Poco who releases phones do... moreI did not have any issue of bootloops or imbalanced speakers sound or proximity sensor issues or heating problems with my Mi 11 Lite 5G, Poco F3 and my current Redmi Note 10 Pro. My current Redmi has Dolby Atmos - listening via speakers is quite balanced and clean even when i connect my third-party, cheap £20 in-ear buds and listening to Google Podcast i can sense the sound enhancement of Dolby Atmos in there.
I do agree some Redmi phones are rebadged Xiaomi phones. But if it is more optimised then better. The mid-range/higher mid-range Xiaomi phones (including the "Lite" models) including mine gets security updates every month and received incremental MIUI updates (e.g., prior to getting a major update like MIUI 13. My question is: how often Motorola updates it's phones?
I managed to remove Mi Pay. I don't use Xiaomi Cloud and you can disable almost every Xiaomi apps pre-installed on the phones. I mostly use Google and Microsoft apps and have limited Android permissions especially Location and microphone. I also use a third-party browser like Duck Duck Go to stay private on websites i go. N.B. I do not go to "dodgy" or porn websites if that is what you are suggesting so I have nothing to hide against anyone. So my question is: Do i still have something to "fear" based on the above?
They mostly sell " cheap" phones because you said it yourself...they rebadge some of their slightly older phones and they mostly operate online. Last time checked they only have one flasghip store here in the UK.
I did not have any build quality issues with any of my past Xiaomi phones. The only issue I had was with my Realme 7 Pro phone...a fall from my pocket of 3 feet shattered the front and back glass. So I ask you: what is the current Android and security version of your Moto G 5G Plus phone?
The Moto One Ace 5G does not exist in the UK. and FYI a used Mi 11 Lite NE 5G can cost around £250 or below. Do your research man.
Yes I had Motorola phones in the past. Plenty of them. Why i stopped buying them? Because Xiaomi and Samsung happened.
Based on everything i mentioned here do you think I still have to ditch my Redmi and go elsewhere?
And as i said dual stereo speakers, at least 6.5" AMOLED screen, fast 33w or higher charging, IP53 rating, 1080p 60Hz screen (or adaptive 120Hz) are deal breakers. Tell me a Moto phone under £400/$400 that has these and a promised monthly security updates and 3 years worth of Android updates then i'll be happily part with my Xiaomi/Redmi phone.

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Anonymous, 22 Feb 2022Well more can be said to Xiaomi/Poco who releases phones do... moreditto the reasons as to why i bought motos for all my family members. had horrible experience with mi a1. it's screen just detached from the frame as if it were a modular phone or something(hahaha). horrible build even though mi a series had stock android (one) s/w.

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Gino76ph, 21 Feb 2022My experience with having a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco is this... B... moreWell more can be said to Xiaomi/Poco who releases phones double or even triple the amount than Motorola every year or maybe month, some are even the same actual phone but rebadged. That makes their updates or optimization even worse due to the amount of phones they pump out w/c is why even the most basic issue with their proximity sensor bug is still prevalent on some users, app crashes(besides bootloops), its not rocket science but a fact. If you cant differentiate the left or right sound of those redmi phones, good for you then cause if it was me rather jack it up to my external speakers specially if work is involved, I wouldnt logically risk it with its low quality imbalanced sound.

No! You cannot uninstall or disable Xiaomi apps like mipay, mi account, analytics, etc. that are either hidden or running in the background. You also cannot disable preinstalled google apps if you want to without hacking it. Motorola on the otherhand have no builtin analytics, etc. mostlikely spy stuff running in the background(even if Lenovo owns them), you can even disable their preinstalled Moto apps & google apps too. I cant even imaging the amount of dodgy websites or ip addresses Xiaomi phones ping or send data home to if you know how to monitor your network activities like most of them are dodgy chinese hence the reason I stopped owning one after that.

The reason they sell cheap phones is well as you said, built-in ads & hidden spy apps running in background sending data to dodgy chinese websites even if you dont consent to their terms. While Samsung/Moto/Sony(phones that I or family own) only pings like 2 to 4 websites mainly to their official websites & google by tracking the ip addresses & locating them.
Build quality is also a reason, as there have been bootloop issues on some Xiaomi phones, dodgy proximity sensor, low mic reciever, some even heating problems. Haven't heard much about motorola phones mainly the midrange ones as I have good experience with my Moto G 5G Plus as my daily driver.

If you just gonna compare to phones, be sure they are actually the same or close built like there is no phone with SD778 in it that costs 250. But with SD750G there is Moto One Ace 5G & a Redmi Note 9 Pro(china) as the global is only SD720. Well for me, Motorola is what I will go for & if I want to up my budget Samsung or Sony. You know my reasons I wont buy any Xiaomi phones if you read well.

Dunno if you owned a Motorola Android phone but whatever. I owned a Xiaomi phone then after both buggy software & dodgy chinese pinging sites experience never gonna buy one again.

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2022Dont expect too much on those stereo speakers of said phone... moreMy experience with having a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco is this...
Being a non-stock Android MIUI is very fluid and has very good performance. And i'm not talking about benchmarks coz i don't believe in them. Moto may have "near stock Android" but having too may devices mean updates and optimisations to the UI can become slow/stagnant/untimely in time. It's not rocket science.
The dual stereo speakers of the phones i had have been on the " Very good rating" consistently and can churn out volume of at least 80dB & above. Due to my needs and job role I need a phone with loud speakers. Not a single mono/stereo with Moto.
You can easily uninstall more than 90% of the bloatware of these phones and i'm not talking about rooting it. You can also easily disable or limit the ads. And besides if there are any ads it's not intrusive or makes your experience suffer.
In terms of "specs for price" ratio Xiaomi has been on top even vs Samsung and OnePlus/Oppo brands. Would you go for a Moto with SD778G, 60Hz IPS screen, single mono speakers for £250 or a Xiaomi with 750G, AMOLED screen, dual stereo speakers for £250? Your welcome.

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Gino76ph, 18 Feb 2022I don't listen with earbuds or headphones on when i�... moreDont expect too much on those stereo speakers of said phones you had in mind since their sound is either weak, imbalanced, bad sound that makes it not worth listening to but instead just plug in headphones or external speakers or go wireless. IP53 is just the same with what moto advertises as water repelent, means dust cant enter aswell, it has rubber gasket on sim tray, its ports & rubbery kind of adhesive if you checkout disassembly vids. Eitherway its moot since water damage does not cover warranty anyways. Dunno about Moto having bad updates but I have a Moto G 5G Plus & whenever there is google security updates it always syncs with them besides annual stability updates & their OS is one of the best being close to stock with 0 bloatwares besides Moto Apps that can also be disabled if wanted unlike xiaomi/poco MIUI that is not only full of bloatwares that cant be disabled or removed, is buggy to the point that can cause bootloop in some occasiones besides rare security updates.
But its up to you. Motorola tends to be slightly more expensive than Xiaomi/Poco but still cheaper than Samsung, kinda like in between them.
Anyway SD695 SoC is crap since it cant record 4k vid & no eis. But if you still insist just go for the Note 11 pro 5G.

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2022Moto phones are usually water repelant build w/c translates... moreI don't listen with earbuds or headphones on when i'm at home or at work so having dual stereo speakers are a must for me. Most Moto phones are deemed splash resistant only. IP53 rating (which are found in most Xiaomi/Poco phones are both splash and dust resistance. There is a difference. Motorola phones have been said to be the worse in updates because of so many models out there. They seem to be not investing in Android and security updates. I could be wrong and I'm happy to be proven wrong.

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Gino76ph, 15 Feb 2022I'm still waiting for the G71 to be available here in ... moreMoto phones are usually water repelant build w/c translates to ip53 splash resistance. Just terminology difference but functions the same.
Stereo speakers is not an issue if it has 3.5mm jack, xiaomi/realme/etc. none flagship phones have unbalanced sound anyway & can be a nuisance when listening.
Main issue though is this doesnt have sdcard slot which is a bummer compared to other phones using same sd695 soc.

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2022Motorola better hardware and software besides the 1 os upgr... moreI'm still waiting for the G71 to be available here in the UK. But the other issues is for the specs you can get more features on a Realme, Xiaomi/Poco/Redmi phone such as IP53 rating and dual stereo speakers which for me is a deal breaker.

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Gino76ph, 13 Feb 2022Would you say Xiaomi/Poco or Realme is still better?Motorola better hardware and software besides the 1 os upgrade thing. They pretty much do monthly security updates or software optimizations often. Also they have very stable android os being close to stock with no bloatwares unlike realme & xiaomi. So yeah, motorola is definitely better. Just get the snapdragon variant since motorola also has a wide variety of custom roms available.

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2022Motorola sells good hardware but crap 1 os upgrade only. So... moreWould you say Xiaomi/Poco or Realme is still better?

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Gino76ph, 12 Feb 2022On paper the specs of the G71 5G are great. But were still ... moreMotorola sells good hardware but crap 1 os upgrade only. So if youre an os upgrade freak dont get motorola.

On paper the specs of the G71 5G are great. But were still waiting here in the UK so this depends on what the price will be. Does anyone know when will this release in the UK or Europe? And does it have dual stereo speakers? Has Motorola's update system improved or is still considered crap?

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I have observed a peculiar bug , sometimes we try to play a video (after recording using camera or whatsapp, or even in instagram) , the video frame freezes and only sound plays on.
If we click back and open video again it plays without issue.

This is a major bumming while recording video in WhatsApp and try to playack the captured video before sending , as clicking back here discards the recorded video

Anybody else facing this issue??Should I return the device??

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MD, 07 Feb 2022Does G71 have compass sensor ?? I shortlisted this ph but s... moreAccording to Moto-Website, it does Not have an e-compass :-(

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stan, 07 Feb 2022Actually it's snapdragon naming issue sd695 is equival... moreNah, SD765 still have much better with Andreno 620 gpu but maybe slightly losses on cpu. But SD765G is still better than SD695. Battery efficiency isnt really much of a debate as I have a SD765G TCL 10 5G phone that can last me 2 days with medium usage(socail, some media streaming, etc but no gaming). Gaming would probably be half a day depending on how demanding it is. More importantly it supports 4k video recording.

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At least the color is vibing

  • MD

Does G71 have compass sensor ?? I shortlisted this ph but somebody told me it lacks compass sensor..

  • stan

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2022Is that just the base 6gb variant? So it means the 8gb will... moreActually it's snapdragon naming issue sd695 is equivalent of sd765 and it's more efficient than previous 7th generation chip sets.

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Anonymous, 06 Feb 2022SD 695 is a slightly more powerful and a power efficient So... moreIf you want smaller phone & better updates. Go for the Sony 10 III instead.

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Anonymous, 06 Feb 2022SD 695 is a slightly more powerful and a power efficient So... moreId pick One 5G/Ace(SD750G), 4k video recording with HDR on both back & front camera, gyro-EIS, HDR10 Panel, COMPASS, SD CARD, FASTER MODEM. Or if you are adamant about getting SD695 based phones, get Note 11 Pro 5G instead coz its cheaper. Software comparison between two motorola phones is moot since overall motorola aint good with 1 major os upgrade only.