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  • Chris

How to fix rear camera without buying anything

I've been using it as my daily driver since October 2020.
Flashed Lineage OS 17, no problems at all.
The only problem for me is the camera.

  • Ahmad

Motorola Fanboy, 10 Jan 2021I used my moto g7 power for 18 months (since July 2019 unti... moreTry g8 power

  • Motorola Fanboy

I used my moto g7 power for 18 months (since July 2019 until Jan 2021) And had an overall pretty good experience using it. It's an affordable phone, with a Good Processor, good RAM (4Gb), and decent storage (64Gb).

I only used it to make calls, check my social media, play music on spotify and ocasionally Youtube.

It never got hit or damaged and I only charged when the attery reached low levels, below 10%.

Sadly, it broke down yesterday without any warning. I was listening to music while using a pair of bluetooth Motorola headphones, not the first time I've done it, the screen froze, the audio was lost and the screen went black. Phone became unresponsive, Battery was at 65% before this happened. Couldn't turn it on again, couldn't reset it, my laptop didnt recognized the phone when i plugged it in. Windows kept showing me an alert stating couldn't recognize the device and that it might be damaged.

Took it to an official Motorola Tech support service, today I got an email saying the motherboard needs to be replaced, to get it fixed would be more expensive than purchasing a brand new G7 Power or even a brand new G8 Power.

On the plus size: The battery life, performance whenever it had over 15% battery and task handling was really good.

The only issues I had were:
Sometimes didn't automatically signed into my Wifi after detecting the network, or when switching networks.
Performance slowed down a lot whenever it had less than 15% Battery.
Camera resolution was OK. Functional and worked best under pretty good lighting conditions.

It upgraded from Android 9 to Android 10 and worked pretty fine. Can't complain.

Still, don't know why it broke down, sometimes the hardware comes faulty and don't last as much. I think mine was an usual case, haven't seen any similar issues online.

  • Shadow fly

Things what I did-
Settings- Factory reset (need to backup everything on phone),Done it thrice(just for making sure)
Disabled location permission for all apps- Maps,Whatsapp are setted to allowed only when in use
Disabled or uninstalled all unnecessary apps
Disabled Digital wellbeing, Facebook services,Moto widget (Main Culprit)
Switched off default print services,Wifi scanning
Updated entire apps, Software and google play protection
Usually I will change permission management and notification management - did the same.
Now i am totally happy with device's battery backup and performance- Especially Gcam support.
Only downside I could managed to find- Performance dip in low battery levels(Below 15%)
Now I am entirely happy with Moto G7 Power, and those 6000,7000 mah never gonna bother me at least in today's circumstances.
I think it will be helpful-
When I was posting, Battery is on 25%
Facebook - 5hrs
Operamini- 4.5 hrs
YouTube-40 mins
Whatsapp- 17 mins
Files - 47 mins.......
Voice calls-1hrs etc
Total screen on time 12hrs 53 minutes with 2 day 14 hrs standby.
I have to mention that- I am using single sim with good signal reception,and charged 3% when I am transferring files from PC.
Adaptive battery ON, Battery saver OFF, Background ground sync was ON for some time, Adaptive brigthess ON( If you are using screen dimmer you can squeeze around 30 mins more screen on time).
Generally I will switch off Mobile Data,Wifi, Bluetooth...when ever it is possible.

  • Shadow fly

Vania, 13 Nov 2020Almost a year with this device. Battery life has diminished... moreYou are right. Intially I felt battery draining 2x faster. I am moderate user - not a gamer by any means.When I was on pie 3 days battery backup with around 14 hours screen on time was achieved. After the update Power struggled to last 2 days with 10 hours screen on time.Finally I managed to deplete entire 5000 mah in a Sunday.It was horrible! I expected battery drain after update- But not these much!!!!
But after 3 months later I am getting more or the less same battery life as when I was on . Initially I ignored factory reset solution and switching off system apps. But it works really well for me

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020Just got an update. NOW I cannot block spam text messages. ... moreYou need to download the Google text messaging app. It's called or search for google RCS text message and it should pop up. It's a blue looking message app make sure it says google LLC it has the spam blocker feature it also has the feature of when the person you're texting it lets you know that they've read your message or seen your message and it lets you know if they're typing back. It's pretty good

Yata, 25 Nov 2020My phone is constantly prompting me to update its operating... moreIf your moto g7 power is prompting you to update your os to 10 from 9. I strongly suggest you do it. Do not let the bad experience of another moto user persuade your decision. The features that OS 10 offer are totally worth the update. Os10 gives your phone swipe gestures instead of the three button's at the bottom of your screen back home and recent. You'll now have the swipe bar like I phones have. But just because one user had a bad experience doesn't mean all motor phones are going to be the same. He might have dropped his phone and now it's acting up like that you never know.

  • Robert

I had a problem with the speaker on my Moto G7 Supra here's what you do the problem is in the speaker dirt buildup in the middle I had a company clean my speaker and spray some airspray in there and it is now clear and sounding much louder like when I first bought the phone .

  • Anonymous

Randy, 21 Nov 2020My motog7 Supra did a huge system update a couple of weeks ... moreDon't just reset phone. Turn off, then turn back on. Once I did this, it took the download and no malfunctions since.

  • Yata

Randy, 21 Nov 2020My motog7 Supra did a huge system update a couple of weeks ... moreMy phone is constantly prompting me to update its operating system from windows 9 to windows 10. Taking note of your experience of this update, maybe I really should not proceed with it?

  • Randy

Vania, 13 Nov 2020Almost a year with this device. Battery life has diminished... moreMy motog7 Supra did a huge system update a couple of weeks ago. Since then, my battery life has been less, and my display is all messed up. Ya know, if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT.

I checked the battery with CPU Z program available on play store and it says Li Ion battery, not Li Polymer. Did someone else see this?

  • DziczkuPL

Vania, 13 Nov 2020Almost a year with this device. Battery life has diminished... moreHow do you load your smartphone? Fast charging or regular 5v2a charging ?? Because fast charging kills the battery, I tested the technologies on different cells and the loss was always greater on fast charging.

  • Vania

Almost a year with this device. Battery life has diminished greatly with the recent update.

  • Anonymous

Just got an update. NOW I cannot block spam text messages.
Looking like I will have to buy a different phone.
Not a motorola
Fix This!!!

  • Shadow fly

If you are on android 10,G cam is a must try.Worked really good,faster processing,use it as primary camera app.
#G cam results have more details,Sharpness,most importantly it can solve the dynamic range issue with the stock cam, Really good portraits.Amazed with the performance of front camera(Stock cam was remarkably bad in front camera image processing).Night sight produced usable images.I rarely uses Moto cam,But it has some benefits...
Pie users can also depend G cam for better results,But it is hard to find a smooth running version.New versions will result in slower processing.
#Moto cam is feature rich,manual focus helped a lot.If you prefer warm tone in images,in good lighting conditions-Moto cam may produce a bit more pleasing images than Gcam.
#Try to use One button navigation,You need some practice.But it is fast and reliable than Gesture navigation.
#I tried so many things to get better battery backup, finally found a helpful solution-Turn battery saver on!!!
Definitely,It will reduce performance- But if you can live up with that,This is the best solution.
# Someone said that- Display is a strain on eyes, Good news-Use screen dimmer,it is convenient in indoors.And reducing brightness is the best was to get better battery backup, sometimes it is the only way!!!

  • Shadow fly

Just completed 1 year with Moto G7 Power.
It's a really good phone,But I won't recommend-Because 5000 mah became common these days,and updates (software, security or app) will only reduce the battery life.
Actually I got even a better phone than I expected.
The low resolution screen,Single speaker for both earpiece and loudspeaker,Single camera worked better than expected,and heard.
People who are going to update the phone to Android 10 must be careful-
1-You won't get a vast improvement over pie, atleast in real-life usage.
2-Battery life is never going to impress over pie,Stil it can go 2 fulldays-if you are a moderate user and have patience to change many settings.
I'm on A10 and happy with it. Doesn't mean everything is good on 10,but going to past will not satisfy me either.

  • Delege

Toza, 13 Oct 2020I didn't have any problems with WiFi nor with Cellular... morePlease how can I create a new account

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2020Signals issue which one in data ? call ? Or wifi?I didn't have any problems with WiFi nor with Cellular data (SBB and Telenor (Serbia))