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  • SG Guy
  • uJ5
  • 29 Jan 2024

How to buy this from oversea? Official motorola website dont have

    andgig, 24 Jan 2024How about the sound quality in the headphones? Because the... moreI bought a portable dongle. Headphone jack quality is not upto mark

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      • andgig
      • 0w@
      • 24 Jan 2024

      Lex, 22 Jan 2024I got this phone recently and on promotion with a moto watc... moreHow about the sound quality in the headphones? Because there are opinions that there is a problem. The sound seems muffled and distorted.

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        • Lex
        • Npm
        • 22 Jan 2024

        I got this phone recently and on promotion with a moto watch 100 for 250 $. At this point, my old phone (Samsung A11) was barely holding to dear life, so it was a neccessary upgrade.
        The short story is that it's a good phone for the price, it will do 90% of your tasks without issues and it should not be compared to Samsung A34 or A54 in most markets (I think in America they are in the same price range but anywhere else the Moto G84 is much cheaper)

        The long story is below:
        I have had the phone for 2 weeks now and I can safely say that it's quite a good phone for the price.
        - Price-wise, it should not be compared to the Samsung A34 (350 $) or the A54 (450 $). Between $350 and $450, I would go for the Pixel 7a.
        So if the Moto G84 is compared to the Samsung A34 or A54, then buy the Moto G84, its price will always be lower.
        - Performance: Quite good. I am a light smartphone gamer. I game for about 2 to 3 hours per day (Summoners wars sky arena and genshin Impact on low settings) and it can handle it gracefully. all my other apps run smoothly and as of now, there are no complaints.
        - Display: The 120hz is smooth and the image quality is great. The black borders are almost even, so for a mid-to-low-end phone not seeing uneven borders is a great plus.
        - Camera: good pictures in good light. It won't compare to high-end phones but it does produce good pictures overall.
        - Design: I got the black one (they call it blue) and it's quite stylish, it's made of plastic but I'm impressed by its look because I had little hope it would be any good, but I got pleasantly surprised by its design and hand on feel.
        - Audio: Normal audio from my experience, first time using a phone with stereo speakers, so it is quite loud (nothing beats earphones or speakers of course)

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          • Eviltec
          • bx9
          • 18 Jan 2024

          Chris T., 17 Jan 2024Isn't there any stabilisation on video recording? Can&... moreit has OIS,
          you need digital one !?

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            • Chris T.
            • d%5
            • 17 Jan 2024

            Isn't there any stabilisation on video recording? Can't find any..

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              • Anonymous
              • CBH
              • 17 Jan 2024

              Does it have a built in AppLock?

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                • Eviltec
                • 2Id
                • 17 Jan 2024

                Adam Fox, 12 Jan 2024Thinking about to buy this phone. I have some questions. ... moreI haven't encountered hotspot problems in my use,
                probably it is setting problem.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 8B4
                  • 13 Jan 2024

                  Adam Fox, 12 Jan 2024Thinking about to buy this phone. I have some questions. ... moreresponding to your questions about 4k video playback
                  - on youtube, no. The app won't even show 4K available to you
                  - on VLC you can, but it will be software decoding. It will use more battery and if the quality of the video is too high, you might have stutters and choppy playback

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                    • Gamer69
                    • mAP
                    • 13 Jan 2024

                    The Motorola G84 good for gaming?
                    a phone expert said it's not good for games.
                    however, a phone owner said that Dead by daylight works on full settings without lag.
                    yes, I want to play Dead by daylight with full graphics, 60fps!

                    is snapdragon 695 really weak in 2024?

                      Thinking about to buy this phone. I have some questions.
                      I seen there is the problem with the hotspot connection disconnected after awhile... Hotspot is very important to me because of I have a wifi tablet too and I need to sharing my mobile internet.
                      I know SD 695 is not the strongest chipset but can you play 4K videos with VLC or on YouTube?
                      I know recording is not possible in 4K with this phone, I don't need it.


                        Anonymous, 24 Dec 2023Why get this when you get same sd695 on much cheaper G34?G34 is IPS Display 720P HD Ready not P-OLED Display 1080FHD of G84
                        G34 has 128GB Storage not 256GB of G84
                        G34 has 8GB RAM not 12GB of G84
                        These are 3 good reasons why it is a good bit cheaper than the G84... You only get what you pay for and I think the G84 gives you a good bang for your bucks offering features you might expect only to see on phones say twice its price.

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                          • Eviltec
                          • inU
                          • 09 Jan 2024

                          Sunufrate, 06 Jan 2024I tried it for 3 days, I'm sending it back to the sell... moreMoto G phone is really shame,
                          expected they can do it much better, but maybe just do in those high-end $500 models.

                          about your problems, see if this help ?
                          1) in G84, try disable auto disconnect in hotspot,
                          in other devices(mobile/laptop), mark the hotspot as 'not' metric connection.
                          I don't see hotspot disappear or disconnection when using it.

                          2) I have encountered similar situation in my office,
                          the compass is going crazy and cannot point to correct direction.
                          But on the street, in shopping mall the compass is working fine.
                          Maybe there are magnetic interference in the environment.

                          3) bad sound quality with wired headphones.
                          With wired or BT headphone connected, go to Dolby Atoms,
                          pick Custom, then tune up all channels and disable virtualization, or try other profiles.
                          It should sound better.
                          Or you can also try disable Dolby Atoms.

                          It use Snapdragon 695 should have Snapdragon Sound,
                          but its spec haven't mentioned it,
                          only said Hi-Red 24bit/192kbps audio!?

                            Atut, 12 Dec 2023At this moto price you can get some killer device like poco... moreg84 really doesn t have same price than f5

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                              • nFL
                              • 06 Jan 2024

                              Just passing by, 01 Jan 2024I don't see gorilla glass anywhere in the specs announ... moreIt panda glass

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                                • Sunufrate
                                • 3RF
                                • 06 Jan 2024

                                I tried it for 3 days, I'm sending it back to the seller, it's the worst smartphone ever had! I have another Motorola (g8 power) from 4 years ago, and it's much better.

                                1) Hotspot doesn't work, internet signal disappears after 20 minutes even if the hotspot is still active. Tried with multiple devices, contacted motorola support and they don't know how to fix the problem.

                                2) Compass doesn't work, it shows 90° more than my current heading. Basically north is shown in east, and even after calibration and reset it doens't work.

                                3) Audio Jack in embarrassing! Try to connect wired headphones, you'll hear a muffled audio.

                                All the three problems have been reported by many other users in the motorola forum, so I guess all the smartphones have these issues.
                                I can continue with bad aspects of this failure, but i think the first three points are enough.

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                                  • Eviltec
                                  • 2Id
                                  • 05 Jan 2024

                                  Anonymous, 08 Dec 2023Why would you need hotspot for Wi-Fi, when you can just con... moreHotspot with Wifi on is kind of basic feature of recent Android.
                                  I don't use it previously and most branded phone removed this.
                                  But somehow it is useful the phone can act as Wifi router,
                                  when travel, my family and companions just need to connect to me.

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                                    • Just passing by
                                    • Sq6
                                    • 01 Jan 2024

                                    I don't see gorilla glass anywhere in the specs announced, just in the review. So what's the truth here?

                                      You don't software updates that much. Many times updates creates problems like camera no longer working on Pixel 4a or laggy perform on Huawei P20. I'm writing this comment on a Samsung galaxy Note 9 on android 8.1. As long you keep Google Chrome and play store up to date there is no issues with lack of updates.

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                                        • HeniroGsm
                                        • PHc
                                        • 27 Dec 2023

                                        In design and built materials it is semi premium, its poled screen with a 120hz refresh rate gives a fairly pro feeling, despite not being a pro phone, and in games it works very well for me, quite fluid with intermediate configurations, its battery performs a 10 hours of work use and social networks 100% recommended for those tight budgets but who want to have a good quality smartphone.