Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite

Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite

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  • AlphaDeltaSierra

Sun Sand, 09 Jun 2020How come they're going back to Micro USB?Because no turbo charge feature on phone and C type supports fast/turbo charging above 15W

How come they're going back to Micro USB?

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know, how to turn off, running notifications, from time & wheather app, it's anoying

  • Anonymous

Worst Moto phone laucnhed in years. An embarrassment to the Moto G line. This should have been a Moto E series

  • Ayaan

The RAM along with the battery and the processor is neat!

Except the Android 9 OS, all other features are competitive in the price range. Mediatek helio P35 ensures good performance under 10k

  • Sai

Does it support dual VOLTE in india model?
What are network bands supported by 2G, 3G and 4G in india model?

  • Indian

No doubt Awesome phone at this price More competition good for customers.

  • Aryan

I am impressed with the fact that Motorola finally released such a decent and solid budget smartphone. Good features supported by a decent helio p35 processor as well.

  • Mumbaikan

Hmmm... motorola one macro seems better, even moto e6s is far good. Nope not g8lite

I liked the combination of power and lite

  • elixir

they placed speaker grill on the back.... i will never buy this even if it is under 200 bucks

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

callmeakshat, 14 Apr 2020mediatek helio P35 is not a bad chipset given the phone is ... moreIndeed also its very power efficient chip! :D

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 04 May 2020720... RLY?!720p + low-power chip + 5000mAh = super endurance

  • Anonymous

I reccomend moto to all my family and friends but this one in particular is simply crap to reccomend to anyone.

Poor display (no referring to the hd* resolution) but to colour accuracy and brightness
Still Micro Usb port in 2020
Android 9
Poor Mediatek chip
Ugly case with loudspeaker on the back gets muffled when your pocket

It´s not worth more than 120€ for this one. Go for the others G models, way better than this

  • León

When will the battery test this cell phone

  • Anonymous

720... RLY?!

  • Motorola.

Anonymous, 03 May 2020This is Not Android Oreo.Yes It is.

  • Anonymous

This is Not Android Oreo.

  • Alex

I've got the G7 Power and I am super content with the phone. The performance, updates, excellent battery life even now after a year of intense use. I was keen on upgrading to the G8 Power(regular one), but the lack of NFC(which G7 Power has) and no RAM upgrade made me skip the switch to G8. If only they added 2 more GB of RAM, I would be probably writing this on my G8 Power by now.