Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • lalit

Heating problem n camera quality not so gud .

  • Pankaj

Shearit and xender are not working fine in moto g3 . all the apps transferred through these app will corrupt after few hours

  • AnonD-460952

Arul Arul, 02 Nov 2015I have received Moto G 3 G on 29.10.2015.I have found some verti... moreTheir is no such problem ..
Better go for replacement

  • AnonD-460952

Internal storage is showing only 11.92 gb .. I instead of 16 gb ...

  • Bunny

amazing buy in just 13k...

  • Anonymous

gaurav bigg, 01 Nov 2015Lenovo A6000 & A700 even Lenovo K3 looks very cheap, camera ... moreYour comment on Motorola 3rd gen mobile is always bias and looks like you are company advertiser. This forum is for real customers / purchaser. Pros and cons in every mobile but you purposely not mentioning cons of this mobile, however purchasers sentiments cannot be dumped by this way.

  • sanjay

Motorola 3rd gen mobile why not buy con as under.
1 Firstly this is not a dream mobile but it is so so.
2 Heating issue - while using camera, internet,
playing videos and games, etc. always above 40.
3 Camera - Advance functions are missing, 13 MP
but picture quality not crispy and adjusted by co.
so not extreme fun.
4 Original flip cover very costly i.e. Rs 1799/-
5 Single speaker.
6 Display is pale white not good for eyes.
7 Out dated processor and CPU chip set.
How this mobile can be made dream mobile by company as per my following suggestions.
1 Should be removable battery- htg. issue solve.
2 Should not water resistance ----- do -----
3 Should have function keys below the screen area
so that can use full 5" display for easy use.
4 Should be Dual speakers for more music fun.
5 Should have notification light.
6 Screen guard and flip cover should supply in box.
7 Processor 1.5 octa core instead of 1.4 quad core.
8 Chip set should snapdragon 615 instead of 410.
9 Advance GPU and Bluetooth.
10 Mobile price may be Rs. 15000/- with above
modification. " Motorola mobile will be well come
with only above modification" I waste 13 k but
you don't do that and wait for best spec.

upcoming mobiles. However decision rest on
buyer. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Great phone
2Day of battery backup -normal use (76 hrs battery endurance rating)
13 Mp clear cam amazing auto while balance
2Gb of ram -mobile never lag
Dual sim
Water resistant
4G enabled

No mazor heating issues like samsung.

On basis of mobile use since from 26.10.2015
Salik Tamake

  • Anonymous

Guys i am using moto g 3rd gen 16gb variant since from 26.oct.15 i would like to say
1.Battery backup for normal use

  • Akki

AnonD-461153, 31 Oct 2015hi friends, I am new to smartphone world and 2 weeks back I rec... moreThe issue of hanging during low battery is true. Mine however showed touches being registered on random areas of the screen without me actually touching them . I removed the tempered glass still this happened till I charged my phone . is this problem common too ? Or should I seek replacement . please reply fellow users . thanks :)

  • 2312

Arul Arul, 02 Nov 2015I have received Moto G 3 G on 29.10.2015.I have found some verti... moreyes i mfacing it 2

  • Please stop breathin

This phone surpassed my initial thoughts on what I expected it to be. I had the option of an iPhone 5s or the moto g 3rd gen. Not a single regret. This totally blew my mind, Motorola knows their stuff on how to be on a budget. I enjoy that it's water resistant and able to take some really nice photos. Sure it's not polaroid or anything, but wow, for $200??? You can't beat that. It runs many complex apps flawlessly, just keep everything memory wise in your sd card. You can put sd cards above 32gb. I actually have a 64gb card on it. This is a very reliable phone and I wouldn't trade it for anything.I love how it curves on the palm of my hand, it's so smooth. I also like that karate chop motion to turn on the lights, very good use of the sensors. Screen quality is great, I can see hd films with great clarity and sharp colors. Don't get me started on battery life. This thing is a nuclear power plant! It lasts the whole day and then some more!! With normal use, of course. Normal use being about a dozen phone calls, 5-10 videos, 30-50 photos, 30 min. On a 2d app. Simple things. This thing has fallen so many times in concrete... If it were an iPhone, it'd be all cracked. No offense apple, but it's some fragile stuff. I have the 1gb ram version, but for $50 more, you can get 2gb ram. This is very comparable to more high end phones. Even the newest iPhone 6S only has 2gb ram!!!! Final thoughts; this phone is my soul. Buy this and you'll never regret it because it'll serve you well.

  • Anonymous

What should be the temperature of the moto g 3 generation phone.iam geting a temp of 39c and I don't know what's the ideal temp of this phone or anything wrong in my phone

  • Anonymous

Gowtham, 01 Nov 2015I bought a new moto g3 and the menu looks in list to ... moreThe list view of the menu is due to the more recent update to the Google Now launcher. If you would like to return to the more traditional card view, then I would recommend installing another launcher such as Nova, Apex etc.

  • janju

max, 28 Oct 2015I wanna buy phone upto 13 k ... So anyone pls tell me which is b... moremoto 3g

  • Bala

will it support mts sim

  • padhu

hi frnds. i would like to purchase a mobile.. which one is better. 1. Moto g 3rd gen or lenovo k3 note or sony xperia z1. which one is better. i use only for chating, and capturing photos and videos.

  • Anonymous

Hema, 02 Nov 2015I bought moto g3 2 days back and im using both sim cards slot. ... moreStock Android does not contain file manager. Even nexus 6 doesn't. Download any file manager from playstore

  • Anonymous

My moto g 3 battery is never get full batter after i leave it for 5 6 hours and still not full.....if anyone knws then plz help giys...

  • Arul Arul

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2015Guys on moto g3 display there are vertical grid lines visible wh... moreI have received Moto G 3 G on 29.10.2015.I have found some vertical grid like lines seen throughout the display.Is it normal.Or should i replace the phone?