Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • Alim

Bought it in Bangladesh far so good...buttery smooth user interface, display a bit poor battery not satisfactory... Waiting for Marshmallow hope will increase battery ....i paid 19500 taka with warranty... As per the price its ok but not best..because J7 also available within the same price segment here.

  • ganesh

guys i want to buy d moto g3 it satisfactory,,mostly i wnt to buy it for camera
is it wrkg properly????
i herd that locking button is not wrkg properly is it true frnds ???? pls post who has been using motog3

  • AnonD-84104

Hummu, 10 Oct 2015Really?? Is it so bad??at high volume the speakers make cracking sound(like gir gir) it is common in all moto mobiles...n rear camera s like 8MP n front s like 2MP I compared with my sony M2 dual.....except this everything is OK

  • Sourabh

Guys..? I went through your opinion..! Most of them are negetive..! I was planning to get moto g3.. So, wt do i do? I am a bit confusd.. Plz help me out..

deep, 09 Oct 2015only u are promoting moto g3 it seems. other then im seeing so ... moreI am not promoting Moto G 3rd Gen I am only telling the truth.There are various rumors about Moto G 3rd Gen but in actual there is nothing wrong with Moto G 3rd Gen.Those who compare Moto G with Samsung J7.I just want to say J 7 is not the good phone.Today I used Samsung J7 I don't know what special in it but I personally didn't like it,Looks very boring All Samsung phone looks alike,camera not good only display is good but with longer duration my eyes got irritated,For short period J7 display looks very good but for longer period it will not good,And most commonly hanging and lagging,Actually touchwiz is the only culprit behind all this lag and hanging.Samsung J7 fails to perform in actual world of performance.

  • AnonD-327033


  • AnonD-327033

Low volume in earing speaker any one can s love my problem ?

  • AnonD-327033

My moto g3 speaker is have low volume
not clearly earing

  • Hummu

AnonD-84104, 10 Oct 2015I regret buying moto mobile.. nothing s comparable with Samsung ... moreReally?? Is it so bad??

  • Jannu

It's battery quality is little worse....and phn gets heated soon.....but others are good

  • Sakib

is this set has dual sim facility??

  • theju

Sandy, 10 Oct 2015My moto 3g is having heating problem...within 10 min of 3g brows... moreMotorola says the phone can handle up to 45 degree

  • Amar

It is better than microsoft lumia 640 xl dual sim

  • AnonD-449788

yuvrajsinh, 10 Oct 2015moto g3 best phone ever. very good battery life and good camera.... morehello buddy can you tell me something about the flash light why always it clicks my photo yellowish??..

  • AnonD-449788

Can any one tell me why Moto g 3rd gen always flash yellow light...i am seriously screwed up with this features of this phone ..Please guys any one can help me to get rid of this?

  • Sandy

My moto 3g is having heating problem...within 10 min of 3g browsing it goes up to 41c...its been 3days since am using...some time the tem reached 45c so plz suggest me what to do should I request for replacement...heating is the only problem every thing else is fine

  • yuvrajsinh

Nicy, 09 Oct 2015Moto g3 users please comment about the battery in using 3g and v... moremoto g3 best phone ever. very good battery life and good camera. specially i like the front camera very much. awsm mobile.

  • Somesh

guys i want to buy moto g3.. All the 60 percent of comments says its bad.. Now wat i want to do.. But am intrested to buy it. Pls help me out of this.

  • Sathwik

guys i want to buy moto g3. Nd now iam confused to buy after seeing all these products. Pls help me frnds either its gud or bad.

  • janak

Guys tell me moto g (3rd) best or samsung j7 ? i m totally confused...