Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • VNC

Bun, 09 Sep 2015Hey everyone. I recently bought moto g 3rd gen from flipkart. Ev... moreYou have dead pixels on your mobile screen it seems, better to replace the device from Flipkart, if it's under warranty. If it's out of warranty, need to replace the display by your own.

  • raj

hey,friendz i was just ordered moto g3.. is there really problems with this phone...

  • AnonD-174168

I have been using Samsung phones for last few years. Starting with grand, then s3 and finally s4. I bought moto g3 for using 4g a month back, replacing s4. So I'll compare it with s4 in my review.

First off, Samsung phones are very durable, had given my grand and s3 to my parents, and these phones bought 2-3 years back are still working fine, surviving multiple accidental drops over the years. One thing I found was that both grand and s3 started lagging very badly after few months, which led me to replace them with s4.

S4 had almost zero lagging even after many months of use. But it didn't survive the first accidental drop, which broke it's screen which I got replaced for 6k.

Now coming to moto g3, and it's direct comparison with s4, after a month's usage.

Build: s4 is slightly more compact and lighter than moto g3, and hence looks slightly better. But moto g3 looks fine overall and gives a premium look also, and has a very good build quality.

Display: s4 having 1080p resolution amoled vs moto g3's 720p resolution ips lcd, would be slightly better with more punchy colors contrast etc. But moto g3's display is also crisp and bright, and you can hardly make out any difference between the two displays when viewing web pages, photos, videos etc. I've seen the displays of the previous two moto g's and found their display a bit bland compared to other phones, but moto g3 has improved on that a lot, and compared to ips LCD screen's of other phones in same price range it performs satisfactorily. Outdoors visibility is very good and both perform the same. It's just that LCD screens have more natural color scheme and led screens have more punchy and contrasting colors. Depends on your personal preference, but I'm very satisfied with the display on moto g3.

Camera: the rear snappers on both perform roughly same, with moto g3 performing slightly better outdoors, and s4 performing slightly better indoors under low light. Indoors in well lit areas, both perform equally. The front camera on moto g3 is much better indoors and outdoors than s4. Have heard in other reviews that image quality of moto g3 suffers indoors with lot of noise, but in practice I found it to be roughly same compared to s4, and both phones can give very good results with bit of practice. One tip would be to use hdr mode for photos that do not require flash. Very good results can be obtained indoors also with moto g3 thru hdr. Good and clear enough to post on social media.

Connectivity: in this respect moto g3 is far better than s4, with moto g3 offering 4g on dual SIM vs 3g on single SIM in s4. Also I found signal reception slightly better with moto g3. Gps also locks faster and better with moto g3. Call clarity of both is clear and roughly same. Speaker output of both also is loud and clear and roughly same. Music on headphones is slightly better on s4 but both are clear and loud. I use Sony headphones with both phones.

Performance: both work fast but moto g3 is totally lag free, very surprising and amazing for Android, whereas s4 lags slightly sometimes, tho it's very minimal. I don't play heavy games. On playing subway surfers for half an hour on both, both phones heat up a bit, but nothing alarming. Visually subway surfers looks better on s4 but moto g3 plays it smoother. In multitasking moto g3 has no comparison in Android phones, as it handles 10-15 open apps easily without slowing down, but if I open more than 5 apps on s4 it slows down tremendously. I think it is due to better ram management in moto g3 because of its stock interface, that makes it a multitasking giant. One thing missing in moto g3 is mobile data switch shortcut. Overall performance of both phones is very good, but I found moto g3 slightly better, added with promise of timely latest os updates.

Battery: moto g3 takes longer to charge than s4, but consumption is same. In a working day of 12-14 hours, both will last the day on single full charge having moderate usage. On heavy continuous usage both would have to be charged once during the day.

Price: s4 even after price drops is still priced 2-3 costlier than moto g3. However it's pretty easy and cheap to get Samsung phones repaired with service parts replacement due to easy availability and accessibility of Samsung phones and service centres. It might not be the same for Motorola phones currently. The non removable battery of moto g3 isn't an issue for me as battery life of most phones is easily 2-3 years and I replace phones within 1-2 years anyway, but it might become an issue for others.

Miscellaneous: in box headphones of s4 are very good, and moto g3's are not good at all. Moto g3 is waterproof, which would be very handy in rainy season.

Finally it depends on your primary use of the phone. If you listen to music all day, if you play heavy games all day, if you're clicking photos all day, then this phone isn't for you, and you would find a better option spending 5-10k more among Sony, Samsung etc. If you want a decent phone with decent camera, music player, gaming experience etc and fantastic daily normal performance then you won't find a better buy under 15-20k than this.

This is my frank and honest review after a month's use of moto g3, hope it helps others in making up their minds about it.

  • Bun

Hey everyone. I recently bought moto g 3rd gen from flipkart. Everything works fine but there is something bothering me. I found out that there is some kind of line running from the top of the screen to the bottom, its not issue with the pixel. Its there i thing on the glass from inner side. It doesn't give problem while using it. I just found out that it tends to shine when i place it under direct sunlight and that tym its visible. I can see lines one the screen even when the phone is switched off. So i was just wondering if its the design of the glass itself or i have got an issue with the screen of the moto g 3.
Would be a great help if some1 to give me knowledge on this matter.
Thank you everyone.

  • kumar

sujit, 09 Sep 2015friends plz tell me should i bye it or not??? plz give me its f... moredont buy it. its heats up. hang alot. restart 6 time in a day. .poor btry fake frnt camera. totally horrible ph. dont buy or u will loose ur money.

  • Anand

sujit, 09 Sep 2015friends plz tell me should i bye it or not??? plz give me its f... morePhone is good. i bought it yesterday. Your phone gets heated when camera is ON. Front cam is better that back. There is no setting option in camera to set power button as shutter. This is a problem if you want to use selfie stick. Looks good. Back side is rough and dirt can get stick in between. I have mentioned only the negative means everything else is good other than what i mentioned above

  • kattapa

Nice pone but hangs each time and restart again again

  • vaisak r nair

phone is just awesome with full spect, ecofriendly ,phone is simple but power,

  • sujit

friends plz tell me should i bye it or not???
plz give me its full performance...
im going to bye a mobile with in two days..
plz replay

  • Afnan

Karthik Kannan, 07 Sep 2015I have booked Moto G 3rd Gen. After seeing the reviews, I am lit... moreBetter buy zenfone 2 laser bcz i am using moto g 3rd gen it has got some pronlems so now i have replaced with zenfond 2 laser

  • R5

Rambo, 08 Sep 2015Did u ever used a smartphone Fake info given above lol. No issue best phone in range of 13000 as compared to samsung j5& j7

  • Kushal

I brought this phone within 2 days I got speaker problem which is not working and no battery back up..No service centres in districts ..Bad choice of mine by purchasing moto

  • rr

Under screen dust problem

  • AnonD-438524

hi i am using g3 fr month r so expect heating while surfing in net i didnt find any fault snap all dragon processor phones gets heated so there s no big deal in it

  • bharath

the mobile was superb...but, battery not enough.
and it'll restarting again n agian...i hate this mobile....................
ttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu­uuuuuu.............waste worst mobile i hv ever seen.

  • aswani

Mohit, 08 Sep 2015Yes it is dual sim phone i got this phonehow is it working

  • noor

Heating problem....

  • Rohit

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2015How to set personalised call ringtones and SMS tones. How to se... moreDownload file manger from play store .. In file manager u can see phone storage in that folder ringtone folder is there copy the music which u like and paste in that folder. The. Go to settings in that u can see ringtone which u have copied in that folder

  • Anonymous

Vra, 08 Sep 2015How can I record audio on this phone (Sound recording)there is no option for recording we download app only

  • AnonD-13957

Hi friends please tell me is it can support cdma SIM on evdo network. If anyone try please reply me. I wanna buy this phone.