Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • Neel

Note k3 seems to have some heating issue

  • AnonD-436029

how is the moto g 3rd gen for use???

  • RanGo

AnonD-435878, 01 Sep 2015Phone is as good as gold but only one problem, when i lock my sc... moreThat was a feature - it is there to look nice! "Black and white color" - just second before screen goes off is present on all vanila android phones, Nexus and Moto line. :)

Lenovo will concentrate only on the laptops and tab.
Mobiles section will be observe by Motorola.That's not just a relabeling though, the President of Lenovo Mobile Group said that much of the organizational structure of Motorola will remain in place and will take lead of what is now Lenovo Mobile.

Lenovo's last financial results showed a slight drop in shipments in Q1 (16.2 million) and a pre-tax loss of $292 million. This may have been the trigger for Lenovo to shift towards the more recognizable brand.
You can expect a lot more Motorola models in the future. Lenovo has decided that in the smartphone market the brand recognition of Motorola is much stronger than that of its own brand and will integrate Lenovo Mobile into Motorola.

swara, 01 Sep 2015which phn is gud lenovo k3 note or moto 3 genLenovo K3 note is pathetic smartphone.This phone looks great but only on the paper but in the real world or actual world of performance it fails to create any magic.Moto G 3rd gen. is great choice and a great performer.

  • D

Ramswaroop, 01 Sep 2015Do not spend ur money on this useless moto 3g. It gets heated ve... moreyes Wifi is not working properly but i dont think its hardware issue it will fixed with updated software revision. and about heating...metalic body every phone is heated after some time.

positive point is with in 13k best value for money product. no one is compare moto G3..
best buy

  • indian frmer

This pone change us from poor to rich we cannot believe we have this really gud for all our farmer as a farmer must buy water resistant .but selfie camera is poor no flash better to go with j5 j7 having flash at rear and front but if u waana play games 24*7 meizu m2

  • swara

which phn is gud lenovo k3 note or moto 3 gen

  • Aplusk

Can someone tell me, how much time it takes to charge moto g 3 full from 0 to 100% ?
Thanks !

  • akki

i want to buy moto g3 but confused to colour option so pls tell what is the best color for g3 black&white

  • AnonD-206524

poonam, 01 Sep 2015hey.....i have to buy moto g3.......plz suggest me...what type o... morejust go for it

  • xxx

poonam, 01 Sep 2015hey.....i have to buy moto g3.......plz suggest me...what type o... moreit is a very good mobile , i using it for 11 days now , i don't find any con, everything is just great. best phone under 15000/-

  • swara

which phn is gud lenovo k3 note or moto 3 gen

  • AnonD-424822

rknaidu1, 01 Sep 2015good afternoon friends i am in a confusion whether to buy SAMSU... morego for moto g3 , why u pay 2000/- more for a 1.5gb ram (approx 600mb free ram) , very poor speaker , average camera quality and old poor build quality phone j7. just think why moto g3 is so popular because it has no cons everything is good in this mobile . if u buy moto g3 then u also can feel it.

  • surya

i bought this ph 5 days ago. trust me its very bad wrost ph ever. its hangs alot . heats up like fire. .camera really dull. and battery last for 6hr only. .now i will sell this crap. and buy galaxy j5. .which is far better and much supirior then g3.

inder, 01 Sep 2015Samsung s4 best or Moto G3rd Now a days S4 is nothing but the crap better to go with Moto G 3rd gen. It's the world of technology and you have to up-to-date with the latest one Moto G 3rd gen is the perfect one grab it.

  • Dabda

K3 note is best among these

  • AnonD-422891

Motorola Moto G3 popularity going up again to beat the GNote 5. I really wonder why the Note 5 missing the waterproof while a cheaper phone like Moto G3 have it?.

  • dhaval

i think that at this cost this is yhe best one can get..