Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • AnonD-271840

AnonD-435035, 29 Aug 2015Yes...for 2 years. Meaning Android M and N.If the phone lasts.....

  • AnonD-271840

JB, 30 Aug 2015I got this phn last 1 week it's nice. After two days it's automa... moreAutomatic restart is generally a motherboard problem....replace if possible.....

  • deepu

Guys I am using this phone from 5 days and to be honest its better than expected and I love it . but I am quite confuse about its battery life . I haven't heard anything about its battery problem so far . but personally mine has a good stand by battery life . but whenever I use it mostly for reading and surfing it drains up very fast it will end up in 5-6 hrs or less . is it okay ? Please tell me .

  • Sid

raja, 30 Aug 2015galaxy j5 is awsm ph and far better then g3. j5 have much better... moreFirst u check the price ....

  • AnonD-426303

JMB, 30 Aug 2015In camera how to select Auto-focus option? Is it Available in Moto g3?moto g3 has autofocus option & it is active by default...but its focus is can't take micro images(shots) using this cam...&focus always shifts if u can't hold phone steady...its pretty annoying...but at this price range camera is good & better than most others in this segment

  • Selfie

Anybody having any idea why there moto g3 mobile phone is taking time when clicking a selfie,,??
I received my set and i am facing this problem when clicking a let me know if anybody else is facing the same issue..

  • vivek

it is not good phone i have purchase last one week
and suddendly wi fi not working this is a bokas phone
so pls guys not purchased the phone moto g

  • JMB

In camera how to select Auto-focus option? Is it Available in Moto g3?

  • Anonymous

this phone is decent although screen is ordinary. It does have a compass contrary to the specifications mentioned above.

  • JB

I got this phn last 1 week it's nice. After two days it's automatically restart, yesterday i took 1 picture and flash on but at that time flash is not working after i restart app its working, also 3 home screen and i put widget of Photogrid i swap it but first 3 second not changed in any pics after it's working good, please reply can i replace it with same?

  • Anonymous

it's wi - fi download speed very slow near 60 kbps. what i will do?

  • raja

galaxy j5 is awsm ph and far better then g3. j5 have much better camera and supirior performnce. . g3 wrost ph poor battery and poor camera. lol g3 not able to compare with j5.

  • AnonD-424822

md karib, 30 Aug 2015Guyz...should I buy moto g 3rd gen or Samsung j7.go for moto g3 , better camera , better sound , better build quality . i used both , i think moto g3 far better option .

  • AnonD-271840

I had terrible experience with my moto e 1st gen repairing..... hence i would not recommend moto.....also as battery problem will eventually arise, u need to goto service centre for battery replacement and their service charge is too high......hence i do not recommend to buy mobile with an inbuilt battery

  • md karib

gganesh9, 29 Aug 2015Suggest me can I go with Moto G3?Guyz...should I buy moto g 3rd gen or Samsung j7.

  • AnonD-435035

Tushar chaturvedi, 29 Aug 2015Is moto g3 upgradable to upcoming latest android versions....???... moreYes...for 2 years. Meaning Android M and N.

  • AnonD-251209

It feels great in the hand. Display is bright and sharp. I have used this phone heavily for one week and all I found was a smooth and pure android experience. Battery is good, I charged this phone to 100%, it took almost 8 hours to get 15% with continues heavy gaming and browsing. I had some fears in the mind before buying this phone like heating, lagging and battery but now I am very happy with my new phone.

  • AnonD-251209

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2015Got the phone last week and tried to put up sim in slot1 but sim... moreNo, I am using 3g for both sims.

  • REMO

Hey Friends!
I wanted to post my review as an opinion here!
Moto g(2015) /Moto g 3rd generation is a well designed phone where it is very nice to hold it.
It has a 13mp rear camera which is capable of shooting 1080p videos And the front facing 5mp camera also shoots HDR videos.

Gaming experience on this phone is excellent and also it does not get heated up so quickly. But it just heats up to a degrees of 4 to 5 which is not a big deal. It usual when a phone is used for a longer time or used heavily.

The Battery is LOOKS a bit low as it is 2470mah BUT the main thing is it has a DEFAULT UserInterface(UI of ANDROID). Hence the battery discharged for a UI on Many other phones is avoided in the Moto g 3rd Generation.
So don't think the battery is less as Many other phones get 3000mah at this price range and why not go to those. The other phones surely has a UserInterface(UI) which is not a default which discharges battery for it unnecessarily.
It has got a good and better battery life Definitely.

It has got a usb otg support at this price range itself.

I would personally suggest you to go with Moto g 3rd generation! :)
Guess you have an idea why to go with the Moto g 3rd generation!
Go for the best choose the best!

  • REMO

diksha, 28 Aug 2015please suggest which phone MOTO 3rd gen or Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ... moreI would rather choose MOTO G 3rd generation known as Moto G(2015) because Asus ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL) has some lagging issues