Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • Anandi

I need mobile with water proof. Which mobile is better? Sony M4 aqua dual or Moto G 3rd Generation. Please suggest.

  • La macho nacho

Mary, apparently you never played with/used the 2013 or 2015 model, the specs arent setting the world on fire, but with an almost stock android system with so little bloat ware compared to almost every other maker the phone flies with zero hiccups, with the software set as it is the phone is effortless, sure some phones have twice the core and might be 20-30 percent faster thanks to the constant load on their processors thanks to the custom android flavor of most makers....when your OS is light and tuned right you dont need all that muscle to be almost just as fast, and its unlocked at a get price point, meaning i can drop it break it and buy a second phone for less than your original buy in, and I still have a get phone with amazing experience.

  • Dhirrana

WTF..If you compare this phone wid the same pirce range rivals its way better......its better than asus zenfone 2 and xiomi mi4i..also it gives u bettter battery and waterproof in same price..

  • Naresh

Any One who buy moto g 3rd gen please share your review good or bad things..........

  • AnonD-423265

Did Asphalt 8 game lag on moto g 3gen???

  • AnonD-314368

sam, 29 Jul 2015Does moto g 3rd gen support 4g in both sims?No,only in one sim

  • Ripanshu

best phone ever

  • AnonD-314368

Tukai, 29 Jul 2015J7 is more powerful than moto g3 bcoz it has Samsung's in house ... moreI don't thik J 7 is bes option. Because it has only 1.5 GB of RAM. No of cores and clock speed is important but it becomes powerful when pairs with adequate RA. Moto G3 have 2GB of RAM and it comes with stock free RAM is more than J7.
And J7 has low PPI.

  • adi

This phone not up to the expectation ....g2:) is much better

  • AnonD-293750

I wish everyone would stop complaining about what the phone doesn't have and just BUY the other phone. "This phone has this" and "how come this company can do it and they cant?" BUY IT THEN and stop complaining. Don't forget to root and install a STOCK ANDROID ROM when you don't have support anymore.

  • MAK

is it have dual led flash or not ?

  • AnonD-386691

Hady, 29 Jul 20151. No compass (unfortunately) 2. No Gyro Sensor 3. No stereo s... moreYeah, but you can go for a swim with this phone.

  • shah

grow up u r late if u r doing for today make it for tomorrow. poor specification almost every brand offers this then y the will choose u. make place

mary, 29 Jul 2015Ye right....... The phone is a poor spec and offers little over ... moreYureka having 615 Snapdragon processor along with 2 Gb ram and 13 mp camera but fails in performance even Moto E 2nd gen. 4G having 410 processor 1.2 ghz with 1 Gb perform much better .So I don't think cheap set on board always matter in performance.Software also matter in performance.And one thing more Motorola's camera is not dull like other Chinese mobile camera.It provides a decent picks.Even Moto G 2nd gen 8 mp camera is better than Yureka 13 mp camera.You have to check first before commenting.Motorola always provide a good Phone and timely Android update adds a great advantage to Moto G which is not available in almost all Mid range smartphone till date.

  • sonu

where is sarvice motorola

  • Tukai

varatharaj19, 29 Jul 2015Moto g3 (2gb version) or galaxy j7 ?? Which is best? Plz reply..... moreJ7 is more powerful than moto g3 bcoz it has Samsung's in house Exynos 1.6ghz octa core chipset.
5.5inch super amoled display
13mp rear camera with lots of mode's including manual mode and 5mp selfie camera with flash
No gorila glass protection
No led notification light
Moto g3-cons
Its water resistant
Surely it get android m update
Price 13000
It's customisable via Moto maker
Moto g3-cons
No led notification light
No stereo speaker
Chip set is not powerful like j7

  • AnonD-394663

Hady, 29 Jul 20151. No compass (unfortunately) 2. No Gyro Sensor 3. No stereo s... moreDon't forget the lack of Moto Voice in this piece of junk I've been waiting for.

  • Tukai

samir, 29 Jul 2015Really it has led notification pls let me know and otg supportNo led notification light but otg on there...

  • edis

mary, 29 Jul 2015Ye right....... The phone is a poor spec and offers little over ... morebelieve me it is fast enough. the cpu and gpu are more than enough for 720p, and 2gb ram on the 16 gb version are plenty, plus it's running stock android, so no skins to drag performance down

  • Jeanie

It's sad how some people only care and look at the specs.
Oh well.