Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Instead writing in a non-english language(as requested by hoster), can you confirm/deny specs or offer more details of this upcoming device?

Thank you very much!

>An anonymous Moto G buyer.

  • AnonD-389327

if the battery is 3000mAh...then the phone will be great ...........i think this phone will not reach good responce

  • mani

441ppi or 294ppi

  • I'm a Panda

2070mAh ? Why ?
The Moto G 4G 2nd gen had an 2390mAh, so why putting an 2070mAh battery ?

  • Nikhil

Perfect phone,
Suggest Only one thing would like to increase is battery life atleast min 3000mah in all moto phone.

  • AnonD-371164

11mm thick and only 2070 battery? disapointed

  • nick

sreenath, 23 Jul 2015when is mobile is lunching is mobile is launching but now was launching because is your disaster question asking and is company thought about stop launching.. . . . :-) :-p

  • Anonymous

Wish Moto g would be the first phone to run snapdragon 425 and also pack a 2600mAh battery too.

  • Nawin

AnonD-420522, 23 Jul 20152 models of Moto G 3rd gen ... One with 2gb RAM, 720p sc... moreMoto g3 is very super and I like the specifications also this mobile phone come i will buy it

  • Anonymous

Again 2070mamp battery..?? God..

  • naveen

When is the 16 GB version of MOTO G3 expected to get released? And what is the tentative prize of it?

  • Xing chan

With that 2070 mah battery and full HD screen, good luck with the crappiest battery life. I didn't bought 2nd gen moto g for its battery life and looks like I will also be disappointed this time. FAIL.

  • AnonD-238771

I might go to China & India by the end of august.
In europe (at least NL), dual sim is not common.
Was wondering if if usually in India or China I can get this in Dual sim (if available of course), and would that be sim lock, and for dual sim, do you know if both sim support 4g ?
Moreover, may I know Indian / Chinese / Hk website where I can check the price and spec for mobile phone?

  • sreenath

when is mobile is lunching

  • Anonymous

no one has correct info about moto best way to wait for 28 july as it is going to b launch..

  • karan

is this dual sim or single???????

  • Jatt

Is it dual sim ?

  • broi

moto G has 2490 mah batterry not 2090 mah

  • Coinman

The Battery is actually 2470 mah, and its IPX7 Water Resitant

  • Rupesh

Amazing phone