Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-486690, 10 Jan 2016hey..I did my marshmallow update and now my device is not turnin... moreYou must've run out of battery while updating. Chances are that you may have just bricked your phone in doing so. Best solution would be to go and get it checked by professionals

  • arya

How much data used in new software updates. Please Tell me any one.

  • AnonD-486690

hey..I did my marshmallow update and now my device is not turning on, even after charging for more then 2 hours it shows 0% battery and while charging it tries to turn on but then the screen gets blank and the same thing goes on happening. Please help.

  • mahima

Hey..I did the marshmallow update and now my phone is not working, even after charging for 2 hours it shows 0% battery and the phone is not switching on.
If anyone knows about this problem please help.

  • AnonD-486679

Guys i did the marshmallow update, my phone keeps randomly freezing and restarting evry 10 15 mins.
can any one suggest what can be done ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-486261, 10 Jan 2016Reboot and useAfter reboot will I get all my contacts as earlier????

  • dnivra

how to clear the cache memory?

  • Deepak

I have updated the moto g3 to android m. i have not lost any data. the upgradation was smooth.

AnonD-486621, 10 Jan 2016After updated to 6.0 my phone getting heat and some apps are sto... moreTry hard reset n clear cache partition through recovery,

I also faced same, but after reset its fine with battery n no heating issue,

Some apps need to be updated frm playstr,

My contacts, msgs n all data got recoverd quickly ( wifi) no issues

  • AnonD-486621

After updated to 6.0 my phone getting heat and some apps are stopped suddenly disappointed with marshmallow my phone is in good condition with lollipop os now my phone facing heat problem and battery also draining very fastly

  • AnonD-486261

After Android M update charging time is extended and battery backup is now little improved.
Many apps are not still not compatible to android some apps may crash.its not a bug.
No great improvement in camera.
But main improvement is app setting.

  • AnonD-486261

Adi, 09 Jan 2016After the update phone become lag,battery remained same as previ... moreReboot and use

  • Akanksha

I recently did system update but all my contacts are in updating and not yet updated I didn't like this rubbish update plz tell any solution for it

AnonD-486592, 10 Jan 2016Sure, thanks bro!! Will wait for couple of days more! Btw what i... moreUpdate is of 450 mb only,

umesh, 09 Jan 2016guys plss comment hws 6.0 wrking. plss giv ur opionionAwesom update,

Performance is too good!! As compare to 5.1.1
Some apps are not working coz compatibility issue with 6.0 ( may be bcoz not yet updated from play store)

Battery performance since last 6 hours ( out of which 1 hr played COC for golem update😉👍 over wifi , 30 min WhatsApp, aprx. 15 min calls n 15 min screen recording, tested camera too but no improvement😩 and other activities but battery performed toooo well, only 30% drained👍👍,

Application installation is now too fast comparing 5.1.1 was too slow while installation.

Multitasking is also improved, no lags till now with approx 1 gb free ram

Thumbs up moto for stock android marshmallow👍👍&#12807­7;

  • AnonD-443

pt, 09 Jan 2016Guys I also own android one apart from moto g3. You will regret ... moreIt is clearly mentioned in the release notes that if you choose to use the existing memory card as an extension of internal storage, then it will be formatted and you'll lose all data. One has to go through the update info text before updating. Internal storage is always an issue of android. Is it not a good move to solve the issue by using the card as extended internal storage??? Previously we could do this only by rooting. You can still use it as mass storage device using the data cableĀ…

  • Diparsh

Vvk, 09 Jan 2016Guys tell me hw it exactly works after upgrading it to marshamll... moreOverall it can be said as the moto G3 is excellent. But after marshmallow update it heats a little bit not as much as xiaomi, and also mobile becomes slow a bit. It can be solved by resetting the phone. I've updated to marshmallow and troubleshooted the problem

  • AnonD-486592

AnonD-250550, 10 Jan 2016it has bugs but you have to reset after 6.0. After that you have... moreSure, thanks bro!! Will wait for couple of days more! Btw what is the size of the update? 2gb?

  • AnonD-250550

Abhi, 09 Jan 2016Guys how's the new update working any bugs or any problem with t... moreit has bugs but you have to reset after 6.0. After that you have to update google play services.then it works smoothly.You should wait for 2 or 3 days bhai..

  • AnonD-250550

Petya, 09 Jan 2016Hi. I have a question. I adjust my volume but it does not change... moreinsert earphone properly