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Motorola Moto G 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • Q5T
  • 31 Aug 2022

Has anyone had a customer come in with thier phone displaying captions for videos playing on like youtube and tiktok? Customer had a Moto G 5 G. Is that a Moto feature? How do you remove it?

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    • Anonymous
    • q}A
    • 13 Jul 2022

    Do you guys know if this phone is QI enabled

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      • Tanup
      • 7k2
      • 04 Jul 2022

      Face recognition stops working frequently on my device.

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        • roflmao
        • nxT
        • 05 Jun 2022

        Ahmedsaberjr, 30 May 2022Bad side: Bulky, extremely heavy, very small screen-to-bo... more"very small screen to body ratio" do you even have brain? :D this has the same screen to bady ratio as XR rofl

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          • Tanup
          • Dkg
          • 04 Jun 2022

          Guys I don't know which part of the world you are staying,l have been using Android 11 on my Motorola G 5G for last 4 months and yes security updates are given once in 3 months but updates are stable rather not like other brands.
          I would request users to do a proper research before purchasing a smartphone because yes these are bit heavy ones but very sturdy and good qualit.

            Sony, 14 Feb 2022Where is android 11 It's terrible. No updates at all.

              Bad side:
              Bulky, extremely heavy, very small screen-to-body ratio, extremely large camera hole. But the worst things is the updates. It has not received a security patch for over a year and I'm still running Android 10 in May, 2022.

              Good side:
              It's smooth and sturdy.

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                • Tanup
                • 2WB
                • 15 May 2022

                jackthewolfcub, 11 Oct 2021hi, can u post yours SOT? amd how many % battery phone dri... moreSOT is 7 to 7 and half hours we you drain your battery from 100 to 1% . Yes this device does give battery back of more than 24 hours, though an not a Gamer.

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                  • hap92
                  • X}g
                  • 06 May 2022

                  Tanup, 03 May 2022Have been using this device for last one and half years. No... moreI am also using right now , running smoothly ,no issues till now . I think govt has announced for the auction of 5G next month . lets see .

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                    • Tanup
                    • 2WB
                    • 03 May 2022

                    Have been using this device for last one and half years. No such issues regarding the quality of the smartphone though my face unlock stops working frequently, however I have received Android 11 update few weeks back. Only reason why I like this device is it's stock Android. Camera quality is okay, sound is good and display is okay as well. And finally network connectivity is good and am still waiting for 5G to be introduced in India, but i suspect l will replace this device before 5G comes to India.

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                      • Sony
                      • PVt
                      • 14 Feb 2022

                      Where is android 11

                        Hello, I am facing a peculiar issue with my handset. The volume control automatically goes up to full level after 10-15 mins. The volume up/down buttons are not stuck/no contact issues confirmed by the service engineer. can somebody kindly advise as to the root cause?

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                          • Mikey
                          • j24
                          • 19 Dec 2021

                          jackthewolfcub, 11 Oct 2021hi, can u post yours SOT? amd how many % battery phone dri... moreIt can last me 3 days of light use and it lose a little less than 1% each night

                            Where I'm living now it's going for €170 brand new, holy schnitzel. There's nothing at this price that comes close in performance.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • H8p
                              • 12 Oct 2021

                              Mike, 07 Oct 2021This phone might as well be discontinued, Jesus Christ. Abs... moreBought one (6GB/128GB) exactly on the 7th of October, from Amazon in Italy. a bit bulky but very nice phone, quick and reliable

                                hi, can u post yours SOT?
                                amd how many % battery phone drians on stand by over night etc?

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                                  • Nag Bangalore
                                  • rKB
                                  • 08 Oct 2021

                                  Got Android 11 update
                                  And Sept security update

                                  Thank you moto

                                  One more update for this device
                                  Android 12
                                  Please moto

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                                    • Mike
                                    • pTB
                                    • 07 Oct 2021

                                    This phone might as well be discontinued, Jesus Christ. Absolutely nobody has it in stock in Europe (that's if you even find someone selling it).

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                                      • VVS
                                      • 63x
                                      • 22 Sep 2021

                                      SwordARM, 05 Aug 2021Mine one is going everytime black screen whenever calls inc... moreDisabling the blur option in developer options resolves it.

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                                        • Trickname
                                        • IhM
                                        • 27 Aug 2021

                                        Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021what will you do with 5g when the infrastructure only is no... moreBe ready for the future?