Motorola Moto G 5G Plus

Motorola Moto G 5G Plus

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2020What about NFC?Does it exist.Of course!

Everything is ok with this phone except its name. Moto G brand is all over the place right now. It really does not have anything in common with the rest of phones in G line. Motorola had a chance to start a new line of products or continue with Vision/Action series.

  • Anonymous

What about NFC?Does it exist.

  • Bootin

5G: 1/3/7/8/28/38/41/77/78

Mind you we all look for different things in a phone. My ceiling is your floor, your floor is my feeling. I buy phones for speed, battery power duration and other unique offerings. I think this phone is great for the price.

Almost same as LG Velvet, but half the price. Great!

It’s moto again: no amoled or oled display! Moto is useless as LG.

  • Anonymous

Motorola Website ( says it has E-compass!? I mean, 350 € and No Compass, that would be hilarious!

  • Grandad

Prakash, 25 Jun 2020If you reading this it is waste of your time and if you buy... moreOn what do you base your judgement. The phone isn't released yet but already you say its rubbish. I'm on my 2nd Motorola and they've both done exactly what I need them to do. Uncluttered Android skin, Good battery life and reasonable charge time. Great screen. Not everyone wants the latest, greatest(?) overpriced and over-bloated fashion accessory. The specs on this look reasonable and I'll bet the price point will be good. If you haven't owned it or seen it keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Anonymous

And No Compass....again

  • Prakash

If you reading this it is waste of your time and if you buy this mobile it is waste of your money.. Nothing to say beyond..

  • life

Darren, 23 Jun 2020I don't know what fools would buy a Motorola phone, custome... moreso very true phone are not worth a penny

  • Darren

I don't know what fools would buy a Motorola phone, customer service is shockingly bad, and so is there update, my Mrs just got android 10,on her moto g7, only almost a year after it was released.and why they think sticking a 2mp macro camera to a phone makes ppl wanna buy it, I just don't know. Id rather they spent more money on one good sensor, than putting loads of pants sensors on, but all oem's are at it, not just moto, it's just so annoying, my pixel 3a has one sensor, and there the best pics out there for the money, I'd never pee on a moto phone, if it caught fire.

  • Faisal

YUKI93, 22 Jun 2020Hang on, what is the point of this Edge Lite when you have ... moreWell there is a difference 64 to 48 mp main 3d tof to macro lense hdr 10 missing

  • Abakr z

Moto one fusion plus vs redmi 9s
Moto edge lite vs one plus z/lite

YUKI93, 22 Jun 2020Hang on, what is the point of this Edge Lite when you have ... moreSlightly different display, slightly inferior main camera, no stereo speakers, different storage options, but a bit bigger battery. I think it's gonna make a great phone if they price it right. I thought the normal Edge was pretty garbage for that price so this could make a big difference.

  • Anonymous

I don't see any reason to buy Motorola anymore. Their update policy is just horrible (one version update per lifetime) plus them dropping support to their phones quite quickly (ex. Moto One Zoom - a 450$ phone released in September 2019 still runs in Android Pie).
Xiaomi, Realme or Oppo are much better options now.

Hang on, what is the point of this Edge Lite when you have the standard vanilla Edge that uses exactly the same Snapdragon chipset?

  • Abakr z

Hopefully price wouldnt exceed 32k INR for 6/128 variant?

  • Abakrz

Dual punch/pill cutout for 2 front cameras?
Curved screen?
Processor choice is good from moto...With aggresive pricing should be a hit in asian specifically indo pak market.