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By the way, people who complain about not having 5g well shit. It sucks but me, I'm not even gonna see 5g in my area until sometime next year and I don't see why you need that extra internet speed. I'm happy with a speed off 10mbs hahaha but i get much more then that om this 4g+ network so what's the point in 5g? Just cool to have? Just wait 3 years or so and maybe it will be a new standard. But right now I don't see the point. 3G and 4G had a huge difference but now it's all about having a 1000+ speeds in your phone. But when 5G is well implemented in our society then maybe it will have more purpose. It's to early folks, to damn early. Just sayin.

Anyone know if this phone will get any Android updates or security, can't find any info anywhere. This phone is maybe just to cheap for what you get. To good to be true kinda price so updates is nothing Motorola cares about? Even the high end phones get 1 maybe 2 big updates. Haha custom roms for the future i guess. My phone is still on July security?

lexxr, 02 Sep 2020This is annoying now there seems to be a 765G version of th... moreIt's probably an error, this has the regular 765, even the people in the electronic store said this had the 765g but it didn't. Think it's just a confusing mistake typo.


  • masos

i think is an hybrid dual sim cellphone..

lexxr, 02 Sep 2020This is annoying now there seems to be a 765G version of th... moreThat must be a typo in the listing.

They have 6GB/128GB and 4GB/64GB models of the Moto G 5G Plus, and the U.S. version of this phone ("Motorola One 5G") will be 4GB/128GB. They all use the Snapdragon 765 SoC, not the 765G.

  • lexxr

This is annoying now there seems to be a 765G version of the moto g 5G phone for £368 , i am unsure if this is an error or if it's for a different region 765G 6/128gb £349 765 6/128g £368
unless it's a mistake (the G has higher clocked GPU and CPU)

  • Fran

Gary W, 29 Aug 2020So a couple of months after release in the UK the Moto G 5G... moreHave three resolved this yet? I had this issue with EE and the Xiaomi mi Mix 3 5G. Apparently the phone has to be compatible with the network as well. I'm with three and was looking at this phone as 5G rolling out where I live and it's extremely quick as well 782Mb just down the road compared to other networks between 120mb and 400mb.

Piece of overheating junk, with hardly half day's battery life. Don't waste your money like I did, unless you need a stone to keep your hands warm in winter.

  • Anonymous

Gary W, 29 Aug 2020So a couple of months after release in the UK the Moto G 5G... moreHace you changed your sim card ? Have you check with your carrier if you have a 5G price plan to make it work? Instead of criticizing check first if you have everything in order.

So a couple of months after release in the UK the Moto G 5G Plus still does not have 5G support for one of the biggest 5G networks in the UK. This despite knowingly not letting this fact be known at the time the phone was released. You can't sell a 5G phone knowing that it does not work on a 5G network! Motorola heading for a big fallout on this one. Total radio silence on this one, Motorola alluding to it being something to do with Three UK - it's not. Come on Motorola, pull your corporate finger out and get it sorted.

P.S. Motorola have admitted the problem so this is not uncorroborated hearsay.

  • lexxR

VegasRooted, 27 Aug 2020Just buy it from Clove UK (4gb/64gb model) or Amazon UK (4g... moreif your on 3G it show 3G/H/H+ (witch USA branded rom phones renames the H+ to 4G) if your on 4G it show 4G (real 4G LTE) :)

in the EU/UK mobile operators are not allowed to fake the 4G icon (changing H+ into 4G, apple did that in australia and got sued)

Anon, 23 Aug 2020Motorola. Please. Please release this in the US. This is th... moreJust buy it from Clove UK (4gb/64gb model) or Amazon UK (4gb/64gb or 6gb/128gb models). They both ship to the States. I've ordered probably 20 phones from Clove and a few from Amazon UK over the past three years, no issues. It's always a risk because of difficulty in returning the phone and with warranty stuff, of'll have to weigh the risk vs. the reward for yourself. I just ordered the 6gb/128gb model from Amazon UK using their fastest Global shipping option, for a total cost of $413.31. (The 6gb/128gb model costs a little bit more than the 4gb/64gb model.)

Anyways...I plan on using it here in Las Vegas on T-Mobile. No need for Band 71 for me, I've used LTE Discovery on some Band 71 capable phones and I never connect to that band here anyways, so it's all good. I'm always on Bands 2 or 4 (and occasionally 12), and that's about it. I have connected to 66 on rare occasions also. It will be interesting to see how this phone will perform, but judging from other Band-compatible UK region phones that I've used here on T-Mobile, it should be all good for me.

Be aware, however, that phones with region-specific software from outside the U.S. will almost always NOT display "LTE", even when you are on an LTE band signal. LTE is a term used almost exclusively in North America, where the rest of the world just calls it "4G". So if it only says "4G", you are likely on a 4G LTE band. Just use an app like LTE Discovery to log which bands your phone is using as you travel around town, and that will tell you for sure how well the handset is performing, band-wise.


Graeme, 16 Aug 2020I would like to know when Motorola are going to release sof... moreThree where actually very late with their 5g mobile roll out.

  • Buyer

I want a moto Z4 play with snapdragon 855+ with shoulder buttons and OIS 1080 60HZ good camera and a 90HZ refresh rate screen.

  • Anon

Motorola. Please. Please release this in the US. This is the only phone with a high refresh rate IPS LCD screen with all the bands needed for T-mobile (other than band 71). I would immediately buy this @$400.

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2020Camera is good you can trustGotcha! Thanks!

  • ianik

this is how huawei should have put the double hole on the front screen. not like the actual pill model.

  • Anonymous

Is it me or am I seeing a double hole punch camera

  • Anonymous

xmarijan, 16 Aug 2020Thanks a lot! Your comment really helps. I actually do ... moreCamera is good you can trust