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  • Anonymous

Kineth, 25 Jun 2020Is that deal SIM locked?The $180 deal is locked to Straight Talk. They sell the phone for $221 unlocked

  • Kineth

Jim, 22 Jun 2020Forget Amazon. Walmart is selling this phone for $180 right now.Is that deal SIM locked?

  • JC

GarBear, 11 May 2020Here's a question... Why is it there is a G8 Power and a G ... moreFrom the reviews I've read, the G8 Plus has a telephoto and a 48 MP camera , the G Power doesn't and has a 16 MP camera, a few other minor differences so in truth they're not the same. They also state the G8 plus in International version only hence No US warranty. I had an International version G7 plus, loved it but it died after 6 months and MOTO warranty staff were sympathetic but couldn't help. I'm going for the G Power not just for the specs but also for the warranty.

  • Jim

Forget Amazon. Walmart is selling this phone for $180 right now.

zombiegak, 11 Jun 2020The Moto G Power is US (North America?) only... elsewhere i... moreActually, they are slightly different in size, other than that they are the same. I bout a case that was supposed to be for both phones yet did not fit correctly on the G Power, buttons were slightly off and corners were misaligned.

Motorola Fan, 01 Jun 2020I want this phone too much but couldn’t find it in my count... moreThe Moto G Power is US (North America?) only... elsewhere it's the Moto G8 Power.

  • AndriaD

Got my G Power yesterday, upgrade from my Z2 Play, which I just paid off last month, and then a week or two ago, I noticed the screen on it bulging outward. thought of having it repaired, but then I found the G Power on Verizon's site for only $3 more a month than I was paying for the Z2 Play, and the g Power has a lot of features that I liked, in theory, so I thought, why not.

The Z2 Play had only a 3000mAh battery, and that was another thing that was wrong with my Z2 Play, it had stopped holding a charge very well... but when I first got it, it was amazing... and I'm not seeing a lot of diff between the G Power's 5000mAh and the 3000mAh when it was brand new... I suspect because the screen is so much bigger, it takes more "juice" to operate it.

The main upgrade was instead of 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, now I have 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The G Power's camera claims to be a big improvement, likewise it's "stereo" speakers... but I really don't see a lot of difference.

So, I would have to say... if you really need a new phone but don't have a lot of cash, the G Power is a decent choice, especially if you want a lot of RAM. But if you could spend even a little more... you really should. The G Power is certainly decent... but I don't think anyone's gonna be writing home about it. Oh, it will support 5G when that becomes available in more places, so that's a good thing. But by the time I might be prepared to take advantage of that... I might be in a position to get a slightly better phone.

Oh, and I hate not having the fingerprint reader on the front. Having the fingerprint reader on the back reminds me of the ZTE Zmax I had a couple years ago... also the size of the screen. But I didn't really want a BIGGER phone, from the 5.5" z2 Play, just a newer one with more RAM. Sadly, to get that, for a decent price, the G Power was my best option. I do like Android 10; lots more features. Undecided if I want to do the "hack" to open the developer mode.

  • wwwoody

King, 24 Apr 2020Very decent budget phone, it does support tubro charging to... moreYes the g power supports turbo charging. I also took my charger from the g7 and voila! 😁

  • Motorola Fan

I want this phone too much but couldn’t find it in my country. How can I get it? Any advice? Can the company deliver it internationally? Or any other way please suggest me.

  • Auntie Pats

Hey Motorola I would really love to see you do a Moto G POWER PLUS (US version). Maybe same configuration as the Moto G Stylus but minus the Stylus and of course the battery would have to be as the name suggest (5000 mAh). Upgrades in the Camera (48 mp) & ROM (128GB) dept. Would also love to see some other color besides black as the G Power comes in black only (ugh!). Love the color of the G8 Power Lite. Submit to Motorola. Thank you Motorola

There's a lot to like about this phone... considering it's considered a "budget" phone. There's the huge battery, three rear cameras, gyro stabilized video, hi res screen, decent but not spectacular CPU and GPU, stereo speakers with decent sound, ac Wifi, both GSM and CDMA with enough bands for various carriers.

First impressions the cameras are located in a bad location and since it seems to record video in stereo... one has to be careful where one holds it not to block a camera or one of the mics. Gyro stabilization works fairly well with video, screen looks fantastic, pics look good... just shut off HDR.

So I'm more than pleased... more so since I got $40 off the $250 with my new cell phone company. Bottom line I'm not a tech snob... this phone does all I want and more. I don't want overkill.... and who wants to drop a more expensive phone?

  • Anonymous

joe, 15 May 2020The selling point for me is the amount of band coverage for... moreAbsolutely!

  • xx

DanielGu, 12 May 2020Overall for the price it is a good phone. The only drawback... moreI think it is not possible to move apps to SDcard generally since android 8 or so. So thats it.

  • joe

The selling point for me is the amount of band coverage for rural areas.

Overall for the price it is a good phone. The only drawback I have found is the sd card. It will not let you put apps on it only photos and such. As someone stated in another post, they should have came out with a bigger internal memory. Going to find a way to force apps to the sd card to free up internal memory.

GarBear, 11 May 2020Here's a question... Why is it there is a G8 Power and a G ... moreThe G8 power is the international variant, and also has a telephoto lens. The G Power doesn't have a telephoto, and has more bands for use in the NA market.

  • JohnE

Great phone for $250. Its selling point is its battery. It will fully charge in around 3 hours from dead. The battery will last 2 days with use. It has the battery size every phone on the market should have! The only flaw is it is not removable. The screen is clear and bright. Yeah flagships have 4k screens but that does not make them any clearer. They are only 6.4 inches. You don't need 4k on a 6 inch screen. The 665 is a midrange chip and is probably more than most need. Phone CPUs have gotten to the stage where most people will not see a difference in a midrange and high end because they never tax the cpu. It came with 64gb of storage which is on the low side. There should have been a 128gb option. That can be fixed by adding an SD card. The camera is fine for a phone camera. I have high end SLR if I want studio quality prints. My Wifes S9 camera is not any better that the G power (she was really disappointed in the s9). The big surprise I had was the speakers. I have yet to find a phone that I would want to listen to music via the built in speakers. High end Apple and samsung speakers are terrible at best. I think the G power sounds great for a phone. The middle to the highs are were they should be. The base is just average. Way better than my son's Iphone X which is just tinny all around.

GarBear, 11 May 2020Here's a question... Why is it there is a G8 Power and a G ... moreHmmm, I guess You can't use emojis...they show up as numbers.
It's true what they say... You live and You learn.

Sci, 01 May 2020The specs listed on gsmarena say the frame is aluminum, Mot... moreHere's a question... Why is it there is a G8 Power and a G Power??? They are the same phone...only the G Power is GSM and CDMA compatible, the G8 Power isn't.

And...when you go to Motorola's website... The G8s
are nowhere to be found 🤯... All they have on the website is the G Power and the older G7 models.

Right now, I have a Moto G8 did it come from???🤔

Sci, 01 May 2020The specs listed on gsmarena say the frame is aluminum, Mot... moreLast I knew, 1 + 1 = 2 .... You CAN actually believe what you read...when it comes to specs.