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  • Alex

Can you please clarify - is that 4G/4G dual SIM model or 4G/3G (or maybe even 4G/2G)? Many thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

Some report mentioned phone have FM radio

  • Anonymous

Let´s face it , it´s a re branded G8 Plus with a stylus and android one and more importantly 128GB storage.

If price comes down let´s say for less than 200€ which eventually it will, it´s a nice product with stock android upgradable to Android 12

  • xcv

This is not real dual SIM model like some previous posters wrote. Just like all other newer Motorola phones, this one is hybrid SIM / microSD. Bummer :/.

  • Hello moto

Is this the moto vision one plus?

APTx codec not listed for this premium phone?
Present for G8 Plus using same Snapdragon 655

For 320 bucks CPU shold be a lot better many other competuitors excluding Samsung offers better phones for same or lower price.

  • Guy

continuitym8, 30 May 2020What's with the snapdragon 665?? Cmon Motorola, remember th... moreMotorola didn't "merge" with Lenovo. Lenovo bought the Motorola Mobility brand ages ago. The current Motorola mobile phone company has nothing to do with the Motorola Solutions company in Chicago.

  • Maramir

I can confirm previous mentions - the phone has hybrid dual sim, not full dual. The second sim goes into microSD slot.

  • Meatloaf7

JustThinking., 30 May 2020Of course everyone is entitled to their own OPINION. Thoug... moreMy G 7 Power is Fast, for a 720 p screen is crisp compared to the 1080p V60, and its a beast on battery. I've heard the 632 soc is a good chip. We have a TMO antenna on our building so that's pretty convenient. My Verizon service was horrible. The 600 series chips for Moto in my opinion are excellent

review plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • touny

Basically xiaomi 200 dollar spec phone for 300 dollars

  • Anonymous

dancmd, 23 Jun 2020What is the aspect ratio of Moto G Pro?19.17:9

What is the aspect ratio of Moto G Pro?

G pro is the Best.

  • Anonymous

AhmedSLL, 15 Jun 2020Motorola are using the 665 more than Samuel L. Jackson have... morenot American anymore ... just the brand ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020Could be hybrid dual sim, where the sd card slot doubles up... moreThe product certainly looks like hybrid SIM - the SIM tray has two bays - SIM1, and then a shared SIM2/SD bay. The specs on the Motorola UK site are misleading - for G8 power lite and G pro it says Dual SIM (2 Nano Sims + 1 microSD) while the other G8 phones say Hybrid Dual SIM (2 Nano SIMs / 1 Nano SIM + 1 microSD). The manual for the G8 power lite shows a SIM tray with 3 bays - SIM1, SIM2 and SD. No manual in site for the G pro yet so don't know what that will say.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Got one of these from Amazon yesterday - not sure it is tru... moreCould be hybrid dual sim, where the sd card slot doubles up as a 2nd sim tray, just means if you want an sd card you can’t have dual sim and if you want dual sim you can’t use the sd card

Motorola have used the sd665 more than samuel l. jackson used the word mf.

Motorola are using the 665 more than Samuel L. Jackson have used the word motherF.