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  • 20 Sep 2022

acemechanic1, 21 Jul 2022Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World Nowdaysif you complain about a phone you have too look at a perspective of the device you have could be faulty do to just being a lemon or the way you set it up or just plain user error. complaining about lagging could be do to software or apps you are using most devices not all I can say if you keep them lean and are a super user they will run just fine. most of these reviews are user error instances where they dont understand android and how to make it run very smoothly.

On the fact of phones if it is a flag ship phone its probably a good phone across the board because of the money spent on research. and development . This goes to the bigger brands Apple, Samsung, LG(defunct), Motorola, kyroceria, One Plus, Some of the best phones are not on cell phone carriers .

Motorola Stylus is a good midrange phone for prepaid service. This is the range most prepaid phone purchasers will buy do to the fact of iPhones and Samsung Flagships that are cutting edge are to expensive and the good Chinese phones that are amazing take too long to arrive for most users. So With this phone is what you pay for in a midrange phone. I grade it on a B+ Scale compared to its competors and this phone is amazing compared to the 50-100$ phones that if you really want to see what lag is go buy a a02 a03 or any blu brand. TCL phones are C Range but better than the other 50-100 range phones some how with 720p screen does well.

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    • Ixa
    • 19 Sep 2022

    acemechanic1, 21 Jul 2022Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World NowdaysThat is what results from putting sub par products out for sale when they should have been scrapped
    Motorola is a joke

      I've owned several phones, going back to the early nineties. I've never owned an apple or a Samsung. With all that said, I've never owned a bigger piece of crap than this. Fingerprint sensor works 50% of the time. Pictures are meh, and sometimes it takes a few seconds to process a picture, even in bright light situations. If it had eyes and a mouth, you could tell it was the village idiot you you were warned to stay away from. In fact, responsiveness overall is the worst I've ever experienced, eg. I'll start the default texting app and it starts off in landscape, waits 5 seconds, then corrects itself. In fact, all apps respond so slowly that they're actually choppy, kinda like the old win 95 computers. I'll never buy a moto again.

        acemechanic1, 21 Jul 2022Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World NowdaysThis section is intended for phone opinions, troll. People aren't allowed to have a negative opinion of this phone?

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          • Eyy
          • 29 Aug 2022

          Motorola used to be a quality phone. No longer. Avoid Motorola phones like the plague.
          Android and Motorola don't jive, Many, many problems with Android 11. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, Motorola phones are junk now. 1 out of 8 work to some extent, the rest are garbage.

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            • chuck2541
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            • 10 Aug 2022

            Moto G stylus is almost useless. Screen is largely nonresponsive. Touch screen will not end calls, swipe up to answer is inoperative, causing most incoming calls to be lost. Periodically phone will go blank, will not respond to orders.
            This one goes in the trash can while I buy a useable brand phone.

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              • Y9H
              • 08 Aug 2022

              Would highly discourage you from purchasing a motorola. I got a brand new motorola phone and it was one of the newest releases. But it had a lot of bugs. One being the audio being somewhat lower quality (more garble-y) with certain audios. The phone crashed and froze a lot, multiple times a day. One day, the screen flat up went black and wouldn't work until I reset my entire phone and had to erase everything.

              Gist: You can't depend on this phone. It breaks down a lot.

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                • BeaDaNurse
                • IJs
                • 03 Aug 2022

                I bought the Moto G Stylus to replace my Moto Z Play. I HATE this phone. It's too big and too heavy and my "upgrade" had been a step backwards. Give me back my "Talk to Me" Moto feature!!! It would automatically go into force whenever I drove my car, reading me my messages and taking dictation when I was behind my wheel. This Google Assistant is pure B.S.

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                  • xJn
                  • 23 Jul 2022

                  acemechanic1, 21 Jul 2022Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World NowdaysIf your back button kept flickering rendering your phone useless a great bit of the time you'd be pissed too, I guess I should just raise hell at the store!

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                    • acemechanic1
                    • 40t
                    • 21 Jul 2022

                    Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World Nowdays

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                      • xcN
                      • 05 Jul 2022

                      Yes, I am a former Samsung owner and I hate this phone.
                      First, I got this for the stylus feature. The stylus will not work if anything else is touching the screen which forced me to hold the stylus at an uncomfortable position. The stylus was also not as precise as the Samsung Note series.
                      Second, the phone is slow and became only slower as I owned the phone. Apps froze and crashed on me. The split screen or multi-tasking feature highlighted by Motorola were a joke and never functioned.
                      Third, and this may not be the phone's issue, I repeatedly lost mobile network connection where I shouldn't have. I replaced the sim card, went through all sorts of troubleshooting and it was never resolved.
                      I will never purchase a Motorola phone again.

                        ...instead of busting up the phone with a hammer...please recycle your older phones ...

                          I'm guessing that half the negative reviews are from Apple or Samsung users.
                          This phone is great. You can't buy any other phone with the same features as this one for the same price. 128gb space, can't beat that. Very good sounding dual dolby speakers. A stylus that works great. I use it every day. My only complaint with the stylus is that it doesn't work very well when charging. Other than that, have a good screen protector and make sure it's clean and you won't have problems. WiFi calling is nice, especially since I have T-Mobile and T-Mobile signal sucks in my area. This phone is not 5G capable so if you are complaining about that, you should have bought a phone that has it. This phone is an excellent low budget phone.

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                            • exquisitearmor
                            • rUF
                            • 14 May 2022

                            It cannot multi task and multitasking is important in my area of work. I just can't take the heat. There were plenty times where I tapped on an app and it took three seconds to open, or just didn't respond to touch at all. Then, it even froze saying "system UI not responding." That's what an old PC is expected to say, but not a new phone. It's just unacceptable. I also had problems with the GPS. It lost connection and didn't reconnect for the whole evening. Unacceptable.

                            It does everything else that I love Android for though, including it having a headphone jack, one of the biggest reasons I switched back to an older Android model from iPhone. But I didn't know that I would be greatly compromising speed and consistency, something that is an absolute essential in today's world. If it cannot consistently present me with information from multiple sources that I need to access, then the device is useless. I should have gotten it for a fourth of the price.

                            I can get a Samsung Galaxy s10 for like $50 more and experience much more reliable performance.

                            The only things I would say use this phone for is the headphone jack, file transfer, and watching videos. But if it won't run anything smoothly besides watching videos, then I question why anyone would buy this phone if there are far better options in this price area.

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                              • rUt
                              • 12 May 2022

                              I want my android back. This is goin in trash Friday. Busting it up with a hammer. Stupid Design Stupid Set Ups.

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                                • Ixy
                                • 03 May 2022

                                I have to agree with most of the bad reviews here. I update my phone whenever a new update comes along, no broken screen or water damage.
                                The first year all was fine, but recently I get so frustrated with this phone I want to destroy it with a hammer.
                                The screen sensitivity varies and using the screen on websites is difficult, for some reason the hyperlink buttons just will not work using this phone.
                                The screen freezes and I have to restart and then it takes forever to actually restart. Several times I was worried it was frozen forever.
                                The software to use the pen is useless to me, I've used the pen successfully one time in 2.5 years and the rest of the times I tried it was just too ridiculous and not worth the frustration.
                                I've tried several different keyboard types and drivers but I really think the screen sensors just really suck. I have arthritis and it is freaking painful to have to retype because the damn screen doesn't work.
                                I have only used half the memory yet apps lag, mobile lags, everything lags.
                                Never again moto, y'all have a long way to go to gain my trust again.
                                Once I have a new phone I might just use that hammer on this one just for the emotional release over the frustration it's caused.

                                  Works well for me. I have had it for 1.5 to 2 years now. I bought two of them for $270 each. One for me and one for my mom. Sometimes it's slow and lags, but for the most part it has done everything well. I've done everything on this phone including edit videos for YouTube, play games, and watch movies. I have probably stored hundreds of movies on here over time and watched them without any problems. Right now I have 38 movies stored. I love the space! I have never had 128gb before. I think if you run a lot of things and use up a lot of the ram then yeah it's gonna lag. This phone only has 4gb of ram. And the CPU is a 665. It's a budget phone. If you want a faster phone get a higher number CPU. My mom's phone is faster than mines but that's because she doesn't store anything or download apps like I do. Or run lots of things. If I were to choose again I would go for a phone with a faster CPU, so that I could play demanding games. But this phone has served me well and was a big upgrade for me. The stylus is a simple stylus and won't work well if you have a screen protector that's not placed well. If you have issues with your stylus it probably has something to do with the screen protector you have on it. Either the material of it or something else. When I removed my protector the stylus was working perfectly again. I installed a new protector.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • IbI
                                    • 16 Apr 2022

                                    Yes I see the picture that's the phone I have the stylus 5g I hate this phone so bad it's not funny it's pure junk it's slow and the screen is too sensitive and everything for the actual phone calls is terrible hate it had the other one I never liked and this one's worse that one at least had a better speaker system oh dam I hate it

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                                      • IbI
                                      • 16 Apr 2022

                                      Anonymous, 15 Apr 2022Total junk. Do yourself a favor and buy a SamsumgYour absolutely right I never hated a phone more than this one I had both stylus phones and the upgraded one is even worse

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                                        • jAg
                                        • 15 Apr 2022

                                        Total junk. Do yourself a favor and buy a Samsumg