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Motorola Moto G Stylus

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  • Wetback
  • qDE
  • 18 Nov 2023

I hate this phone finna get me a new one, not bad for the price tho but thats if u rlly broke af like me

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    • rVx
    • 22 Oct 2023

    My phone doesn’t like me

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      • rVx
      • 22 Oct 2023

      My phone doesn’t like me

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        • Mousey
        • 4k0
        • 19 Sep 2023

        Anonymous, 30 Jun 2023It's a pretty great phone with a nice resolution, nice... moreI also have this phone and found that it has preset volumes it will use if you don't turn the preset sounds off.

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          • Anonymous
          • km%
          • 30 Aug 2023

          Anonymous, 31 Mar 2023I HATE the Moto G! Worst phone I've ever had in my en... moreIt is the worst phone I have ever had, stuck in a contract, i would do better with a trac phone from Walmart

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            • Anonymous
            • qFk
            • 30 Jun 2023

            It's a pretty great phone with a nice resolution, nice additional stylus, & decent camera quality. However, I do have a lot of problems with this phone. To start off, this phone has a strange habit of automatically changing the sound volume, which can get very annoying if you're trying to multi-task. And the default to the writing style with the stylus is more irritating than convenient, but it's still cool. Also, the screen recorder contains a lot of errors, from not saving my screen recordings to randomly stopping, discarding all of my progress. Lastly, in general, there's just a lot of bugs. Especially when I switch my screen from horizontal to vertical. What happens is: that when I go from horizontal to vertical, the on-screen tab is shown to be horizontal. While a minor inconvenience, it still gets annoying. Still an awesome phone though!!

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              • Barzoom Xij
              • 0Yf
              • 20 Jun 2023

              Anonymous, 05 May 2023Glitchy little phone. Lots of aggravations if your accustom... moreGoogle owned it for 1 yr, stripped all the good patents to make Pixel, and sold it to Lenovo, maybe 10 yrs ago.

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                • Obvious
                • 7x0
                • 23 May 2023

                Anonymous, 05 May 2023Glitchy little phone. Lots of aggravations if your accustom... moreYou will have the same issue with a Samsung. All android phones utilize your Google account.
                Your other option is Apple. But you will have the same issue there too.
                Your problem only has one resolution. Buy a phone with buttons, not a smart phone.
                What you want is to turn back time.

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                  • Foxs Den YT
                  • x}e
                  • 17 May 2023

                  Anonymous, 25 Mar 2023Does anyone know if the Moto G Stylus has an app for "... moreIm sure there's alot of apps on the play store which will do this! hope it helps!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • qPi
                    • 05 May 2023

                    Glitchy little phone. Lots of aggravations if your accustomed to a better brand. I guess I'm the only person on earth that didn't know Google owns Motorola. Most of the trouble I had with the phone was based around my not wanting to store contacts and files on the Google cloud. If you aren't willing to trust a company (Google) whos primary business is selling information then using this little device becomes really annoying. For instance if you don't trust backing up your information in the google cloud, google will randomly delete your contacts to match the zero thats in the cloud. You restore your contacts.... they delete them again... Until you find all the switches that allow them this access and turn them off. Every time they update the phone they try to get you to opt back in. At least I won't be sad when I break this phone. I'll be going back to samsung.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • jQa
                      • 31 Mar 2023

                      I HATE the Moto G! Worst phone I've ever had in my entire old-ass life. Are the developers little girls who love colors and ugly fonts? I think so.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Yfs
                        • 25 Mar 2023

                        Does anyone know if the Moto G Stylus has an app for "whitenoise" for soothing sound when sleeping? Thanks!

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                          • Fuzzy 9582
                          • q3W
                          • 12 Mar 2023

                          Had this phone for 2 years now, there's a little lag nowadays but its fine, the back part of my stylus fell out, though i don't use it. Ummmmm, I like the shake your phone twice for flash feature, though sometimes it does not work. I have replaced the screen twice, everything was fine and easy. The battery almost lasts a day now, unless I use it heavily. That's all I have, decent phone, makes me think good things about motorolla.

                            I've had my moto g stylus for about 2 or so years now. I'm quite happy with it all around, my only complaint would be the nib on the stylus goes very quickly, or actually in my case breaks off. I've had to replace the whole stylus a total of 5 times. I started by getting a cheap replacement on Amazon or eBay which lasted about a day. Figured they were cheap enough though so I tried a few more. No bueno. Went to Motorola website itself to get the real deal thinking it would have to be better-its not. Now on my 5th replacement this one has actually broken off too, but enough was left it's still useable, as long as I'm careful, because there isn't much so it could start scratching my screen. So aside from that, which was the main reason I got the phone to begin with, everything else has been above expectations. (*Motorola, please improve the damn stylus!!)

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                              • Texas
                              • ybe
                              • 28 Jan 2023

                              I own a moto e5 plus and love it. I'm looking for an upgrade. One thing I love about moto is their camera and storage. It takes better pictures than my old samsung. My gran owns a Samsung and the pics are stale. Im sticking to moto. And so love the storage it has. Ty Motorola

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                                • qpK
                                • 16 Jan 2023

                                Anonymous, 19 Sep 2022That is what results from putting sub par products out for ... moreIf you think that this phone or Motorola is a joke then be full aware that all phone companies are jokes! Every last one of them makes a low end inferior product instead of just making the best that they can and charging a decent price for it they try to charge you an arm and a leg for halfway decent stuff that's going to be obsolete or not the top of the line in one to two years anyway so they are all a joke, and most of them nickel and dime you to the point it's just sickening

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • gNK
                                  • 15 Dec 2022

                                  acemechanic1, 21 Jul 2022Sure is a Lot of Whiners and crybabys in the World NowdaysJust people giving honest reviews.....not like the idiot trolls seeking validation through name-calling

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                                    • qwillis
                                    • Y9c
                                    • 09 Dec 2022

                                    screen frozen

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                                      • Guest
                                      • IbE
                                      • 21 Nov 2022

                                      I've had this phone for 2 years and I have no issues whatsoever with the performance. I've never had any lags or screen getting stuck. It scrolls fast on the web, streams videos extremely smooth. This is the only and last mid-range phone from Motorola that shoots 4K video. It's a bit heavier due to the aluminum frame, but the phone is built solid. I'm on TMobile 4G LTE using this phone, the call quality is excellent, reception is always great. I read a lot of the negative reviews I think they might have to do with different carriers. Or another factor for this phone underperforming could be too many apps. Overall this is a great phone.

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                                        • Ayomide
                                        • Nu7
                                        • 13 Nov 2022

                                        I have a issue concern my phone motorola the screen got broken