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Motorola Moto G Stylus

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  • Anonymous

I have never disliked a phone more than this Moto G stylus. My family bought 3 and none of us like it. I'm going to reactivate my Galaxy pH. Even though it is a few years old it works better than this. Moto needs to refund everyone for these phones. I will never by Moto again.

  • Candace F.

I would honestly say I love this phone. It is a good phone for how cheap it is. I had a $350. phone before and this phone works better than it did. Sure there are a few issues, but all in all I'm happy with it. One issue I have had is when I put the phone on speaker in a phone call and the switch back to regular sound you cannot hear anything on the phone. You either go back on speaker or hang up and try your call again. Another issue is the phone can lag a little when drawing or writing on the screen with the stylus. If you can look past those two things it is a great phone.

  • Anonymous

Pure trash........ A lot of lagging, constantly having to touch the screen multiple times to get a response, internet completely shutting down even with connection and having to reboot it to get reconnected. Text and call notifications shutting off on it's own..... Etc. DON'T BUY THIS GARBAGE!!!

  • 1busymomx4

mrjojo812, 25 Jul 2021This phone is GARBAGE- DO NOT BUY.. I thought it was my par... moreMine doesn't connect past LTE. I have to reset regularly and have no connection where others do. I need 4G people!

  • CM

Overall the phone is decent, but very disappointing when your phone gets hung up sending photos when you have full bars or when it continually had problems connecting to previously connected Bluetooth devices. That's pretty pathetic and pretty much rings what works otherwise be a great phone for the money. It lacks a little in the photo world, but is suitable. This is my second Moto G phone, but did to the aforementioned things I'll likely be going back to a Galaxy.

Anonymous, 21 May 2021I feel like that's your bad lol... It's a $199 ph... moreI had the same problems as this person. Got a warranty replacement. Same problems and the replacement came from Motorola. And then I bought a brand new one from Amazon. With the same problems. Is your phone is unlocked ?because I'm noticing that unlock models tend not to carry or suffer from the problems and glitches that the locked models that are sold in phone stores. I thought what you were thinking-maybe the particular phone I got was just the bad one and for such a low price point I mean what do you expect? (LoL). But to encounter the same problems with the original purchase,a warranty factory replacement, and a brand new one.? Too much of coincidence for me.

This phone is GARBAGE- DO NOT BUY.. I thought it was my particular model because I bought the phone brand new from Boost. After a entire month of dropping calls,no internet even when connected to Wi-Fi, glitches, crashes, phone constantly rebooting, apps shutting down and starting on their own, losing contacts,voice messages not working, text messages disappearing. Got a warranty replacement from Motorola with the same damn problems. Since it was refurbished and I figured that was the problem I bought a brand new Moto g stylus from Amazon. Same goddamn problems. Do not buy this phone you are wasting your money and your time. For the people who says that there's works great they're lucky. I bought me a Samsung. The cell phone still wouldn't even take the phone back because as he puts it it has too many problems for them to accept it for returns. Even the people selling the phone knows it's garbage.

  • Anonymous

This phone is a peice of junk. DO NOT BUY. Call quality is poor, sketchy or drops altogether. Sometimes I cannot call out at all! No cellular connection. Incoming text messages are sometimes late & outgoing messages freeze. I will stick to Samsung!

  • Okidoky

I'm very pleased with this phone. The stylus allows for fine clicking without having to zoom everything, great to detailed UIs. Plenty fast enough but could be faster.
Camera is surprisingly good, even in low light.
A soft case is a must. Screen protector not needed.
Android 11 and regular security updates.
Tons of room on this thing.
Incredible stereo sound quality.
Bluetooth works great. Sensors work good. GPS is accurate.
Previous phone was Nexus 6. Grown to have become big Motorola fan. Durable build.

I got Android 11 and June security update

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021It's the worst moto phone I've ever had. Dang jun... moreYou bought a bad phone. Mine works just fine. I've had it almost a year never had any problems with it at all

How can I take pictures with wide angle camera

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021This phone is absolutely the biggest p.o.s I've ever h... moreI feel like that's your bad lol... It's a $199 phone... If you've spent $600 then you got scammed somewhere along the way, OR you bought it, thought that a $200 phone acting like a $200 phone was a glitch, bought it again and experienced the same thing, and THEN instead of thinking "wow, this is a $200 phone and it's just why cheap things are cheap" you think "wow, this $200 phone should perform the same way an $800 phone does, must be another glitch, lemme buy it once more" 👀👀👀👀 dude... It's a budget ass phone and for the price it's actually an exceptionally smooth running phone... If you but a 77' Ford Pinto and get all bent because it doesn't drive like a Porsche that's on you.

  • Android 11

Arod, 16 Dec 2020will this get an android 11 im just saying so yall dont ge... moreRecently was upgraded to 11.

  • Bruce

Awesome phone for $199 unlocked! And 128 GB storage! Some other brands charge $200 just for a 128 GB upgrade. The speakers sound great. Takes great pictures. Love the stylus. Those who complain about call quality need to educate themselves on VoLTE and how to set their phone up with it. All the mobile companies are migrating to VoLTE. If your call quality is bad, you probably need to set this up. You won't regret it!

  • Anonymous

This is the worse phone ever. It's a pos. Play a game and it gets so hot you can't hold it. Never keeps a signal everywhere I go. Junk junk junk!

  • Anonymous

It's the worst moto phone I've ever had. Dang junk gets very hot when playing a game and looses all signal. Don't buy it because it truly does suck.

  • yeeyee

Mr, 04 Apr 2021Why on earth anybody would pay $600 for this?!Why would someone pay 600$ for something that is 299?!

  • Joo joo

I got this phone for free with my new carrier and gonna keep it as a backup phone, in case something goes wrong with my Pixel 2 xl .
Not a bad phone in general only if the price is below $200.

  • Mr

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021This phone is absolutely the biggest p.o.s I've ever h... moreWhy on earth anybody would pay $600 for this?!