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  • Anonymous

It's the worst moto phone I've ever had. Dang junk gets very hot when playing a game and looses all signal. Don't buy it because it truly does suck.

  • yeeyee

Mr, 04 Apr 2021Why on earth anybody would pay $600 for this?!Why would someone pay 600$ for something that is 299?!

  • Joo joo

I got this phone for free with my new carrier and gonna keep it as a backup phone, in case something goes wrong with my Pixel 2 xl .
Not a bad phone in general only if the price is below $200.

  • Mr

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021This phone is absolutely the biggest p.o.s I've ever h... moreWhy on earth anybody would pay $600 for this?!

  • Anonymous

armanke13, 09 Feb 2020battery charging only 10w? that's lacking.. it'll be so slowit has turbo charging when connected to proper cable

  • Anonymous

Larry D, 09 Feb 2020No more dedicated microSD slot, no more NFC. The G5 Plus wa... moreit has a micro sd slot

  • Kimmyann

7 months ago I bought a Motorola g stylus and I kept hearing the retin-raves how good the phone was yes the camera was awesome the memory was great but 7 months down the road my whole entire phone crashed on me meeting my memory I tried to reset it I tried to do a factory reset I had to take all my apps out in order to keep the memory down it still wasn't working so I go to my phone provider told him what's going on and they told me that the memory in my phone completely crashed it fried itself this is the second Motorola I've had in a year I am never going with Motorola ever again until they fix their problems it is the worst phone I have ever seen I spent almost $300 on that stupid phone for it to crash on me

  • anne

I wouldn't say I like the Motorola Moto G stylus. First, I can't see notifications of both calls or texts. I have to keep going to setting notification every day to turn off to on every day. It really annoys me. Second, the phone will freeze for more than a min. I can't believe I wasted $270 dollars. I don't recommend this to anyone. If I had to rate the phone, I would have it 4/10 since it good life battery and camera quality.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for a little under a year (I got it in the spring last year about a month after it came out), and have had a lot of time to decide how I like it.

Functionally, it's great. My previous phone had issues receiving calls, and this gets them all the first time. Texts and calls are timely and clear. No dropped calls (on MY end, at least). I don't use it for much more than a communications device, so I leave almost no apps running in the background. I also don't use wi-fi all the time, but when I do, it connects well, and transmission speeds are excellent.

Data is turned off, as is GPS and anything else I'm not immediately using. When they're needed, they work just fine, without any lags or issues. Apps come up very quickly. My lack of using data and wi-fi means I get virtually no ads.

My major time use is a couple of card games in the same app, and texting with my wife. Phone calls come in a distant third.

Considering I don't keep anything I'm not actively using turned on, the battery life is pretty good. I only recharge it about once every five or six days, and use a slow charger so the phone's battery doesn't heat up and shorten the life. I also wait until I only have about 5% left before recharging (unless I'm going to be out the next day). Since I spend most of my time at the computer, having it plugged into the phone is simple, and keeps the charge up when I need it.

The cameras are excellent, with rapid capture so there's very little blurring, and excellent low-light adaptation. The low light color adjustments are a touch over-saturated, but that's easily fixed in any photo app. The full light colors are spot-on. Flash isn't over-exposing and it does well reducing reflections of flash in images with reflective objects. I haven't done any video with it, so can't speak to that, but I'd expect it to be of equivalent performance and quality in medium to bright light. Low light might be an issue due to a 30-60 FPS capture rate, but admittedly, that's speculation on my part.

The Bluetooth is fairly powerful. I use the same headset between my computer and my phone (not at the same time, of course), and my computer's Bluetooth doesn't carry as far from it as my phone's will. The sounds are clear and full, and largely will be determined by the quality of the Bluetooth headset you use.

There are two things that I don't like about it. The first is the complete lack of notifications without some kind of interaction. There's no LED notification light, and I miss calls or texts because the sleep screen only lasts a few seconds before going blank again. The proximity feature is camera/motion-based, but isn't very consistent (I can wave my hand in front of the thing, and it doesn't always wake up, but if I pick it up, it will). So I have to keep my phone where I can see it if someone is calling. Otherwise, I don't see it, and don't respond to it.

Fortunately, most of the calls I get are from people I don't know, and don't want to talk to.

I also don't like that it doesn't come with a user-replaceable battery. There's no excuse for that.

Overall, I'm satisfied by the phone. Were I to rate it on a five star scale, I'd give it about a three and a half stars. One star away for no user-replaceable battery, and half a star for a very broken sleep-screen notification system. The price point listed for a new model (of the 2020 type) is actually very good, so I'd bump that up to four and a half stars, because you do get a lot of phone for a very small price today.

I'll admit my usage is probably very atypical of smartphone users, which is why I explain how I use it. My unusually long battery life is a result of always turning off components I don't actively use. And I do NOT run more than a few apps at a time, and generally close them after use. Running a lot of apps at the same time will also reduce battery life and will slow down any phone. I've never noticed any significant lags from the few times I've run a large number of apps at once.

For the feature set, and the suggested 2020 model price, I consider this a superior mid-level phone. If you need/want more, I suggest you go look for more expensive phones. This has a lot more than most phones in its price range. With a case and a tempered glass screen protector, it's durable and well built. Properly taken care of, I expect it will last for many more years than overly abused flagship models will last.

  • Fallyntalyn

This is a decent phone for the price point, but going from a Galaxy S10 to this was a terrible mistake. I've had this phone for about 3 months and already:
-It's terribly laggy, I have to restart it every other day or it is just un-usable
-Service is terrible, even in the same locations I was before, I got better service and faster load times on my Galaxy.
-The Moto Gestures are great, I really love being able to turn on the flashlight and camera without touching any buttons, but the flashlight turns off after about 1.5 minutes, even if you're actively using the phone, and I've yet to find a way to make that stop.
-The adaptive brightness on the screen is terrible. If the sensor is not facing the light source, the screen dims drastically.
-The stylus is fine for point and click things, but if you're trying to use it as a pen, it takes the screen 1 to 2 seconds to realize you're moving and not just pressing and holding, so subtle movements are not possible.
-It does not have a current version of Android (I'm on Verizon), so:
----folders in the app drawer not a thing
----sorting your apps by anything other than A-Z not a thing
----no mass selecting of apps (like if you want to delete a few at a time, not happening).
-The ringtone and notification tones are not linked, but the media and notification sounds are. Therefore, if you want your notification noises off, you have to have the media sound all the way down, instead of being linked to the ringer like every other phone I've ever had.

This is not my first Moto phone, I wanted it because I've really enjoyed their phones in the past and it was a much more reasonable price than the Samsung ($250 vs $800 I paid for my S10). However, I'm deeply regretting this choice and will be paying it off to get rid of it ASAP.

My recommendation: DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE if you're used to a Samsung. You'll be sorely disappointed. However, if you're coming from a vastly cheaper phone, it's pretty good. Just don't expect to change the world with this phone.

  • Idk

Best phone ever.

  • Anonymous

This phone is absolutely the biggest p.o.s I've ever had in my life, reception is absurd can't make calls at all, and if it does decide to connect it takes about 2 minutes to top it off I had to take the phone back wait on the new one from the factory and still has the same issues, I spent about 600 dollars in all and have yet to be happy with this product

  • Arod

Tim1441, 20 Dec 2020Cons: No notification LED. No sound profile in notification... moremeh dont care about the nof. light
but this a very good device for this price like
128gb storage
48mp camera with night mode which is great
great display
better soC

  • Tim1441

Cons: No notification LED. No sound profile in notification bar. Bluetooth and wifi randomly re-connect.
Pros: Battery. Screen size

An absolute wonder compared to the nightmares that was Metro's ultra budget offerings like the Samsung J3 Prime, Moto E5 Play, and the Alcatel Fierce 4. 4GB RAM, and 120GB of storage is absolutely massive to me, this phone is so responsive and snappy. I also like the included FM Radio

Retails at Metro for 239.99$ , you can get a 60$ discount if upgrading an existing Metro line.

  • Arod

will this get an android 11
im just saying so yall dont get mad
btw its dont matter to its android 10

  • Pollo

Reb, 19 Nov 2020This phone is absolute trash bought to replace my old galax... moreThat's right, I have the same problem, just two weeks of use and already tired the screen freezing all the time

Reb, 19 Nov 2020This phone is absolute trash bought to replace my old galax... moreI have had zero issues with mine. I like this phone. It works well, is fast, has a huge capacity, and is a major upgrade from the POS budget phone I was forced to use for the last 6 months.

  • Reb

This phone is absolute trash bought to replace my old galaxy 6. I liked my 6 better. This piece of crap fills the cash and countines to freeze constantly. It's not just my phone either I bought more than 1 and they all freeze the same . That company that bought out Motorola has ruined the brand I'll never buy a Motorola again.

  • Freelance Gypsy

Wonerlandpoet, 13 Oct 2020I got this phone for real and I even regret that. Absolutel... moreit could be worse it could be like this brand new Samsung I just went and got where all of the sudden I have to check the picture and media storage icons out of the way to find all the rest of my apps for god sakes you've got the gallery, photos, files, drive, Google drive, downloads, I'm sure there's another one I'm just not thinking of it.