Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021)

Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021)

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  • Anonymous

Speed test not always said truth .It's about total how device set up to roll .Compare clean Android with Xiaomi's miui

  • Arod

ConfusoSelfo, 22 Jan 2021You should base it on personal cost. If you're going t... morei checked the hardware and the aututu test for the nord n10 its has better hardware and a higher score on test between the SD 678 and 690
SD 690= 318766
plus the screen is better than the moto
i made my decision :))

  • ConfusoSelfo

Arod, 21 Jan 2021should i go for this phone or the oneplus nord n10 they bo... moreYou should base it on personal cost. If you're going to pay the same, obviously pick the one with the better internal hardware. The stylus is borderline useless for everyone, even people who apparently use styluses.

  • ConfusoSelfo

I'm really beyond confused why they even made this device? It's like a cheaper in quality version of the model from 2020 but more expensive.

The increase in cost makes absolutely zero sense for the improvements given. I suppose the analysis and ratios just don't make logical sense for aluminum frames anymore. Plastic seems to be just as good? I truly don't know. I really wonder the 'actual' manufacturing cost of devices, and what sort of increase an aluminum frame or say an NFC chip adds to those costs. I imagine the frame is very minute, maybe even $0.20 or so. Total device cost is probably below $20 (maybe even single digit US dollars). It just ends up $300 due to transport and tariffs and the fees (people) between factory and the consumer.

Sad world we live in, always 'upgrading'. Consumerism and lack of care for environmental impact is leaving us with a very depressing picture of Earth.

  • Rex24

No NFC! Yikes! I understand the cost savings for a quality built phone but in many cases with all the “touch less” payment kiosks this feature is becoming a necessity. I love Motorola phones and would pay extra for the feature as it would still be a lower cost alternative to a Galaxy Note.

  • Arod

should i go for this phone or the oneplus nord n10
they both are the same price
i think the oneplus has better hardware

  • Thomas

Compared both by hand , 2020 version looks like better quality .Back and front .Big screen also is not too bright ,but is fancy as phablet

  • me

Discount Samsung Note Phone, and that camera looks lika the Oneplus Nord. Inspiration 0. This brand is really going downhill.

  • Arod

camera is the same (minus the 16 act cam)
same battery, storage
and some decent upgrades like processer is faster, a push in button in the stylus like the note series (which i really liked :) )
and i was gonna buy the 2020 version but this one is bigger (due to my big hands)
so yeah cant wait to be shipped

  • Anonymous

PiCosm, 09 Jan 2021If this phone had wireless charging, it be ideal. Have owne... moreon your comment about screenshots, not really. it's like taking a screenshot with iphones, there'a just a blank space on the top but its not like transparent or anything, no different from normal screenshots on normal phones

  • Oh Moto

While the bump up in the processor is nice, there are drawbacks/similarities vs the first generation.

The original G Stylus has dual (Dolby set) speakers (earpiece/bottom) and 2021 one looks to focus more of the bottom firing one. If this is the same panel, but bigger, there is going to be a cold hue to it that you can sort of fix in the developer functions. The new stylus is easier to pull out but you really are limited in use and it's hard to hold and really write for a long time. The UW camera has switched from basically only doing video in landscape mode (2020) to a regular ultrawide, but I still don't understand the depth and macro lenses when you should just put on a good telephoto lens. Storage is the same, I wish the new version bumped up the ram to 6gb for the price. I think this phone should have been set up for 5g and they should have dropped the Motorola One 5g Ace. As usual it has one OS upgrade, which will be to Android 11 which has been out for months, and two years of slow security releases. (my Moto G Stylus is on a Sept 2020 update and we are half way through January 2021.

When it goes on sale for $199, and it will, it will be great for the price. $249 or less and it is good for the price. Sometimes I think Motorola undercuts the US releases versus the European ones and it hurts them a bit. Sure they have the low end of the market cornered but I think they are missing out on mid range phones with a price of $400 -$599. Get the security updates done, two OS updates and get some good (3) cameras for the price.

  • Anonymous

Very nice model

  • Anonymous

Does it support dual sim?

This phone feels like a brick.

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2020R u f***ing kidding me?! SD675 in a 2021 smartphone! , a ... morecheck your words Its SD678 that's a new chipset

  • Anonymous

Aditya D, 09 Jan 2021Should also have 5G( all bands support) and battery about 4... moreAvailable now on Best Buy

Should also have 5G( all bands support) and battery about 4800 mah, weight not exceeding 190gm

  • PiCosm

If this phone had wireless charging, it be ideal. Have owned all Galaxy Notes, so have wireless charging docks everywhere. No longer need the power of a Note, but like having a stylus. Also wish manufacturers would ditch these awful notches and pin holes in the screen. Shows total lack of imagination and engineering innovation. What happens if you take a screenshot, does the software know about the notch or hole and ignore them?

  • Ankit

Change screen size 5 inch full display
Not use amoled display only ltps ips all phone
Change Mobile thickness and weight 180g

  • Dan

The big screen goes well with the stylus, battery might be too small though.