Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022)

Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022)

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  • chris
  • 7J8
  • 11 Mar 2024

Personly I Think Its A Good Phone The Camera Isent That Bad But The Bluetooth Is Pretty Bad Sometimes And The Phone Can Also Randomly Just Be Laggy In Genral And It Dies Fast specliy In The Cold But Charges Really Slow So I Personly Dont Recmond Buying This Phone

    • D
    • Davr
    • Euy
    • 02 Mar 2024

    Advertised 50MP camera.... straight up lie on behalf of is the crappiest camera I've had in years..mabey 8MP...very disappointing liars at Motorola 🤮

      • V
      • Vic
      • gX%
      • 24 Jan 2024

      This is my third Moto phone after G7 Power (still use it with homebrew Android 13, good stuff), Moto G32 - broke it unfortunately, needed an urgent replacement. Oh boy do i regret buying this thing for one simple reason - Bluetooth. It's just awful. It disconnects randomly every 3-5 minutes. There's no fix for this. Resetting everything doesn't help, forgetting and re-pairing doesn't help, although switching to SBC audio codec helps get rid of some sound glitches that are present if you keep HD Audio enabled.

      Overall the phone's actually pretty ok at everything else besides the camera, as per usual for moto.

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        • Anonymous
        • k0V
        • 08 Jan 2024

        Anonymous, 19 Jul 2023Not gonna lie i compare my d size to it and just want to kn... moreLol

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          • Anonymous
          • Iby
          • 06 Dec 2023

          Anonymous, 07 Aug 2022The new moto g stylus has just one major flaw in my opinion... moreI've had this phone for a little over 2 yrs and have never had a problem with the pinch and spread fingers for magnification and de-magnification. Dec 6,2023

            • a
            • ad
            • YP6
            • 24 Nov 2023

            Will it receive android 13?

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              • Anonymous
              • IY4
              • 15 Nov 2023

              Dave, 21 Feb 2023When will it receive android 12Its at Android 12 now

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                • Anonymous
                • qRc
                • 19 Jul 2023

                Not gonna lie i compare my d size to it and just want to know the size of the phone

                The phone was longer 😔

                  • J
                  • Joetech.
                  • HNr
                  • 08 Jul 2023

                  As described in the specs, there is a type-0.
                  This phone DOES come with NFC and one is able to turn it on and off with quick settings by simply pulling down from the top of the screen.
                  Some of the many uses of NFC include Google Wallet, interfacing with a watch to make payments among other things ; such as, sharing files ect...

                  Have a great day. I own this model and I am very pleased with it after having made some default configuration changes to make the phone a bit more secure.
                  Motorola did a very good job on the design of the 2022 model phone.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • y9q
                    • 13 May 2023

                    NFC was advertised by Samsung phones, when I think it was Samsung Galaxy S3 flagship was released, and it shows on commercial just putting the two phones next to each other to send files.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • y9q
                      • 13 May 2023

                      Anonymous, 13 May 2023Actually, the 2022 256gb and 8gb ram one has NFC, and I use... moreIf the phone does not have NFC, then the problem is with the manufacturer, because it has been around for long time to not be using it. Smart watches that use wear os, use NFC now for payments and have for some years.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • y9q
                        • 13 May 2023

                        SLJ, 15 Aug 2022What is NFC that everyone talks about and the stylus doesn&... moreActually, the 2022 256gb and 8gb ram one has NFC, and I use it for paying with cards saved on phone, and use my diabetics CGM monitor for glucose monitoring, and also some headphones are connect to bluetooth via NFC. NFC has been around just almost as long as bluetooth.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • y9q
                          • 13 May 2023

                          nandor613, 20 Aug 2022Its the thing that you can use to basically pay with ur pho... moreAlso, use for diabetics for CGM monitoring too.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • IL8
                            • 12 Mar 2023

                            Phone slow when moving videos to SD card

                              • D
                              • Dave
                              • ELq
                              • 21 Feb 2023

                              When will it receive android 12

                                • s
                                • smrtazafox
                                • qGw
                                • 19 Oct 2022

                                It has a physical FM radio and a damn good one ! No data stream needed !

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                                  • sunnyside
                                  • gkA
                                  • 28 Sep 2022

                                  HarryR, 12 Jan 2022Another tempting model that has no compass/magnetosphere! D... moreHi the phone jack is a must because, I have had Google phones in the past and always had to buy the adapter to play on my headphones because I went through 3 new adapters because they fail in about 3 to 6 months and $35 to $39 dollars it sucks and doesn't last long!
                                  Long live the headphone jack!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rU$
                                    • 21 Aug 2022

                                    Colly, 29 Jun 2022I just bought (on June 10, 2022) an unlocked Moto G Stylus ... moreYou need Android 12 to use nfc try to update it. But I suspect they sold you the 2021 version like they did to me

                                      • n
                                      • nandor613
                                      • Jb$
                                      • 20 Aug 2022

                                      SLJ, 15 Aug 2022What is NFC that everyone talks about and the stylus doesn&... moreIts the thing that you can use to basically pay with ur phone and use it like a credit card

                                        • G
                                        • Gmk2311
                                        • 4Q%
                                        • 15 Aug 2022

                                        Colly, 29 Jun 2022I just bought (on June 10, 2022) an unlocked Moto G Stylus ... moreOne user notes buying a moto g stylus 2022 and it doesn't have 5g.
                                        If you don't buy the 5G version it won't have 5G. Cricket tried to foist the 2022 4G on me with a promo.
                                        It was so good I knew there had to be a catch! There was... No 5G, but it took 30 minutes of discussing the 3 moto Gs they had in stock before this IMPORTANT nuance revealed itself.
                                        So BE CAREFUL what you are buying. This is Aug 2022, many 4G towers in my area of Virginia have been decommissioned! Why would they even be selling a Non-5G phone at this point in time??? Almost reaks of a scam.
                                        FOUR Moto G Stylus actually exist! This is cruel. There's a moto G stylus 2021, a moto G stylus 2022,
                                        a moto G stylus 5G 2021 and the NEW moto G Stylus 5G 2022... OMG.
                                        If you don't get the 5G stylus, you don't get 5G. My spec sheet also said that the 5G 2022 does have NFC, though it's not something I use so I haven't tested it.
                                        I understand the confusion.
                                        The 2022 stylus 5G that I just bought was $300 outright at t-mobile AND cricket.
                                        Although Cricket has not received any 2022 5G phones, they did have the price sheet.
                                        After 1 day with the 2022 5g stylus, I am not impressed with the contrast ratio on the screen. I had to "upgrade" from my Xiaomi 10T Lite which has similar specs but much better blacks for less money!
                                        Unfortunately as 4G and 3G are retired my coverage was getting more and more sketchy.
                                        Good luck!
                                        PS. I read that LG is getting out of the phone business. Thank you!! I had 4 of their phones and 3 failed in a short time. 4th one was the ultra cheap one. Crazy.