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Motorola Moto X Force

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  • Anonymous

Expecting oreo update for this great device.

  • Vijay

akhil, 14 Jul 2017yes moyo x force is not support volte.after the softwsre updatio... moreSame issues i am faced any solution for that

  • Anonymous

amazing handset, i have been giving it hard use for 2 years and it still functions perfectly, very tough screen!

  • Bhavesh Patel

I have buy motorola x force before 6 months , as usual in starting running good but now problem of hanging and battery drained very fast and back side cloth cover opened out, due to warranty period go at service center at ahmedabad , after 4 days they give me back mobile
but backside cloth cover remain in sane condition. i called him and ask for that then he replied me its stick with gum send it again because i am free for going there and give answer in bad manner and for battery they told me use it for 3 - 4 days then come to service center, he onle do upgrade software not check battery
never buy motorola mobile, their service is also very bad and not proper

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 20181. When using the primary SIM in 4G/LTE does the secondary SIM s... moresecond only support 2g

  • Anonymous

1. When using the primary SIM in 4G/LTE does the secondary SIM supports 3G ?
2. Does anyone use this phone with VoLTE services or Wifi Calling (built-in) ?

  • Anonymous

For Moto X Force why don't the earpiece act like a secondary loudspeaker as like in moto X style.?

  • AnonD-736165

mee too

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for 2 years. It was strong, worked well but at the beginning only.

After several months, I had an OS update suggested from motorola and then the OS was really slow, it was a pain to use this smartphone...
Another update reduced the problem but the phone is still slower (with lags) than at the beginning.
After 18 months, the battery life was not so good (but not so bad also), after 1 day using "normally", around 6-7pm the battery was almost empty (At the beginning I manage to use the phone 1 day an half).

Recently, I dropped it at 70km/h (my pocket was not close) when doing motorbike and the smartphone was still ok (two angles were crashed but it was almost nothing and still ok to use it).

I've switched to a galaxy S7 to get IP68 (better with motorbike) and a smaller smartphone, since it's huge sales currently and S7 was really low price and is totally sufficient for what I needed.

  • AnonD-461996

What a great phone. I've had it now for 18 months and it still goes brilliantly. Superfast. Battery lasts all day and night. I've dropped it on concrete several times and it has a small chip gone from the corner bit still works perfectly. Screen is a little scratched probably because I don't use a cover. Highly recommended. Why don't other manufacturers also use this screen?

  • Pixelman

How is speaker vs moto x 2014?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-722760, 15 Dec 2017Love this phone, always ready to rock. if battery goes low, just... moreSo far nobody love lenovo boot, but believe me i tried other flagship include iphone but back to motorola, strength signal and crystal talk cant be match

  • Anonymous

Such a premium device and I do remember how pricey it was during its launch ! A well designed moto device and a remembrance of Motorola mobility stand alone creation.

  • AnonD-724159

I have received an update of security patch with size 32 MB for my Moto X Force indian Version.

  • Anonymous

I received update of security patch with size 32 MB

  • AnonD-722760

Love this phone, always ready to rock. if battery goes low, just turn off LTE and it will server several hours on 5%, it is really shatterproof, facedropped it several times, only bad thing is it belongs to lenovo now! and after update to 7.0 on startup appears LENOVO!!! Hate Lenovo, thats why this is my last Moto :( (my last 4 phones are all Motorola)

  • AnonD-713831

I've had the UK version for 1 year now and it has been an absolute beast, no issues and has passed every challenge with flying colours as a work and personal phone. It has had fairly regular updates, now on 7.0 Nougat which may be the last. The ShatterShield is an absolute God-send as I have dropped it and all it has got are a few little scratches. Whereas previous phones (cough, Sony) cost me several hundred in screen repairs and were never the same again. The features it misses that I actually want are water resistance, fingerprint scanning, FM radio and elegant looks (though it's not ugly, it definitely can't match an edge to edge). Those are all on the new X4, but at the expense of features the Force has. I'll probably keep this for another year because it's going to take some replacing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2017Moto X force is more powerful !No volte update done by Motorola/Lenovo. Don't buy if you are planning to use Reliance Jio Volte sim in India. Volte connection is also not stable using Reliance 4G voice.

  • Anonymous

Akash, 08 Sep 2017I bought this phone newly and it doesn't have gorilla display sc... moreI'm just living with bubbles on all four sides

  • Kings

I got 7.0 update after mobile heating and drain charge fast....I need to down grade help me