Motorola Moto X Play

Motorola Moto X Play

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  • vishnu

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2015Should i buy moto x play or one plus x ??I think its better to choose Moto x play.....

  • meena

good moto x play
supper display quality
camara good very big quality

  • Anonymous

Should i buy moto x play or one plus x ??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2015Is this phone has battery saver No. It only has one speaker

  • Aj

Which are the best phone between..!!!!
Moto X Play or Vibe 1m...??

  • JD1.

AnonD-109406, 21 Dec 2015which mobile is better Apple 5s (OR) Moto X Play an... moreBoth have their own qualities. 5s is quite old now. Play X is almost like stock Android with no bloatware. If you are in Apple world.. go for it... else... you know whats your choice. Go with Android else get ready to pay (for apps)!

  • AnonD-109406

which mobile is better
Apple 5s
Moto X Play
any one plese reply me frnds........

  • Anonymous

Is this phone has battery saver

  • Ram

i love moto g2 volume...dual this phone have that feature??? plz answer guys..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-478532, 20 Dec 2015Which Phone has Better Camera One Plus x or Moto x play or HTC D... morei have used all the 3 phones .......i found moto x play`s camera to be the best.

  • AnonD-40815

Noo we need buy from out

  • ren

Guys please help
Confused between moto x play and one plus x and vibe s1

  • Anonymous

great camara quality full happy

  • mike

AnonD-478532, 20 Dec 2015Which Phone has Better Camera One Plus x or Moto x play or HTC D... moremoto x play

  • Nicole

Which is better, oppo r7 lite or moto x play? please reply ive been really confused

  • Mobile Guru.

One of the best phone I ever used....
I bought 32GB edition for 20k with 128gb sd for it.
Phones performance is amazing even after installing tonnes of Apps & Games.
Battery Backup is Great and no heating problem.
Im so happy with this phone no complaints at all.... :)
Guys go for it if youre looking for the best phone....
I will rate it 10/10.

PS: Keep Moving Your Apps & Games to SD after installing and I would recommend everyone to install Holo Launcher HD on it to have cooler look ;)

  • AnonD-478532

Which Phone has Better Camera One Plus x or Moto x play or HTC Desire 826 dual sim ?

  • AnonD-431896

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2015Which mobile is best for heavy gamer moto x play or Lenovo vibe ... moreBoth comes with SD 615 processor with 2 GB RAM. X Play processor is ticked at 1.7 GHz where Vibe P1's processor is ticket at 1.5 GHz. So, I don't think there will be a huge difference in gaming performance of both the phones. Software might play a part in performance.

  • AnonD-431896

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2015How is gaming performance broFor average gaming experience, it's good. So far I have played Need for Speed No Limit and Brothers in Arm on my X Play. Experience was good with no hiccups. I observed just one thing that game was taking more time in loading. I have not played those games before and have not seen any of my frnd playing any of the game, so can't say if it was due to SD 615 processor or game.

But for too much demanding games, go for a flagship device.

  • AnonD-431896

AnonD-478371, 20 Dec 2015Yes. It's supported otg. I connect my 32 gb pen drive & edit... moreIndeed.